Dumb, Ignorant, Arrogant: America's Muslim POTUS Tells Critics to "Shut Up"

America, what have you done!?

  • Preposterous parvenu Obama: “I saved the economy!”

Sarah Palin on Obamacare: “Such a System I Downright Evil” (GWP)

l’etat, c’est moi


Veterans Betrayed

Michelle Malkin » Miranda rights for terrorists

White House invites CEOs to lunch… then makes them pay for it


Further Proof That the Preasident is an Arrogant Prick

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Obama: “I Don’t Want the People who Created This Mess to do any Talking”….

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House of Reps: Pigs at Trough Order Up $200000000 Elite gulfstream jets for all! They should be flying on old WW2 planes.

Racism’ Cries a Tired Obama Double-Standard

Aug 06, 2009

The left should be warned: The libelous smear of racism has lost its sting. If everything is racism, then nothing is. The charge has lost its power. The more that leftists pull this evil trick, the more folks will shrug.


Bush dissent vso racism

This is “patriotic dissent”                                             This is ugly “racism”
Get it?

He’s a real Nowhere Man, sitting in his nowhere land, playing all his…

No. Sir Paul was never really where its at…


George Harrison’s Tune Is the More Appropriate One



Here’s a letter that I just sent to the New York Daily News:

As my long-suffering friends and relatives will attest, I’ve been obsessed with Beatles music ever since, as a five-year-old child, I saw the Fab Four’s first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  So I jumped at the opportunity to see Paul McCartney in concert last night in Washington.  And what a wonderful concert it was!  But I could have done without his dedication to Michelle Obama of the Beatles’ song “Michelle” (”Paul McCartney dedicates love song ‘Michelle’ to Michelle Obama during Washington D.C. concert,” Aug. 2).

Far more appropriate, and seemly, would have been a dedication by McCartney to Barack Obama of the Beatles’ song “Taxman.”

Donald J. Boudreaux

2 thoughts on “Dumb, Ignorant, Arrogant: America's Muslim POTUS Tells Critics to "Shut Up"”

  1. Obambi apart from being the BOGUS POTUS and a Mohammedan is a classic Narcissist just like Mohammad himself was too.
    Narcissists need to be in CONTROL and this can be seen in everything Obambi has done so far . They are also very good at excercising that control by telling you EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR and making promises which they have NO INTENTION OF KEEPING its all about getting the CONTROL. They will blatantly LIE as Obambi has done and been caught doing CONSTANTLY and because of their sickness not even know that they are doing so. But they are incapable of accepting that they might EVER be wrong and so never able to apologies. Just look at Obambi squirming in GATESGATE in my opinion he was SHOCKED that people did not accept exactly what he sais and he NEVER apologised for saying it just tried to pass the buck to the American people its was THEIR fault not his.
    Narcissists when thwarted get nasty and you can see Obambi doing it now America is on a slippery slope to TOTALITARIAN rule and there will be blood on the streets if there isn’t already. But of course the NARCISSIST in Chief who has roused his left wing ‘libtard’ rabble will blame it all on someone else. Who knows where this will end because the RACIST BLACKS 96% of whom voted for the Obamanation will riot for sure if he is deposed . The great UNIFIER as he thinks of himself will tear America apart its already well on the way.

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