Taliban slaughter 18 wounded buddies…

* Hmm, I wonder how Allah distributes the virgins in this case…. any idea? Perhaps some of our resident Talibs could help us with info?

* Troops kill 18 others, arrest 23 from Swat and Dir 
* Three soldiers also killed 
* Jets bomb North Waziristan village

* Progress: Honor killing now punishable by two years in prison in Syria

Staff Report /Paki Daily Times

RAWALPINDI/MIRANSHAH: Taliban slaughtered 18 of their injured men ahead of an operation in Biha valley on Tuesday, apparently because they could not take the wounded along as they retreated.

The ISPR said in a daily update that troops killed another 18 Taliban and arrested 23 from Swat and Dir. Three soldiers were killed and eight including three officers injured in clashes with the Taliban.

Eight Taliban were killed in operations near Rahatkot and Jukhtai, southeast of Fatehpur. An explosive-laden vehicle was seized from the house of Dua Khan, while another was blown up.

Another eight Taliban were killed on a tip off during search-and-sweep operations near Matta and Wanai.

Taliban buying children, turning them into suicide bombers

Mehsud, like many who are unshakably convinced of their own correctness, no doubt does not realize his own cruelty and heartlessness. “EXCLUSIVE: Taliban buying children for suicide bombers,” by Sara A. Carter for the Washington Times, July 2 (thanks to LGF2):

Fierce clashes were reported during an operation to secure Shah Dheri from two directions. Troops secured Samai Killile from the north, but lost three soldiers. Five soldiers including two officers got injured in the process. Operating from the east, troops secured Bhoka, Dande and Yakh Tangai Sar. Three soldiers including an officer were injured during the offensive.

In Dir, a tribal lashkar conducted house-to-house search and burned down 15 Taliban hideouts. Two Taliban were killed and 20 were held.

In Buner, an improvised bomb exploded near a traffic police checkpost in Swari Bazaar, injuring two policemen and two civilians. In South Waziristan, Baitullah Mehsud declined to release boys whose parents claim they have been forcibly taken away and are being trained for suicide bombing.

Two jet fighters bombed suspected Taliban positions in Takala village in Mizer Madakhel area of Datta Khel tehsil in North Waziristan on Tuesday.