Freak Out: Sydney Bus Company Apologizes to Burka Mama

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Update from this story: Sydney: Buses & Burkas, in Your Face

You knew they would cave in. But so fast?


                                                     Kadijah demands “attitude change”

A Sydney bus company has apologised to one of its customers after the driver argued with a Muslim woman over her right to wear a niqab, or veil.

Hillsbus now says its driver behaved unacceptably when he told Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech to ‘take off her mask’.

The company says its actions were born out of ignorance and not malice, but it has refused to speak publicly about the incident.

The New South Wales Government says it should serve as a clear warning to private bus operators that they need to lift their standards.

“I was approached by the bus driver who stood up from his chair and said ‘right, you can’t get on this bus with that mask on; you have to show your face and take that mask off’,” Ms Ouararhni-Grech said.

She says she told the driver it was discrimination but he still argued with her.

“I said to him, ‘what’s it to you what I wear? And what’s the difference between me wearing this and anyone else wearing like a swine-flu mask or wearing what they choose to wear?’ No-one tells me how to dress in the morning.”

After a few minutes the driver relented, telling Ms Ouararhni-Grech that it was only because she was a woman.

“It’s almost being like raped of your culture. It’s like something has been taken away from you. You feel very victimised – you can’t help to feel that; it’s a natural, human natured feeling,” she said. (its not her culture: she is Maltese born Aurstralian. Its Islam that’s doing this to her. And her chldren…/ed)


Delayed apology


Hillsbus received a complaint that afternoon from Mrs Ouararhni-Grech but didn’t contact her again until a Sydney newspaper publicised what had happened a few days later.

They then arranged for the bus driver to apologise this week over the phone.

“They’ve tried to pacify me. I don’t even think that my four-year-old daughter would accept that,” she said.

The bus company was asked by PM to do an interview explaining what they’ve learnt from this case but declined the offer.

Hillsbus says it has issued a public apology in the form of a statement issued to journalists who ask for comment.

And a spokeswoman says speaking on the radio would only cause hurt to Ms Ouararhni-Grech.

“If that was true, then what am I doing here?,” Ms Ouararhni-Grech said.

“It has upset me to the point where I feel the need to stop this counter-terrorism as an excuse of racism. I feel the need to protest for people’s rights.”

Eagerly aiding and abetting the spread of Islam in Australia:

New South Wales Transport Minister David Campbell is disappointed Hillsbus isn’t prepared to speak publicly.

“I share her upset. I wasn’t there and it didn’t impact on me personally but I want to live in a society where people’s individual religious background is welcome and I think, broadly, people in Sydney want to do that as well,” he said.

“All of the private bus operators should lift their game in terms of their passenger service and in terms of their preparedness to explain to their passengers and to explain to the taxpayers who subsidise their bus routes, the actions of their businesses.”



Breaking down resistance to the cult:


Ms Ouararhni-Grech says growing up as a Catholic before converting to Islam has given her a valuable insight into discrimination.

“I understood what it was like to be a Muslim and I’d go to the shop and it was horrendous, you get this look from the people who knew you before and you’d never seen them in that way and then they go, ‘oh my gosh, look what she’s wearing’,” she said.

But according to the man who chairs the state’s Community Relations Commission, Ms Ouararhni-Grech’s treatment is becoming less common.

Stepan Kerkasharian says non-Muslim Australians have become more accepting.

“I think by and large there’s a broad acceptance nowadays and it is not unusual for anyone in Sydney to walk into a restaurant or to walk into a supermarket into a Woolworths store, a Coles store, into a bank and see someone working there who is wearing the hijab,” he said.

“It’s becoming part and parcel of scenery in Australia.”

Ms Ouararhni-Grech says she would like to go to Hillsbus and speak to all the staff there about what it’s like to feel discriminated against.

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  1. If this happened on the bus in which I was traveling, I would stand up and support the driver. This is nothing more than the start of another muslim money grab.

  2. Oh, for crissake, where the hell we going with all this crap, tell the muslim slag to piss off to some backward islamic dump of a country…

    Sorry for the language, folks, I’m a bit pissed at this…

  3. Agreed . Life is a two way street. If western women go to their countries , they rug up to fit in . These tarts should derobe to fit in but fitting in is not their scene. They prefer to make a scene. Whoever said it is ok to get around like that? It is equivalent to a guy getting on a bus wearing a balaclava.. Now we wait to hear more about the hurt feelings..How nauseating.

  4. look, if you cant see that what is going on here is an ignorant cultured bunch of people who are limited in their views and their education and they need help to get more education about waht is going on in this country but also look at the rest of the world and open thier minds beyond their own backyards, then i feel that we maybe able to achieve peace in here and also im an australian born maltese not maltese born australian, im from here and have lived here all of my life and i intend to stay here regardless of what you all may say or have opinions about, your only right here is to agree for the sake of humanity and if you cant do that its shows you are uneducated and need to go back to school or tafe for a while and study islam and geography and cultural studies, coz at least i can then know and ensure that you may learn something but its your intentions and your acceptance that we need for islam not your approval, you will see on judgement day waht will be brought to yo9u and then you will ask allah for forgiveness as the bus driver did because he was worried about losing his 2 weeks pay, i could have been an absolute activist and made him lose his job, but i chose not to because then it will start a war between islam and christians here in australia and its bad enough that people are raised by television and not by their parents these days so i would not want them anyhow to blame muslims anymore than they already do! and for nothing, i was not the one who instigated this incedent, so i guess you should look at your anglo bus driver who clearly had nothing constrcutive to say except he just said that he has muslims as friends but this doesnt meen that he has knowledge about islam and if he has friends whom are of islamic cultures then he should of had consideration for me in the least! so let this be a lesson that if anyone here wantst o continue to go on about muslims, they are going to as they would for any other religion or culture, be faced and next time i will not hesitate to go further if you all want to comment and i really should have taken this to the anti discrimination board but didnt and anything else i can promise that you all will end up there soon, so put up and shut up or just shut up! and keep your comments to yourself! and f.y.i alot of australians agree with me and are not against me! so forget it and move on now as i have!

  5. khadijah
    islam is NOT our religion and we have no requirement or wish to learn anything about it. You are in OUR country – you may have been born in Australia but it takes far more than that to be an Australian. Far more Australians are against you and you are not winning any friends by threatening – that is the first sign of the thug – the inability to respect the opinions of others. Do not ever tell anyone to shut up again for speaking their mind. Whether you understand it or not, the right to free comment is critical for our society and when people like you try to destroy it, then people like me work to put you behind bars. The bus driver was the person is charge – you were not! He was responsible for the lives and comfort of all his passengers – you will never be trusted with this huge responsibility – and they were the ones uncomfortable with your appearance on the bus. YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE WRONG. What is telling is that you have not learned – it is you who abused the driver and it is you who are abusing our country, and it is you who will stand before a court of law if you keep threatening people. Several members of my family did not die so that the rights ordinary Australians have to speak their minds can be silenced by a thug like you. If you don’t like what people are saying then perhaps you are doing something wrong!!!! Learn to think if you can. And do not threaten anyone here again. Understand that the safely of people OVERIDES your religion – and that will always be the way of it. At the very least it is called commonsense. All you had to do was remove your scarf – and it is the drivers call – he has the responsibility. You could not respect his authority, nor the wishes of your fellow passengers. Wearing a scarf is not even a requirement in your religion – all this incident shows is that you are selfish and arrogant and willing to twists our laws to your advantage by working against the spirit of the law and that you are unwilling to accept the viewpoint of others – rather than casting the bus driver in a poor light you are the one whom has earned no respect whatsoever. The driver did the correct thing – you did not. Learn! You can also be taken to court if you threaten others – and believe me most Australians who work for a living are getting rather tired of the idiotic payouts being handed to people like you for no reason whatsoever. You want respect – earn it – it is a two way street and being simply being muslim is not an entitlement to respect.

  6. The islamic response usually resolves to just shut up & keep your
    comments to yourself – free speech to advocate anything up to and
    including terrorism for them – silence for us, backed up with diversity
    officers, sensitivity training, and the other trappings of a decaying
    western society being destroyed from within.

  7. Khadijah, You R not in a muslim country here. U can believe the multiculti government bullshit till the cows come home. The politically correct multi culti propaganda bullshit that comes out of these corrupted left wing goverment agencies-is just that: bullshit. Their opinions are not the opinions of average australians.You muslims are already loathed, becoming more militant, as U suggested; U would be simply more loathed than before.

    As Kaw so rightly said your scarf, or niqab, is not religiously mandated. Learn some manners & respect your country & its culture. Then people might start to like u some more.

  8. Islam is unique in leaving it to their women to act as the first wave of conquest. The second wave is the hate preachers that teach the young to despise their own country and swear allegiance to a hate cult. The third wave is the bomb builders and Jihadists.

    The first wave smiles and occasionally gets their feelings hurt. The second wave tells you to your face that you are scum and your society is doomed. The third wave makes it happen.

    A Hajib or burqa in the 21st century is fully equivalent to a Nazi armband in the 1930s. It is a public expression of intolerance towards anyone or anything outside a very narrow belief system. Anyone who claims not to understand this is a liar or a fool.

    The outcome will be the same.

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