Breaking: Islamic School in Bass Hill: Buyback or Compulsory Aquisition

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Interesting development in Sydney’s South:

When citizens make enough noise and stand up for their rights decisions can be reversed.

Update from SMH:  Minister moves to buy back Islamic school site

trad1Keysar speaketh. Here’s context….

The “Muslim community” announced this multi-million-dollar complex to be “a shining beacon for Islam” and “an example for all Muslims worldwide to admire and repeat”


THE State Government will buy back the site of the proposed Islamic school in Bass Hill or “it will be acquired by compulsory acquisition”.

State MP for Bankstown Tony Stewart has announced that he has received advice from the Department of Education indicating a proposal to build a special school for students with a disability at the Johnston Road site adjoining Bass High School.
“I am advised that if the College is unwilling to dispose of the land, it will be acquired by compulsory acquisition,” Mr Stewart said.
Al Amanah College purchased the land from the Department in 2006, and a proposal to build a primary and secondary school for 1200 students was met with opposition from local residents and Bankstown Council, who cited several planning grounds as the reason for objection.
In May 2009, the Land and Environment Court ruled in favour of the school, and the judgment referred to whether Bankstown Council would have raised as many issues with the application had it been for an Anglican school.

Some background info from Garth on how the site was aquired:

Islamic Dirty Tricks

THE State Government has been forced to rewrite its own rules on the sale of public school land after claiming it was “duped” into selling off parts of a western Sydney school to a private college. More>>

Mr Stewart said he’s been informed that the Department has approached Al Amanah College to negotiate their proposal to construct a school for students with a disability on the site.
“There is a demonstrated need, within our local area, for a special school that caters for students with a disability,” Mr Stewart said.
“I have been making strong representations to the Government, over a long period of time, for the need in our local area to construct a school for students with a disability.”
“The Department would be negligent of the needs of such students not to take advantage of this opportunity.
Mr Stewart said he’s been advised that the proposed special needs school would be a “relatively small facility that would not adversely impact on local residential and traffic amenities”.
Al Amanah College could not be reached for comment at the time of printing.

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  1. Interesting …

    Mr (Tony) Anthony Paul STEWART, BA, DipEd MP

    * Member of the Legislative Assembly
    * Member for Bankstown
    * Member of Australian Labor Party

  2. Something going on for multiculti Labor to oppose this “school”.
    Bankstown Council apparently has a bit of clout: (?)

    Minister moves to buy back Islamic school site
    Jennie Curtin
    July 17, 2009

    AN ALP-dominated western Sydney council has lobbied the NSW Government to prevent an Islamic school opening in its area, despite Land and Environment Court approval for the development.

    Soon after the court dismissed Bankstown Council’s appeal against the school, the council wrote to the Minister for Education, Verity Firth, asking that the Government acquire the Bass Hill site, either by agreement or compulsorily.

  3. There should be NO islamic schools anywhere in the west .
    Come to think of it , no muslims would be fine .
    I can remember a time when we didn’t know words like ‘jihad’ etc.
    I wishI didn’t have to hear these words now .

  4. “I can remember a time when we didn’t know words like ‘jihad’ etc.”

    Ah yes, “peaceful inner struggle”. During the millennial reign of Jesus Christ there will be no muslim schools or any such things, anywhere.

  5. A school for disabled children sure outranks another Wahabbist School. What a beautiful diverse action on the part of the community. I truly hope everyone can get behind this idea. Good on ya!!

  6. Yeah, better to have a school for the disabled. Not a school that makes kids mentally disabled.

  7. Wow these posts really show how ethnic australians are racists. Who would have thought that after so many deaths from WW2, humans still have not learnt. When will they learn that they ARE NOT better than others? Thank God I will not bring up my children like this. Look back at history and learn from Hitler’s sick thoughts.

    1. So you support lying, cheating, deceitful Muslims over decent Australians who were ripped off by this despicable imam?

      Which race is Islam again, Ivana?

      Bye now!

      Please be gone!

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