Ex Gitmo Inmate Hicks Gets Married

Mahmud Dawoud aka David Hicks marries in Sydney

Tim Blair – Monday, August 03, 09 

Terrorism supporter, Jew-hater and Tali-tubby David Hicks, famously rendered thin and ghostlike by five years in Gitmo – until it turned out he’d actually stacked on bunches of weight – marries peacenik Aloysia Brooks. She’s a perfect partner for someone who once fired hundreds of bullets at Indian soldiers protecting their border: 

Ms Brooks studied at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and writes poetry on human rights issues. 

Hicks is something of a poet himself: 

Listen, have you got any friends 
I can f— when I get home? 
They have to be good-looking 
And I prefer big tits as well.

It doesn’t rhyme, but that’s modern poetry for you. 

  • Rumor has it that Dick Smith, entrepreneur and terrorist supporter, was one of the invited guests…

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  1. A peacenik and a warnick – wonder what they talk about when they’re
    at home .
    I hope he doesn’t get bored with her – or maybe she’s got big tits !

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