Indonesia: Hotel Bombing Has "Nothing to do With Islam.."

I know you been waiting for this: striking terror in the hearts of the Infidels is un-Islamic!

Muselmanic Pretzel Logic:

“Terrorism is not a religion and so it is not correct to say Muslims were the mastermind of the bombings”

Now if they could only convince the Islamic terrorists. “Indonesian Muslim leaders urge not to link terror with Islam,” fromXinhua, July 20 (thanks to LGF2), via JW

Any condemnation of terror  by these headbangers only applies to terror (law-enforcement)  that terrorizes muhammadans and is “counterproductive” to the spread of islam and shariah.

r8Forensic officials examine the ruins of a bombed restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jakarta July 18,2009.

JAKARTA, July 20 (Xinhua) — Various Muslim leaders and organizations in Indonesia are calling on all sides not to link Islam to terror attacks which killed nine people and injured more than 50 others in Jakarta last week.”Resorting to terror was not Islamic. Islam does not adopt that terror behavior. So, the bomb terror such as the bombings of two top hotels in South Jakarta on Friday has no link with Islam,” Antara news agency quoted chairman of the Islamic organization Basri Bermanda as saying on Sunday.

Well, that settles that. But it does leave the lingering question of why the Muslims who committed these terror attacks believed that they were justified in doing so because of various Islamic texts and teachings.

The Marriott hotel and the Ritz-Carlton hotel in southern Jakarta were hit by two explosions on Friday Morning, killing at least nine people and injuring more than 50 others, including some foreigners.A similar call was also made by the country’s largest Muslim organization, the Nahdhatul Ulama (NU).

“Terrorism is not a religion and so it is not correct to say Muslims were the mastermind of the bombings,” the chairman of NU, Hasyim Muzadi, said.

Both NU and the second largest Islamic organization Muhammadiyah condemned the barbaric attacks.

“The terrorist act was inhumane,” Muhammadiyah chief Din Syamsuddin said.

Secretary General of the Islamic Community Forum (FUI) M Alkhaththath also called for all sides not to link the bombings with Islam.

Thus leaving only the Islamic terrorists as the ones linking the bombings with Islam. (all 15 million members of JI must be feeling pretty lonely now…)

“One should not link the bomb blasts to the Muslim community and the recent presidential elections,” the FUI secretary general said on Sunday.Tarbiyah Islamiyah Organization chairman Basri Bermanda said that terrorist acts were against Islam but they could be done by quarters using the label of Islam or by non-Muslims who wanted to tarnish the image of Islam. He therefore refused to accept that Islam was identical with the symbol of violence and cruelty. “Islam teaches peace and goodness,” he said.

Peace, goodness, and striking terror into the hearts of the Infidels: “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies” — Qur’an 8:60. If Bermanda had alluded to this sort of thing and explained it honestly, while working against the beliefs and attitudes that such passages foster within the Islamic community, his words about peace and goodness might have been a little more compelling.

On the occasion, the organization’s central executive board strongly condemned the bombings of the two hotels, saying the attacks could have been done with an intention to create chaos, political and economic instability.Even Muslim cleric Abubakar Ba’asyir who was once described as a hardliner, said the perpetrators of the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel bombings in Jakarta were “enemies of Islam”….

* Of course: how could I forget! Ol’Bucktooth Bashir! He was “once described as a hardliner?” What made him become a softliner? Prison for 20 months? I rather doubt it.

But perhaps its Sura 8:17. YUSUFALI: It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah. There you go: it works everytime and absolves the Muslims of any guilt!

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  1. “Terrorism is not a religion and so it is not correct to say Muslims were the mastermind of the bombings”

    irrefutable logic !!

    see great comment about this by joe blough on Jihad Watch

  2. Joe blough is waxing a bit too philosophical. But he is right in this: The other thing we see is a thoroughly collectivised consciousness and identity. Everything is personal, and everything refers to the collective.
    “insults against Muslims as a people …”. The interest is in that phrase “as a people”. We don’t often ask, what is a “people”, but we use the word in that way all the time. The collective, the gang, the group. It is “as a people” that our troll takes exception to “insults”. The collectivized ego is extremely weak in the area of individual self-esteem and paper thin before percieved “insults” to the “people”. (“The people” and “me” being virtually synonymous in this type of mind).

    I’ll stick with this for now:

    An Israeli intellectual is quoted as saying that Islam is a ‘blame culture,’while Christianity is a ‘guilt culture.’ Muslims will always blame anyone but Muslims for all their ills and what they call ”Un-Islamic acts.” The default position is that Islam is a religion of peace so therefore——–.
    Like in the time of the Soviet Union ,”There were no thieves in Soviet Union.”

    But anyhow, I cut and paste the whole thing here, its quite good:

    I’d say that that brain-busted headline is about as good an example of culturally inspired mental deficiency as any you are likely to see.

    I hesitate to even guess at how many logical mistakes are contained in that one sentence alone.

    When you reflect on the prevalence of this sort of thing you begin to understand why mohammedans are better at exploding airplanes than building them, to say nothing of their inability to invent one.

    What we see going on here, and which is horrifyingly toxic, is the mental equivalent of foot-binding, neck-stretching or any number of other methods of distorting the human body to pursue cultural ideals.

    The mind is gradually forced over the years, to memorize incoherencies, and accept logically impossible propositions with respect to a set of important subjects. The moral sense is enlisted to feed a false sense of adequacy on the basis of these accomplishments and, indeed, a sense of superiority that makes the whole thing inaccessible to critical voices.

    After enough time and effort has been put into this pursuit, the mind is partially hobbled and the critical faculties, indeed, the sense of curiosity and the sense of accomplishment that comes with deep detailed understanding is dampened and dulled.

    This is not to say that the desire to know things is obliterated altogether. The brain, as a physical organ, will still try to perform its normal function. But the self monitoring capabilities of the mind that tell it when it is performing correctly are permanently crippled.

    The mind will still produce concepts and narratives to explain the events of the surrounding world, but they will not be well matched to reality, and will not be very potent in their ability to predict and anticipate developments and thus guide action — and most importantly, the self-correction facility of the mind will not kick in aggressively to remove the problems that result.

    We see this in the enormous popularity of weird conspiracy theories that color the public discourse of mohammedan societies at every level, from the most backward illiterate peasants to the elite polished graduates of western universities, and of course, throughout the media.

    All this will be noticed by the mind, even if only implicitly and sub-consciously. And it will generate an enormous sense of confusion and raw fear — one which cannot be placated for long, much less escaped.

    Needless to say, panicked animals are among the most dangerous, and no animal is more dangerous than man.

    The constant stream of lies and nonsense that spews forth from mohammedans and their spokesmen must MUST MUST be forcefully and consistently denied and exposed for the crap that it is.

    The mohammedans will be left with no answer but rage and brute force. But if we can simply hold our integrity in the face of that for long enough, eventually the rest of the world will notice that we are facing nothing but a primitive destructive impulse, and may even start to respond appropriately.

    And do I need to say that this is one of the areas in which RS is doing the most remarkable signal service to the cause of humanity?

    Of course, Sura 8:17. YUSUFALI: It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah, so it is never Muslims who are to blame, because allah absolved them of all guilt…

  3. * ”There were no thieves in Soviet Union.”

    No homosexuals in Iran?

    From memory, the ChiComs made a similar claim about China when
    HIV appeared – it was a “western disease”.

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