Denmark Jihad: "All the Danes and Jews must die"

Nothing new here. Similar things have been daily occurrences in France, the UK and Australia for years, but have been swept under the carpet for the sake of social engineering and multiculti-political correctness:

From an article in the Sydney Moonbat Herald, August 14, 2006

“It was everything … throwing rubbish over the fence, screaming abuse, blocking the driveway, knocking fences down. One guy would throw coffee grains on the windows and bottles on the roof late at night … I confronted some of them, and the men would call me a lot of names, mostly in Arabic.”  More>>

Denmark: “All the Danes and Jews must die”

23 families have been forced to move out of an apartment complex because of one other family, identified only as “Lebanese,” that subjected them to “harassment, violence and threats” on a “daily basis,” including their children “throwing rocks and spitting at other families in the building’s playground area. When they were told to stop, their parents came down to the playground armed with knives and clubs.”

Elisabeth Dreijer Sørensen, a representative of the 23 families, recounts: “Yes, I got a red cross on my door. And later we learned what it means – that we are infidels, and that we’re on the death list.”

This “Lebanese” family must no doubt be Maronite!

“Denmark: ‘All the Danes and Jews must die,'” from Islam In Europe, August 27, via JW:

The family in question is Lebanese. There’s no mention of their faith, but what do the Jews have to do with this?

More on this story in the Copenhagen Post (in English). The family has meanwhile been moved to a different place in the municipality, out in the countryside, where the nearest neighbor is 200-300 meters away. It’s not the first time the family has been moved. The mayor says it’s a shame that this Lebanese family is ruining it for all the other well-integrated immigrants in the municipality (DA).

Danish blog Uriasposten presents a transcript of an interview on Danish broadcaster DR. I bring here just a bit of it:

Mads Steffensen, DR host: They had to listen to words and phrases such as racist, whore [..] all the Danes must die, all the Danes and Jews must die. The residents of Belvederevej in Helsingør feel that they live in a war-zone, it’s a life of violence, threats and vandalism. There are two blocks, 23 families, and in one apartment there’s a Lebanese family.


Mads Steffensen: The day after the family got a termination notice in a case, which anyways hasn’t concluded yet, then you got a greeting, where you live.

Elisabeth Dreijer Sørensen, resident’s representative: Yes, I got a red cross on my door. And later we learned what it means – that we are infidels, and that we’re on the death list. Yes, the vandalism didn’t stop there, because also three cars were scratched, and all four tires were punctured, after they got their notice. But though they’ve received their notice, they still have three months…

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  1. * Denmark Jihad: “All the Danes and Jews must die”

    I’m sure our resident “anti-terror funding expert” will reassure us
    that this has nothing to do with islam, because there is no islamic terrorism – much as snake-bites have nothing to do with snakes,
    they just happen spontaneously when some herpetophobic provokes the grass by walking through it.

  2. ‘All the Danes and Jews must die,’”

    Do they EVER say anything nice or sensible ?

  3. Do they EVER say anything nice or sensible ?

    ‘All the Danes and Jews must die’”

  4. Andrew Bostom’s book, “The Legacy of Islamic antisemitism”, has the on its front cover, the beheading of a Jewish women for apostasy from islam. The charge, as is common even now, was fabricated.

    Read note attached “About the cover”

  5. I have a picture of a Spanish soldier with the head of a berber woman from 1918 because apparently she did not rat out her husband during the Riff War.

    It is very easy to get all the horrible photos, do you wish to play that game? How about holocaust photos, Srebrenica photos, Rawandan Photos, how about the video of IDF soldiers blowing away a father and his young son that is so famous, or the other one of the teenager who had his foot blown away by numerous bullets.

    The point is photos are images, important and memorable but like text, can be put in a thousand contexts to make a vision but is it the context that it was originally for?

    Andrew G. Bostom is a medical doctor and a far-right wing activist with an agenda and a love for selling his books and being on that dirt-rag called, thus I would not put him in the category of being actual academically of value.

  6. * How about holocaust photos

    Show them to the Iranian mullahs, Solkhar – they seem to believe that the Holocaust is a Jewish fabrication (when they aren’t saying Hitler should have finished the job).

    * Andrew G. Bostom is a medical doctor and a far-right wing activist

    Can you post anything without your diversionary personal attack tactics?

  7. Solhar, the photo of the palestinian and son which you note, taken before start of second Intifada, was a setup – and has been acknowledged to be so for some time. Secondly, there is evidence to show that the IDF were not shooting at the pair.

  8. Can you refute anything Andrew G. Bostom has to say, Solkhar, without resorting to name-calling?

    This article currently on his site seems to score a bullseye, Solkhar:

    [Rifqa Bary and the Noor Islamic Center’s “Theology” of Apostasy]

  9. all is clear..!! no compare,, only one way,, holocaust part II 😐 this should be, to save our earth 🙂

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