CAIR Attacks Robert Spencer with material from terrorist tool Charles Johnson/ LGF

  • Robert Spencer, pictured here with Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs:


Hamas-linked CAIR defames me again, tries to block my ALA appearance, takes material from libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

WoJ reported, here…

I wrote the other day about how some alleged believers in free speech among American academia are trying to block my speaking at the American Library Association convention this Sunday. Now the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), true to form, has gotten into the act, sending the ALA a fresh steaming pile of defamation, lies, and distortions (drawing once again on material from its favorite useful idiot, the discredited, thoroughly dishonest Charles Johnson of that cesspool of lies and hate, Little Green Footballs), asking that I be dropped from the ALA panel. (Johnson discredited and dishonest? Click on the photo above and you’ll get the whole story.)

Whatever the ALA does, I am not going to let CAIR’s libels go unanswered.

You can read it all, here…

UPDATE: Yid with Lid notes that LGF has become a “terrorist tool,” and “accused” “neo-Nazi” Ted Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats turns out to be a recipient of the Herzl Award for “outstanding leadership and devotion to Israel and Zionism.” But will Johnson or CAIR retract and apologize? Don’t hold your breath.

SECOND UPDATE: Weasel Zippers is unhappy with the useful idiot as well, as is Atlas Shrugs.

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  1. RS and PG – brave people . I don’t know that I’d expose myself like they do , given the muslims propensity for violence and revenge .
    If we are saved , it’ll be because of people like these two and their efforts to bring the truth about islam out .

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