Yusuf Rubs It… in dysentery green!


Serial dreck-blogger Yusuf Irfan has discovered another great injustice that calls for jihad against the filthy kuffars: the murder of a hijabbed Muslimah in a German courtroom by a crazy Russian.

Yusuf,  muselmanic master of spin, anticipates how “serial tabloid hate-mongers Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair might  “spin this story”  

Yusuf: Yes, an Egyptian pharmacist living in Germany is stabbed by a white-skinned European man.

You see, Yusuf’s problem is that she was killed by  “a white-skinned European man.” If she was killed by a dark skinned Muslim or by her husband Yusuf would have never noticed. Yusuf has no problem with this, none at all… he also never noticed this…

Apart from “Abu Ghraib” and declarations of support for terrorists like David Hicks and Mamduh Habib Yusuf’s “Planet Irfan‘ hasn’t been very active lately, looks like even his co-religionists have deserted him. I used to get my kicks reading his fan mail, but even that seems to have dried up. 

Just for kicks, I saved one that I thought was hilarious. For a moment, I wondered whether it was one of those that he sends to himself, but then I thought no, he hasn’t got that kind of humor:

Anonymous said…
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2:45 PM