Fatah official declares: "Our goal has never been peace"….

Muslims been saying these things all along, but unfortunately we are stuck with “leaders” who just won’t listen:

“We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.”—Hussein Massawi, the former Hezbollah leader behind the slaughter of U.S. and French forces 20 years ago.

Yeah!  Lets give them a state, lets give them weapons, training, money…! They “deserve to live in peace…”


“A Muslim doesn’t look to peace, security, education, work, or the love of any other number of things as his ultimate goals”

abu-mansur-al-amrikiAl Amriki: doesn’t need job,  money or security…

Indeed, Obama has apparently long held the view that the global jihad could be bought off and ended with various economic perks and negotiated concessions. Al-Amriki tells him here that that is not going to happen, which stands to reason since he and others like him are fighting for religious motives that will never be satisfied by money or political concessions. But it is unlikely that Obama, or the learned analysts, will consider this possibility and formulate any strategies to deal with it.

“Al Qaeda-Linked American Terrorist Condemns, Mocks Obama in New Audio Tape,” by Mike Levine and Catherine Herridge for FoxNews, July 9 (thanks to JW)

Pakistan: Cleric Abdul Aziz warns of ‘bloody revolution’

…unless sharia is enforced in all of Pakistan, of course:

ISLAMABAD: The most hardline cleric in Pakistan’s capital on Friday demanded that the government enforce Islamic law or risk bloody revolution, two years after security forces stormed his Red Mosque.

‘If you want to solve the problems, you should stop the operations in Swat and the tribal areas, then enforce sharia in Pakistan,’ said Aziz.

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  1. It seems to matter not a jot to the libtard left wing moonbats who lead the Western world and the morons who vote for them how many times Mohammedans tell them and prove exactly what they are and what they want. Moral equivalence it seems overides common sense and intelligence. Socialism is indeed a disease and its killing the west.

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