UK: Real Racism vs Imagined Racism ("Islamophobia")

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Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam.

Hampstead leaders bite back over BNP leader’s slur

COMMUNITY leaders have lashed out against British National Party leader Nick Griffin after he suggested putting immigrants in Hampstead to see how the “liberal elite” liked it. Scroll down for full article…

* These “community leaders” seem to be quite delusional, as we can see here:

Christian teacher sacked after complaining about racist slurs by Muslim kids against him.

 “Don’t touch me, you’re a Christian”


But not only that: ‘In late November and December 2006, many various unacceptable and openly racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian remarks were being made by many and various children in Year 4,’ he said. ‘These included, “We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up”, “the Twin Towers bombers are heroes and martyrs”, “we hate the Jews” and “we hate the Christians”.’

Nicholas Kafouris Bigland Green Primary school     

Nicholas Kafouris says he was forced out after highlighting the rise in racism among pupils at Bigland Green Primary school in East London

A teacher claims he has been sacked for reprimanding pupils who made racist remarks about his being a Christian. Nicholas Kafouris said he lost his £30,000-a-year post because he would not tolerate the ‘openly racist’ behaviour of pupils as young as eight. He said the predominantly Muslim youngsters openly praised Islamic extremists in class, and hailed the September 11 terrorists as ‘heroes and martyrs’. Daily Mail, Read more>>

Continued from Hampstead leaders:

The comments were made in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday when the BBC One show host asked him what should be done about people who want to come to Britain.

Mr Griffin said: “If we’re going to allow them to come, for a start, I’d say, ‘Well, let’s start sticking them in Hampstead in the places where the liberal elite live instead of poor places like Barking and Barnsley and Manchester and see how you people like it.”

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, from the New North London Synagogue, said that the tone of Mr Griffin’s comments was profoundly racist. He said: “Britain, including places like Hampstead and Manchester, is built on many waves of immigrants to this country – Protestant Huguenots, Irish, Jewish, Asian and African. Overall, the evidence is that these groups have made a profoundly positive contribution to the country they have arrived in.”

Heath and Hampstead Society chairman Tony Hillier said: “Hampstead is a very welcoming environment. We all come from somewhere. I’m an immigrant from Finchley Central and my wife is an immigrant from Norway, and that’s just fine.”

Hampstead’s Lib Dem councillor Linda Chung said that Mr Griffin’s comments made her blood boil. She said: “I don’t know what he’s trying to say. Hampstead is a culturally and economically diverse community. We have several social housing areas provided by the council, including Wells House, Wells Court, Henderson Court and others.

“I know Barnsley and I don’t know why he mentioned Hampstead in comparison.

“We want this to be an equal society where people have equal life and work opportunities. Hampstead is one of the most socially aware societies there are – shown by the different mix of people who live here.”

Rather than backtracking on Mr Griffin’s inflammatory comments, BNP press officer Simon Darby went further by preaching the party’s anti-immigrant sentiments. He said how “would they like it if 10,000 Muslims moved into the area”.

He said: “I suppose these people would have no objection to Hampstead becoming Islamified – if they had Muslim fundamentalists living next door.

“It all depends what kind of immigrants we are dealing with. If all of a sudden there were plans to turn Hampstead into east London, I’m sure it wouldn’t go down very well. Millions of white Londoners have moved out of the capital because of what’s happened.

“In inner city London, white kids make up just 17 per cent of the population.”

He added that Cllr Chung had been hypnotised by her own “spiel” and was effectively celebrating the replacement of indigenous white people in London.

8 thoughts on “UK: Real Racism vs Imagined Racism ("Islamophobia")”

  1. ‘These included, “We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up”, “the Twin Towers bombers are heroes and martyrs”, “we hate the Jews” and “we hate the Christians”.’
    And in January 2007, he claims some pupils ‘expressed delight’ that a child had died when a wall collapsed on him in London.
    When asked why, he said one of the children replied: ‘Because he’s English.’ The following month, during a religious education lesson about Jonah and the whale, he claims one of the pupils asked if Jonah was a Jew, before shouting: ‘I hate the Jews, they’re our enemies.’

    So where are these children getting this from then, eh? Any parent found to be teaching this kind of hatred in the name of islam should be booted out of the country immediately, otherwise we will have a massive problem on our hands. The children have seen a brave man who opposed their views, and took a stand, get the sack, which in effect condones and justifies the children’s views. In 15 years or so, when there are 465 extra terrorists running around, it will be the fault of our education establishment for not putting a stop to these views.

  2. Here’s part of an article by Theodore Dalrymple on another teacher , Ray Honeyford , who was hounded out of his job many moons ago in Bradford for suggesting that muslims should integrate

    ” Intimidation spread and became a tool against anyone who supported Honeyford. A Sikh shopkeeper told him that he supported his stand, to which Honeyford replied, “Why don’t you say so to the television people?” The answer was that the man’s business would be stoned or burned down if he were to do so. For very similar reasons, the majority of school headmasters in Bradford who agreed with Honeyford in private remained silent in public. ”

    So , people were afraid to give their views all those years ago and they still are .

  3. There needs to be an investigation at police level into the families of those children making anti British and anti semitic statements.

    Similar incidents to this occurred in Harrow colleges after the carnage of the September 11th attack in New York. If these fanatics are not challenged at such early stages they will grow into the adult terrorists we are attempting to stop in places like Afghanistan. Why should we sacrifice more of our British soldiers when we can stop this kind of thing here and now?

    I thought there were laws against inciting racial hatred so why arn’t they being put into use?

  4. I cant believe how much hatred can actually exist in the world. I just posted on my own blog, about the Amir Khan fight last night. Even watching a talented sportsman representing Britain can turn into a sea of racist idiots.

  5. There is a major problem of Racialism in the Bangladeshi Community that is being covered up by the local authorities. Between 2008 and 2009 Tower Hamlets Police reported the group that suffered most hate attacks in Tower Hamlets were White Europeans. Tower Hamlets Council did a report in 2009 regarding such attacks and buried the Police statistic on the 36th page of their report making no reference to the significance of it. They have continued this cover-up regarding racialism in the dominant community in Tower Hamlets for over ten years. They also habitually undermine any person that is critical of this racialism and usually end up see the messenger as the problem.

    In two years time the Olympics are coming to East London and Tower Hamlets will become a prime target for terrorist. Judging by what the pupils of Bigland Green Primary School are saying the bombers will not have to travel far to blow things up as they have recruits in our community right now.

  6. Nicholas was my teacher from 95-98 when I was attending Bigland Green, he was a wonderful teacher, we all used to like him, and I had never heard him say a bad thing about anyone or any religion or displaying any hatred towards Islam. None of the pupils were even aware of any conflicts islam might have anyone, I dont think anyone even realised wot was going on in palestine or other conflicts involving muslims due to this being pre 9/11, now a days these kids are more aware of these things and some how think that the whole world is against them, most likely tought by their parents. I can tell you that most of the kids at that school will take ectra islamic lessons after school, generally lasting from 5-7pm on weekdays, thats where they pick up on these things and just the general attitudes of normal muslims in this country is to automatically assume that associating with non-muslims is bad and not right and so forth. So yeah I completely believe him when he says these things were going on and as someone who comes from that community I think most muslim people would have that kind of sentiments even if they are not as vocal in their views as these kids.

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