9 thoughts on “"Islam: Got Questions? Get Answers."”

  1. An excellent video..they are always so illogical..ask a question , then they could not or would not answer. Why the paranoia about being filmed?
    Why would any rational person set up a stall encouraging people to ask questions and then not answer any?

  2. Moslems live in darkness and, like cockroaches, HATE it when they are exposed momentarily to light.

  3. Just need to keep posting stuff like this on the web for the world to see. Share it with everyone, spread the word. As it stands it looks like the world is waking up to this kind of thing and it is getting more and more exposure so sharia isn’t going to happen. People ARE going to fight back, the muslims are NOT going to win. islam is going down, and going down hard. Europe is experiencing the radical garbage that’s going on and finally starting to wake up. There will be some rioting, murder, burning, decapitations etc … the stuff usually associated with the religion of peace but it will all sort itself out with the radicals in jail, dead or deported.

  4. This certainly does not inspire confidence in the muslim community. As an American I expect to be able to use my freedom of speech. This young man and his friends have offered a hard look at what is going on in our country. Take heed!!!

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