Pope Meets KRudd, Pope Gets Dose of "Stolen Generation…"

Andrew Bolt, Friday, July 10, 2009

Man who says sorry to people who don’t exist meets man who prays to god that doesn’t exist, either:

KEVIN Rudd presented Pope Benedict XVI with a leather-bound copy of the Australian parliament’s motion of apology to the “Stolen Generations” during a 20-minute audience at the Vatican tonight.


Stolen Generation; Lost & Found

KRudd privately admits: climate deal a dud

Other News:

Muslims excel at killing unbelievers:

A MUSLIM who claimed he was being victimised for his religion after anti-terror raids on his home took part in a fundamentalist protest against British soldiers which caused nationwide outrage, the Mail can reveal.

Zakeel Abbas’ Sydney Street home was raided by police in April, 2008, during an investigation into an extremist poster campaign in Burton, urging Muslims to attack non-believers, the White House and Rome.

However, no charges were subsequently brought against he and three other men whose homes were also raided. The 32-year-old demanded an apology and even set up a support group for others ’persecuted for being Muslim’.

But, on May 5, during a parade in Luton for soldiers returning from Iraq, Mr Abbas was pictured protesting with Islamist extremist group Al Muhajiroun. The group greeted the soldiers with a barrage of abuse, holding signs declaring them ’murderers’ and ’baby killers’. He said: “I was invited to a meeting about the atrocities committed against innocent Iraqis, including the children who have been killed during the war.
“If a Muslim is attacked in any way, shape or form, we have the right to defend ourselves. We are all part of the nation of Islam.

“It was a completely peaceful demonstration and I went along to show my support for all the Muslims butchered in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I do not believe I have any extremist views, I follow a ’middle path’ in terms of my Muslim beliefs.” More>>

2 thoughts on “Pope Meets KRudd, Pope Gets Dose of "Stolen Generation…"”

  1. An ‘extremist poster campaign ‘ .
    I understand from what I read that this guy WAS involved in this campaign , yet no charges were made .
    Two reasons here why there should be an outcry /a revolution in UK .
    One – we are paying our taxes and the police are not enforcing the law –
    i.e. not protecting us
    Two – it’s one law for the muslims and another for us . If we were found inciting people to violence against muslims , we WOULD be prosecuted .

  2. The muslims appear to have committed mass murder in China. Expect the same soon in Europe and when it happens, the gloves WILL come off.

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