“With the expansion and escalation of the Islamic Jihad which has been dealing crushing blows at the non-believers, now the Americans and their allies have come around that all their efforts would bear no fruit in this country”

afghanistanThe Obama administration is actively  encouraging Islamic terrorists like the Taliban by tying the hands of our soldiers: new rules of engagement reduce soldiering to policing,  the terrorists enjoy miranda rights, something so preposterous and absurd that it makes your head spin. Instead of killing our enemies, we lose men and materiel for nonsensical sloganeering, like “winning hearts and minds”. Under such conditions, any war effort is in vain. The terrorists know that and are biting their time….

The Taliban calls upon Afghans not to participate in the elections — or else. Note the strong Islamic character of their appeal to Afghans: the single most important foundation of their attempts to win people over to their side is the one that is routinely ignored and discounted by the learned analysts.

Note also the quotation of Qur’an 5:51 about not taking Jews and Christians as friends and protectors — a verse that Islamic apologists in the West routinely claim is without any valid contemporary force and essentially meaningless.

“Afghan Resistance Statement: Announcement by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the American process of elections to mislead the Afghans,” from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan at Uruknet, July 31 (more from JW)

Michael Yon is  there. Here’s his report from Sangin



Taliban Website: The U.S.’s Operation Sword Will Be ‘The Mujahideen’s Last Nail in the Coffin of Obama’s Larger-Than-Life [Afghanistan] Strategy

Interview with child suicide bombers:

“They just told us that they (army) are against Islam, are against the Quran. They said wage jihad against them; we are waging jihad for the Quran”

Once again the jihadists make their appeal on the basis of Islamic purity — while Islamic advocacy groups in America insist that anyone who points that out is a “bigot,” although they never get around to explaining exactly how they refute this claim of Islamic authenticity.

“Kidnapped boys ‘brainwashed’ to die as suicide bombers,” by Stan Grant for CNN, August 4 (thanks to Stday):

SWAT VALLEY, Pakistan (CNN) — The boys shuffle into the room in a remote army base high in the mountains of Pakistan’s Swat Valley. They are disheveled, disoriented.There are no smiles, their eyes stare at the floor. These are the lost souls of Pakistan’s battle with the Taliban….

“The first day they beat us and then made us exercise,” one boy said. “They made us run and told us you will wage jihad.”

They said the Taliban especially poisoned their minds against the Pakistan army.

“They just told us that they (army) are against Islam, are against the Quran. They said wage jihad against them; we are waging jihad for the Quran,” said another boy….

I ask one boy, would he kill for God? He replied: “Yes.”…

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  1. The genocide of Western males should cease!

    The only other possible route option is across Afghanistan, which has its own unique challenges.

    The country has been involved in bitter warfare for almost two decades. The territory across which the pipeline would extend is controlled by the Taliban, an Islamic movement that is not recognized as a government by most other nations. From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of our proposed pipeline cannot begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, lenders and our company.

    Testimony By
    John J. Maresca
    Vice President, International Relations,
    UNOCAL Corporation

    To House Committee On International Relations,
    Submmittee On Asia And The Pacific
    February 12, 1998
    Washington, D.C.

    A recent study for the World Bank states that the proposed pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea would provide more favorable netbacks to oil producers through access to higher value markets

    As with the proposed Central Asia Oil Pipeline, CentGas cannot begin construction until an internationally recognized Afghanistan government is in place.

    We urge the Administration and the Congress to give strong support to the United Nations-led peace process in Afghanistan.

    Our troops are being sacrificed again on a tissue of lies!!

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