Muslim Colonization of Europe

Not only in Europe:

  • Wal-Mart to “Accommodate Muslim Worker’s Prayers”
  • Muslims “act like the United States owes them”
  •  Swift Beef Co. installs footbaths and bidets for …
  • Dead Culture: Muslim Colonization Of Europe Should Frighten USA

    hpim6470                        Islamic females loitering  in front of an old Bussels church

    Excerpt from Atlas Shrugs:
    Fox News has carried a televised report, Politicians Fret as Muslim Population Swells in Europe Amid Little Integration[March 24, 2009].
     “Although there are no official statistics on how many Muslims live in Brussels, it is believed they make up about 25 percent of the city’s 1 million urban residents. [Filip] Dewinter, who opposes immigration and has called Islamophobia a “duty,” claims three of the 19 sections of Brussels, each with its own mayor, now have Muslim majorities.
     “‘In those neighborhoods it’s not our government that’s in power,’ he said, ‘but the Muslim authorities — the mosques, the imams — who are in charge.’
    “FOX News visited one of those neighborhoods, called Molenbeek, which looks more like North Africa than the heart of Europe… (similar to  parts of Paris where you wouldn’t dare to stop and  and get  out of your car/ed)
     “Yet Molenbeek remains disconcerting. Belgian police assigned three plainclothes officers to watch over a FOX News team shooting street scenes one morning in Molenbeek. When FOX News returned in the afternoon as more people were out and about, the police said it would be safer not to get out of the car. It wasn’t even dark yet.”
     Notice this level of danger exists in Brussels—the supposed capital of the Europe Union!

    What to do, what to do? Which brings us back to this:

         And everywhere in the Lands of the Infidels the large-scale presence of Muslims has created a situation of much greater unpleasantness, expense, and physical insecurity than would exist without such a presence. That no one in Western Europe now denies; the quarrel is over what can or should be done about that.Posted by: Hugh at December 21, 2006   

    Lets debate it in earnest.  Its no longer taboo:


    Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

    Below is a guest-post by Free Hal, a first-time contributor from the UK. Under the assumption that the welfare states of Western Europe cannot avoid collapse sometime in the next few decades, his essay explores the possibilities for rolling back Islamization within the context of a post-democratic Europe.




    One thought on “Muslim Colonization of Europe”

    1. the article from Free Hal ..

      “Stopping a European Pakistani from visiting Pakistan, marrying his cousin, and bringing her back to Europe, would require the cancellation of an entrenched legal right. And for reasons of ethnic discrimination. No government could do this and retain its democratic and diplomatic credentials. ”

      “democratic and diplomatic credentials. ”
      We are in a war – why should we play by the usual rules ?
      Having said that , the usual rules can be applied to stop the importation of wives form pakistan – people don’t have the automatic right to bring their spouse into Britain .
      They have to apply for a spouse visa in their own country before coming here and they can be refused .

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