Philippino Jihad

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Update: Philippine bombings linked to Al-Qaeda

“This is no longer isolated, but orchestrated.” Yes, and on an international scale. More on this story. “Twin Blasts Linked To Al-Qaeda Kill 6, Injure 40 Others,” from AFP, July 8. Al Qaeda, al schmaeda…

Counter Jihad:

Lets give them a state, money, weapons! Lets pay the jiziya with willing submission so the jihad goes away! Let Obambi sent a hijabbed moonbat “ambassador” who can negotiate a peace treaty with them….

Six dead, 40 wounded in Philippines Muslim terrorist bomb attacks

Abu Sayyaf terrorists 
Yahoo News 

JOLO, Philippines (AFP) – At least six people were killed and more than 40 wounded by twin bomb blasts in the Philippines Tuesday, in what officials described as coordinated attacks by Al Qaeda-linked militants.

Terror attacks in Philippines

The first bomb exploded in a commercial area on Jolo island, killing six people and wounding around 30, police said. It was followed around two hours later by car bomb blast next to a parked military patrol jeep in Iligan city.

The second blast wounded at least 10 people, including three soldiers, the military said.

Terror attack in Philippines 2

Jolo, in the southern Philippines, is a stronghold of Abu Sayyaf Muslim rebels and local anti-terror task force chief Major General Juancho Sabban was quick to point the finger at the militant group.

“This is a signature bomb attack of the Abu Sayyaf,” Sabban said, speaking on local radio.

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  1. So where are the cries of indignation over the murders of innocent non-muslims by the muslim umma. Hypocrites.

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