Sydney Moonbat Herald Discovers "Jihad in Jakarta"

  • Just wondering how many calls they had from angry ‘moderate Muslims’ eager to explain that jihad is nothing but ‘inner struggle’…
  • Sally Neighbour also discovers that Terror returns to Jakarta” and David Hicks, aka Mahmud Dawoud  comments on ABC unhinged.  There is, of course, a way to eliminate the worst of the lot, which means to close the madrassahs and the mosques, to round up the headbangers including Bucktooth Bashir and to put ’em up against a wall. All that’s needed is the political will and determination. But you will not find that in Indonesia.

420jakarta-420x0Rescuers tend the wounded outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Photo: Deisy Wong

Trade, tourism ‘wounded by Jakarta blasts’

An expert on Indonesian politics from Curtin University says the latest suicide bombings in Jakarta could permanently damage tourism and trade in the region.

Today’s killer video: eliminating the competition; inner strugglers vs inner strugglers, Insurgents vs. Insurgents: members of Ansar Al-Sunnah ambushes members of the Badr Brigades.

Black magic in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: New Rules for the Religious Police

Gates of Vienna:

China: Eerie Friday in Urumqi: Under Tight Army Control Mosques Remain Almost Deserted

No fresh violence has been reported but tensions remain high in the Xinjiang capital. Many mosques are closed. In others administrators tell worshippers to stay at home for prayer. Authorities announced new arrests in riot-related incidents.

Uighur Are Not Tibetan

“Islam was once found only beyond the western border
Who could have foretold that Muslims were to dwell in China forever?” — A 17th century poem.


2 thoughts on “Sydney Moonbat Herald Discovers "Jihad in Jakarta"”

  1. I read in another Aussie site that the NZ man killed in these attacks was blown thru a second floor window..that locals then video taped him dying at the same time as not doing anything to help him….and that he eventually died thru not being taken to hospital soon enough. Anyone who has lived in this part of the world knows how slow things can happen but why were there people there just happening to be hanging around outside these hotels with video cameras?? Most Indons are very poor and are unlikely to own such extras.
    The same writer also said this was being kept out of Aussie papers..
    Has anyoneonelse heard about this?

  2. On the news last night, we had a moron from the BBC going on about how Indonesia is a modern democracy..and about how TOLERANT the Indonesians are..
    Tell that to the Christians.

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