Who killed Michael Jackson?

Well, I for one couldn’t care less. I’m not into celebrity worship, conspiracy theories or ball games. But anyhow, now that I got your attention, back to the global jihad:

Foundational Lectures on Political Islam by Bill Warner


Bill Warner, one of the foremost scholars of Political Islam, and the history and doctrine of the so-called “religion of peace” has kindly given ACT West Nashville permission to post these superb lectures.

Few are doing the work that Mr. Warner has done. The information contained in these lectures is fundamental to understanding what is happening in the world today, and why Islam is in conflict with us though we would prefer it not to be so.

Our preferences and opinions are not relevant; what is important is that we learn as much as we can about the doctrine of Islam, the foundational documents of Islam that drive the conflicts of the past, present, and into the future.

 With these following lectures in MP3 format, you will understand.

British Police Chief: “There is a growing right-wing threat, not just Al-Qaeda,” Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of West Yorkshire police, told a security conference in London, stressing that Islamist terror is not the only problem.

Lionheart: 2 fronts against Islamic extremists opened up within Britain in 1 day – Americas Independence day

Understanding the doctrine of Islam is critically important if we are to defend our country, our friends, our way of life and our democracy from the brutality and cruelty that is Islamic totalitarianism. Islam is a unified political, religious, military, cultural, legal system, an all-encompassing ideology of existence. According to Islam all peoples, all countries, all cultures must be Islamic; no other option is acceptable.

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