The Muslim Invasion of Australia, Part II

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Winds of Jihad reader eloivsdiablo has ‘done his bit’  and got a response from the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, or rather his assistant, Stewart Foster, concerning  Muslim asylum seekers.

The wording of the response is -almost- identical to the response sheik yer’mami received a few years ago when he wrote a letter to then Immigration minister Philip Ruddock:

Thank you for your email of 30 June 2009 to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, concerning Muslims. The Minister has asked me to reply on his behalf.

Australia’s immigration program, including its humanitarian program, does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion. Instead it looks at what new migrants can contribute to Australia, reunites families and helps some of the world’s most desperate and deserving families to start new lives in Australia.

  • Dear minister: it flopped in the past and it is an ongoing disaster. Why must we have more of it? Why is the Australian voter not entitled to a referendum on Islamic migration?

Muslims have been a part of the Australian community since the 1800s, contributing to almost every sphere of community life and to the development of our nation.

  • 100 Afghan camel herders  in the 1800’s did not make a “significant contribution” to the development of this nation. 

About one-third of Muslim Australians were born in Australia. Like all Australians, Muslims are very diverse in their backgrounds and individually in the practice of their religion. Muslims constitute only a small segment of our population at around 1.7 per cent. While some people seek to create fear and misunderstanding about Muslims in Australia, the truth is that the vast majority of Muslims in our country are law-abiding citizens who reject extremism and intolerance and who live peacefully and strive to achieve the same goals as other Australians.

  • You may be interested to know that, over the past ten years, the two biggest source countries for migrants to Australia have been New Zealand and the United Kingdom, accounting for a combined proportion of almost 30 per cent of migration. On the expectation that current trends will continue over coming decades, there is no basis to suggest the fundamental nature of Australia as an English speaking, culturally diverse society will significantly change.
  • There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, and Europe is a blatant example for that. There are currently more than 750 no-go zones in France alone and we see the same trend developing in Australia.  It is high time to reverse  failed policies and we demand that action is taken immediately.

The inclusion of people from different backgrounds into Australian society is a two way process. Much depends on how welcome we make them feel in the wider community. We can all contribute to building a more harmonious Australia by extending a hand of friendship and reaching out to understand each other.

  • Dear Stewart Foster, your offer of friendship might be appreciated by genuine refugees who flee from oppression and persecution.  However, that offer of friendship would be laughed at and ridiculed by peoples who are religiously obliged to follow the Qur’an (5:51) - “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

Thank you for bringing these matters to attention.
Yours sincerely
Stewart Foster
A/g Assistant Secretary
Multicultural Affairs Branch
3 July 2009

* Btw: I have also written to the minister, still waiting for the reply…

14 thoughts on “The Muslim Invasion of Australia, Part II”

  1. “Muslims constitute only a small segment of our population at around 1.7 per cent.”

    This “small segment” has succeeded in having muslim reference groups established, centres of “excellence” in islamic studies set up in universities, middle-eastern crime squads in our police forces to clean up the mess they make, rubbish bins removed from station concourses in case they feel the need for jihad..

    All valuable contributions to the rich tapestry of Australian multi-culture, supported by both major parties.

  2. Around 1.7%
    All the trouble they make , all the complainig they do , you’d think there were ten times as many .
    Same in UK .
    muslims feature every day in the newspapers – and not for anythnig good – way out of proportion to their numbers .

  3. This is the same reply I get when I sent these idiot a letter of concern regarding muss immigration. The next letter WILL be a lot stronger with photos etc of muslim calling for violence etc.

  4. Sheik,
    Is what you have printed the full reply. If not can you post the full reply. Thank you.

  5. Just another boatload of Labor voters. As the intelligent Australians change their voting habits, this crowd of illegals will certainly fit Rudds demographic.

  6. Apart from the ‘Dear (insert full name here)’ it was the letter I received in its entirety…

  7. Here’s a colourful contribution to multicultural Oz:

    Sydney’s Tony Soprano, the former Ali Bilal
    By Gemma Jones
    July 14, 2009 12:00am

    MEET Sydney’s Tony Soprano – suave underworld security guard, bikie associate and decorated greyhound trainer.

    He lives in a fortress at Londonderry where greyhounds and American staffordshire terriers roam behind a 2m-tall barbed wire-topped fence that is out of place in his sleepy rural street.

    Mr Soprano was born Ali Bilal and is known to police for being part of the security entourage guarding property at Kings Cross, owned by Sydney’s well-known Ibrahim brothers.

  8. Does anyone know if statistics are available regarding crime and demographics or ethnicity? I have been searching some law sites but they deal only with victims of crime (like that says a lot).

  9. Dear Mr Foster

    I support a sensible migration/immigration policy, which contain the following three principles: if the people are needed here in this country, for human rights concerns, and if there is a genuine proven track record of certain migrant populations making a genuine positive contribution to the country in the long haul.

    By this last point I mean to point out the ‘elephant in the room’ and say that Islam teaches and encourages Muslims:

    To not fit in;
    To separate themselves from non-Muslims;
    To push push push for the implementation of Sharia law in all aspects of life in this country;
    To use our tolerance to promote intolerance of non-Muslims;
    That their first loyalty is to the umma, the nation of Islam;
    That they should only marry Muslims;
    That it is okay to cheat the system in order to promote and live a Muslim life, like a man having more than one wife;
    That Muslims who leave Islam should be killed,
    That Muslim men are superior to Muslim women,
    That all Muslims are superior to all non-Muslims

    I could extend the list but I trust you get my point that, in general, and the historical record corroborates my point, Islam encourages Muslims to NOT be good citizens of this or any non-Muslim country.

    If the political parties really want to reflect the concerns of voters I suggest they learn a bit more about Islam. They then should begin to filter out migrant populations which have a proven unwillingness to do anything other than subvert and change the country in which they reside into a country like any number of Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    The individual Muslim is not necessarily a problem, but Islam is!

  10. Kinana,
    post that to the pollies – does do much good here – they have to be told how the electorate feels

  11. If anyone wants to convince our government, then why not show them what the apostates (former Muslims) below has to say about Islam. Let those who had lived a Muslim and left tell our politically correct and naive government. Maybe then they’ll take the danger of islam seriously.

    # Dr. Ali Sina, an ex-Muslim, authored the book below that has got many Muslims to leave Islam. Our government needs to know him well to know why Islam should not be allowed to spread to the West:

    # “Islam: What the West needs to know” might wake them up a little.

    # This is a truly evil cult that must not be allowed to continue to spread in Australia.

  12. if mohamad the great …. …. were to go on trial in any UN BIASED court of western law … he would easily be CONVICTED of a very long list of crimes against humanity / society …AS WOULD .. . YES as would MOST popes etc of the roman catholic PAGAN/ CORRUPTED version of [ hijacked / abused / misused & screwed -up ] ORIGINAL christianity… OH YES YOU CAN THRO IN AN ENDLESS NUMBER OF KINGS , QUEENS ,princes / princesses their friends & families , ROYAL ADVISERS ,POLITANS & GENERALS ETC.ETC. for good measure…SO .. what a gullible, under -the- thumb , sad bunch of weak examples we clearly must be …ALLOWING SUCH EVIL SWINDLERS TO USE DECENCY TO DISGUISE THEIR SATANIC, EVIL INTENTIONS ..ALAS.. MAY GOD HELP US TO SEE …THE TRUTH / THE LIGHT ASAP ..


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