Jakarta Hotel Bombings: "Muslims wouldn't do a thing like that…"

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Islam is not Christianity…  Islam is the religion of agitation, revolution, blood, liberation and martyrdom.

-Sheikh Morteza Motahari, quoted in “Islamic Movements in the Last One Hundred Years,” Tehran, 1979

The Australian:  Drew Warne-Smith 

A MAN in a suit and baseball cap with a backpack on his chest and carrying a suitcase walks awkwardly into the Ritz-Carlton’s sprawling Airlangga restaurant just before 8am.

Moments later, the hotel’s closed-circuit television footage shows the large open doorway to the restaurant erupt with glass, debris and smoke as a bomb is detonated inside at 7.57am. Shards of glass rain down on the streets of Jakarta’s upmarket Mega Kuningan business district like confetti.

* Counter Jihad has video of a suicide bomber blowing himself up, here

The flickering footage from the second floor of the luxury hotel shows people in the doorway engulfed by the blast, while others dive for cover behind furniture and walls.

In the chaos of a smoke-filled foyer, some scramble for the exits and others help drag out the bloodied and battered bodies, not all of them alive. More>>

 The usual BS from the Muslims at Islam Online: 


johnboy: NO Muslim could do such a thing.  It must be George Bush, the CIA and mossad since they have the most to gain.  Obama knew about it and approved it.   Think about it… 

No jews were present at either hotel.  Could they have been warned by the mossad and CIA?  George Bush was in hiding.  Could this all be planned by the USA and Israel?  Yes.  Think about it…no muslim would committ a suicide bombing, only a jew would would do such a thing,  They have so much to gain. (Really? And what would that be?/ed)

5994_1_militanthideaway_190x126A Militant Hideaway: As war rages in the north, militants are finding refuge in Karachi.  Video

“Militants” Eyed in Indonesian Bombings


an expat eyewitness explained that the Ritz is the most secure and well-protected hotel in Indonesia, and couldn’t understand how this could ever possibly have happened. As became clear later on, the terrorist(s) didn’t walk in the building this morning: they already were in there, staying on the 18th floor.

And from ANTARA News: Yudhoyono says terrorists targeted him

Carl in J’lem on Christopher Hitchens latest piece on suicide bombers:

What the events of the last few years prove is that there is a military answer to terrorism. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

‘Palestinians’ became suicide bombers out of a desire for religious martyrdom. One did not see the children of the leadership becoming suicide bombers – usually it was the less intelligent people or the ones who were headed for death by ‘honor killing‘ anyway.

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  1. “Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that…” Oh! yes they would and do on a regular basis. They ought to see sense before Islam gets a good whuppin’. The “moderates should get out in the streets and protest against the extreme criminality played out in the name of their “religion”. Before the so called moderates are booted through the gates of hell along with the criminals and thugs who are very vocal about jihad. Fix it now because you will have no voice when you are vapourised.

  2. Jakarta Hotel Bombings: “Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that…”

    See my other comment above – “when muslims grow up , we might be able to debate wth them ”

    How can you debate with people who are forever in denial ?

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