Yusuf fears couscous and torture

Sikhs, Hindus Flee Taliban Jizya in Pakistan…

Yusuf reports: VIDEO: A Sikh aid organisation assists internally displaced Pakistanis of all faiths ...strange that we never hear about Muslims assisting other faiths, don’tcha think, Yusuf? Perhaps you can explain this: Swat, Christian refugees excluded from government reconstruction fund

Meet Yusuf the Pretend-Christian, pontificating:

Perhaps you could use the same resources and initiative that are being currently used to extend the Bagram Airbase torture chamber. I presume educating kids and healing the sick is more important than torturing people. (Don’t you think your message should be directed at your co-religionists who dabble as  head choppers, Yusuf…?)


Yusuf, self appointed adviser to the government, likes Hope’n’Change:

Personally I have a problem with the “government-sponsored Sufism is the solution to all our security woes” analysis. I prefer the approach that Congressman Charlie Wilson called for in Afghanistan – spending money on schools and hospitals and development and creating jobs and hope. Poverty and hopelessness attract people to desperation which terrorists feed off. But I guess it isn’t in some people’s interest to do that.

Of course, we have yet to see the likes of Yusuf  “spending money (of their own) on schools and hospitals and development and creating  jobs and hope.” Btw: the “government sponsored Sufism” didn’t prevent the Turks from raping and murdering 1.5 million Armenian Christians. Why could that be, Yusuf? Pray-tell: could it be that they’re  all reading the same Koran?

You must be  the only small “c” conservative left on the planet who hasn’t got the message yet, Yusuf…

Another Example Of Really Stupid


“Poverty and hopelessness attract people to desperation which terrorists feed off”- sez sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan, but he conveniently forgets to mention that the best of all the worst jihadist attacks have been carried out by well educated, wealthy Muselmaniacs.  Do I really need to mention Bin Laden and doctor Ayman al Zawahiri by name? The “magnificent 19” were well educated,  (Mohammedan Atta spoke 4 languages and had an engineering degree from Hamburg. The Glasgow doctors who tried to blow up the airport were certainly not driven by “poverty and hopelessness”- they were driven by the jihad ideology.

So “building schools and hospitals and development and creating jobs and hope” is all it takes to pacify the jihadists, Yusuf? Gee,  under the leadership of George W. Bush the ‘coalition of the willing’ build mosques and madrassas, housing and dams, the only problem with that was they couldn’t build them faster than the Taliban would blow them up. 

But anyhow, education is not something Yusuf’s co-religionists value, as we can see here:

Islamic group called “Education Is Sin” starts riot in Nigeria

They’re opposed to Western education as being against Sharia norms: the group wants to “clean the (Nigerian) system which is polluted by western education and uphold Sharia’h all over the country.” Imagine the quips, the digs, and the New York Times analyses if there were a Christian group calling itself “Education Is Sin.” This one, however, will pass unnoticed, or with “Boko Haram” left untranslated in reports — as in the Reuters story here.

More on this story. “150 Killed in Bauchi Religious Crisis,” by Segun Awofadeji in This Day, July 27

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  1. Boko Haram sounds kind of ethnic – the sort of people who you could get together with in one humungous group hug.

    Best not to translate it. We don’t want to give people the idea the group are not as warm as fuzzy as we want them to be.

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