Russians Refuse to Shake Hands With Hussein Obama

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Update: apologies! Reader Realist pointed out correctly that it was Obama who introduced his team to the Russians, not that he was snubbed, although that would be unsurprising. We let it stand anyhow, just as an example of how easy one can be deceived, even with a video.

Just like Condi Clueless, when she waltzed in on Gaddafi who  promptly snubbed her. She paid reparations made American taxpayers bleed anyway, on behalf of the equally clueless Bush administration. (Remember, Reagan bombed Gaddafis palace after god-knows-how-many terrorist attacks including Lockerbie.)

Don’t these people ever learn?

Jihad Newslinks:

You may not understand the Chinese writing, but you’ll certainly recogize the handiwork of the Religion of Peace in these (very graphic) photos.

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  1. Watch the video carefully guys these are not Russians refusing to shake Obambi’s hand this is Obambi introducing the American delegation to Medeyev. Much as I hate the BOGUS POTUS making silly assumptions like this ruins it for when you really get something like the Obamnation bowing to the sordid King of Saudi.

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