German tourist dies after downtown Istanbul stabbing

“In the last few years it has become obvious that we are living in the twilight of the Western democracies.”
— Baron Bodissey

istanbulIstanbul, Turkey – A German tourist died from his wounds after being stabbed in broad daylight in downtown Istanbul Monday, local media reports said.

The tourist, identified as Gregor Kerkelik aged around 45, had been stabbed several times in the heart following an altercation with the attacker on Istiklal Caddesi, a popular shopping street near Taksim Square.

The tourist had been walking with his Turkish girlfriend. Police immediately arrested the attacker, and the girlfriend was being questioned.

Not that this has anything to do with Islam or with that crazy Russian who killed an Egyptian Muslimah in a German courtroom recently, although it caused a major upheaval in the “Muslim world” –  and enraged  Yusuf from ‘Planet Irf’...who posted it all on his dysentery green blog…

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10 thoughts on “German tourist dies after downtown Istanbul stabbing”

  1. Istanbul, Turkey – A German tourist died from his wounds after being stabbed in broad daylight in downtown Istanbul Monday, local media reports said.

    I’m waiting for the muslim rage ….and waiting …………….

  2. The story above from Turkey – infidel shot by muslim .

    And this one from the Gates of Vienna …………..

    “Irene Hanna Labib, 20-years old, disappeared on 7/1/2009 from Sahel Tahta, Sohag Governorate, 500 km south of Cairo.

    After carrying out their own investigations, the well to do Labib family discovered that Irene was abducted by Muslim Hisham Saad Mohamed, who works as a waiter in the IT institute where she studies.

    “Her brother Girgis Labib went and met with the abductor Hisham, who confessed to Irene being in his possession,” said Reverend Sawires Rady pastor of St. Shenouda Church, Sahel Tahta in Sohag.”The Labib family filed a report with the police and accused Hisham Mohamaed of abducting their daughter. The police detained Hisham and Irene’s brother Girgis, who was subsequently released after taking a pledge not to harass Hisham.” Hisham was released three days later after promising security to bring back Irene at 8 pm of the same day, but he has subsequently disappeared. Reverend Sawires said “the abductor never kept his promise and I now ask security to bring back the abducted girl as they know her whereabouts.”

    What awaits us when the eu has imported thousands / millions more muslims into our lands ?

  3. What would the legal implications be if a Western govenment seriously started to consider the “reconquista” of Turkey?

    I’m not all that familiar with Turkish history, aside from the fact that Turkey was once known as Anatolia, and Istanbul was known as Constantinople, which was at one point the centre of a great Christian empire.

    My point is this, the Spaniards managed to regain their country after 800 years under muslim dominance, but where are the original Turks? Have they been eliminated under muslim rule, or forcibly converted?

    If there are ANY remnants of the original pre-islamic peoples left in this world, Europe should by law grant these people the full rights to the land of Turkey, before it is allowed entry into the EU!

    Right, i’m going to research my history of Turkey at the library tomorrow, as my lack of knowledge has left me feeling somewhat red-faced!!!

  4. I cant believe how you people can relate this event to any religious differences!
    This has nothing to do with Muslims.I live in Turkey and I am an atheist and I agree that some Muslims brave very barbarian in some ways..
    But this is not about Muslims or Christians or anything..The killer is a drug addict maniac who wants money from people on the streets.The victim can be a Muslim too..a few days ago these psychos killed a Turkish commando in streets too..”It is not about religion,it is because our government is so blind to pay attention to these problems!!!”

  5. Zeynap,
    The sad truth is that often it is about religion – maybe not in this case. Mumbai, NYC, Bali, Yemen – all of these atrocities were perpetrated recently by islamists – and the number grows. Given the massive muslim outpouring of venom when a mentally unstable non-German stabbed a muslim to death in Germany, and given the idiotic bleats for revenge by muslims, it is no surprise that people associate the murder of this unfortunate tourist as being motivated by islam. The fact that it may not realted to islam be makes it unique! The real story is in the silence of the muslim umma to the murders that have been committed in THEIR name. Again, very often in murders of these sort it is an islamic indoctrinated zombie that has done the killing – under these circumstances it is reasonable to assume that religion may have been involved, particularly after the death of a muslim woman who has been turned into a form of martyr by the islamists. At least three Christians were murdered by muslims in Turkey after the publication of some harmless cartoons raised the ire of some bigoted and intolerant muslim clerics in Denmark. Another murder is not inconceivable.

  6. Ok, firstly I am as shocked as all of you people here. Secondly, I have more reasons to be shocked because I’m currently living in Istanbul, I’m a foreigner and I don’t speak the language very well.
    But here is the problem: Istanbul is a city as big as many countries and with many many homeless/starving/addicted people. The city center is full of heavy-armed policemen (seriously, it’s like a war) , but their main interest seems to be terrorism. I’ve actually witnessed fights were the police simply didn’t interfere. Apparently they had better things to do.
    This doesn’t make it a religious war though. The fact that some -possibly- Muslim stabbed a -possibly- Christian is something that could happen everywhere! (and especially in countries where the ruling party doesn’t give a s*** about their own people). It doesn’t mean the addict asked before stabbing.
    So, stop overreacting and find something more creative to do about these problems.

  7. Meanwhile, the German public was informed that the victim had not been in Istanbul as a tourist but had been hiding in Turkey after having escaped from a German prison. The media even suggested the perpetrator might have been a hit-man. German mainstream media will always widely publish any small news that make Turks or Arabs look better, but only the respective local paper reports the most hideous crimes committed by muslims living in Germany, mostly without stating where the offender stemmed from. Have you heard about the German woman who wanted to separate from her Libanese husband and was threatened by him? He said he would cut her legs off and he finally did hit her legs several times with the sharp end of an axe in front of her two little sons, one of them being his own child. She’s in a wheelchair now and disfigured on top of it cause he also cut her face with a knife. I happened lately , but I guess you have not heard about it, cause even the German public is not supposed to know how dangerous it can be for a woman to try and see if a relationship works with someone from a muslim country.

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