Flinders university prof: Suicide bombings 'almost unstoppable'

“Suicide bombers are not mad, they just have grievances…”

Flinders had better sack prof Hassan: how many more of these Islamic agit-props are out to confuse, distort and obfuscate the  ugly reality of Islam?  How many more Islamic professors are out there who pull the Islamic wool over the eyes and ears of unsuspecting, naive Australian university students?

Perhaps the good professor should take it up with Bucktooth Bashir, who sees things slightly different from a bit more clearly than him: Bashir: more suicide bombings unless Indonesia enforced Islamic sharia law.

Or he could teach  the  real meaning of jihad : On Al-Jazeera TV: Lebanese Islamists Favor ‘Offensive Jihad’ to Conquer the World, Impose Islam


Prof Hassan: more jiziya for our Islamic enemies and more Islamic immigration would  help immensly…

Its all our fault, you see, because “suicide bombing is mostly a desperate action to right social wrongs”, like Abu Ghraib. (He didn’t mention Gitmo, why not?) Making efforts to improve human rights – such as the treatment of (Muslim-) refugees – would halve the number of suicide attacks, he forecast, pointing out the treatment of Abu Ghraib prisoners in Baghdad led to another spike in suicide attacks.

Suicide bombers were spurred on by the humiliation suffered by those in their community, It would be impossible to stamp out suicide attacks unless real changes were made to improve social conditions in countries around the world, Prof Hassan said.

By Crystal Ja/Adelaide Now

AN Australian sociologist who has compiled a comprehensive database of suicide attacks claims bombers “are not mad” and there appears to be no set demographics for potential attackers.

Suicide attacks are usually carried out by young and vengeful men, who are completely sane, sociologist Professor Riaz Hassan says.

Prof Hassan has analysed every suicide attack in the world since 1981, seeking to explain the reasons behind the actions.

He found there were more than 1,200 suicide attacks since 1981 killing at least 5,766 people.
Iraq topped the list with 651 attacks occurring in the war-torn nation.

This was three times as many as Israel/Palestine with 217 incidents, followed by Sri Lanka (93) and Lebanon (48).

Prof Hassan, from South Australia’s Flinders University, said after analysing the data, there appeared to be no set demographics for potential bombers.

The majority were young men, but their driving factors were widely varied, from personal motivations to societal conditions to being directed by others.

The study clearly refuted a common belief that suicide bombers were insane or mentally unbalanced, Prof Hassan said.

“It largely discredits explanations that (they) … are acts of abhorrent violence, perpetrated by the psychologically impaired, morally deficient, bizarre, sick and crazy,” he said.

“Suicide bombers are not mad.

“And public policies which take cue from such explanations … do not focus on societal conditions which may have given rise to the phenomenon.”

The first suicide attacks happened in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 2003 when the world – or Iraq, specifically – endured a massive spike in incidents.

Prof Hassan believes suicide bombing is mostly a desperate action to right social wrongs.

Making efforts to improve human rights – such as the treatment of refugees – would halve the number of suicide attacks, he forecast, pointing out the treatment of Abu Ghraib prisoners in Baghdad led to another spike in suicide attacks.

Suicide bombers were spurred on by the humiliation suffered by those in their community, he said.

Most believed their lives were worth less than the collective’s honour.

It would be impossible to stamp out suicide attacks unless real changes were made to improve social conditions in countries around the world, Prof Hassan said.

Lets make some ‘real changes’ and sack every Muselmanic professor in the country. Lets stop Islamic immigration and assist  Islamic headbangers to return to the desert of their choice. Lets stop the mosques, the madrassas and the hate preachers. That would be “real changes”- any chance that happens anytime soon? I doubt it…

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  1. Of course they’re sane. And we listen to far too many people telling us that terrorists and suicide bombers are alienated or economically marginalized or some other piffle to in some way excuse jihad. A couple of years ago, the Australian intelligence community hosted Prof. Richard Pape from Chicago University and he told audiences drawn from government departments that suicide bombers were not driven by religion! Really? You could’ve fooled me and he, Pape, should have viewed all the farewell videos by various Islamic suicide bombers around the world. Without exception, the religious content is high and the expectation of Paradise is deeply believed. A very odd article, which I can’t find present, has pointed out some of the advantages for women living under Islam. All of the clothing from head to foot makes them “mules” to carry weapons or bombs. Apparently there is no reference in the Koran to the rewards that await a female suicide bomber. I would be grateful if your learned readers could locate any references to rewards: someone cynically, they probably expect to be reincarnated as men and reap the rewards that way.

  2. The bombings are carried out by hate-filled trolls who have a very warped view on why they have being suffering perceived social injustice!! The mechanism through which the “warping” is achieved needs to be removed – it is a combination of islam and self-pity .

  3. I hate returning to have a second bite at the cherry but I looked up what was publicly available at short notice on the Internet on the good professor Riaz Hassan. That he is academically well credentialed is beyond dispute, however, he is one of the usual suspects who make excuses for Islamic members of the Australian community to blame the country and the rest of us for various problems, especially alienation and poverty. His writings for Yale edu online are somewhat dated but late last year he was involved in the conference in Melbourne where he drove home the message about Australia being virtually responsible for the problems with Islamic fundamentalists. As you would expect, The Age newspaper was the one that wallowed in the conference proceedings and I can imagine the likes of some of their senior staff nodding their heads in agreement at the social and economic disadvantage that besets Australian Muslims. It is pretty ho-hum stuff in the sense that like Walid Aly and Irfun Yusef he can find superficially attractive reasons for what we would define as terrorist behavior: after all what can we expect from those who suffer from socioeconomic inequality negative stereotyping and of course, discrimination. However the fundamental weakness in his arguments and the sure sign that he is engaged in academic taqiyya is that last year he contributed an article to the Asian Journal of Social Sciences. I object to paying so-called scholars for reading work in journals connected with their discipline. In his contribution, Prof. Hassan claimed that he had reviewed suicide attacks between 1980 in 2003 and the increase between 2004 and the following year. The countries he studied lead him to reach the same conclusions as Prof. Pape whom I mentioned in my first contribution. He examines suicide bombings in Iraq, Israel and Sri Lanka. It would be very interesting to see what other experts in the field make of his work especially Dr. Walid Phares, Steven Emerson, and in Australia, Dr. Mervyn Bendle (James Cook University) and the more popular writers Robert Spencer and Anne Applebaum. My own view as a former intelligence officer and writer on terrorism is that he is a willing stooge of the jihadists and is enjoying a well salaried and privileged life in this country while lending at least tacit support to those who would destroy our freedoms and institutions.

    1. Thanks, John.

      The beauty of the internet. You can do your own research and in Hassan’s case its quite easy to see that he is an Islamo agit prop who just does his job: Islamic propaganda to distract, to confuse, to obfuscate and to encourage the government to accept even more Muslims, more Islam in this country to show that we are “nice and accommodating”.

      The right thing to do in his case, is of course to pull the plug on his nefarious activities, strip him and all those like him of citizenship, declare them enemy agents (that’s what they are) and reexport them to the desert of their choice.

      But to do that, the government would have to declare that Islam is in fact the enemy. Fat chance. At present, we are drifting more towards KRuddistan, because multiculti befuddlement replaced religion, morals and ethics in this country.

  4. John,
    Control of the media is critical in this current situation. Can you offer some solid suggestions on how the balance within the media can be brought back into the “center”.

  5. A little off-topic is the headline in the Sydney Mainly Halal –

    (It would read better as Month of blasting begins)

    Month of fasting begins
    August 22, 2009

    THE traditional Islamic fasting month of Ramadan has begun, and for the next 30 days Sydney’s 170,000 Muslims, who range from more than 100 different ethnicities and cultural groups, will mark the revelation of the Koran to Muhammad by abstaining for 30 days from eating and drinking during daylight. …

    100 different ethnicities & cultural groups? What, not a race?

  6. Thank you Sheik,

    I’m all in favor of naming. shaming and tossing them out. The basic problem is that if you get rid of him, there are many more in his image, to say nothing of the kuffirs who support him. “Academic freedom” is what they cry. It would be nice to export them to Pashtun country, soon to be a state. Start at the Gilbert & Tobin Law school, work your way through “critical terrorist studies” and the legal profession, civil libertarians and the usual suspects. I regret to say that I have had to write more than once that it will take an atrocity on Australian soil, interfering with TV coverage of something important like the Melbourne Cup, the Golden Slipper or football finals to wake people up. Unless they see bodies being taken away, areas being cordoned off, police and emergency services going through the wreckage and blood everywhere, just like we saw in the recent four corners program on the Mumbai bombing, then and only then will they take notice. Also, consider this: when the aircraft hit the skyscrapers on 9/11, TV stations were abused for interrupting programming and the conspiracy lobby is so strong, I recommend brandy while reading some of their rubbish. There is one particular group, the name of which I cannot recall at present, which has suggested that Steven Spielberg and Industrial light and Magic staged it all and there were no aircraft crashing into the buildings: they were blown up from inside. Like the Kennedy assassination and many other significant events, there will always be a hardy band of conspiracy theorists who blame the CIA for everything.

    You may be interested to know that someone asked me about Martin Bryant, the psychopath/sociopath who murdered so many people at Port Arthur. And yes, there are conspiracy theorists at work on that little project, projecting him as the fall guy.

    George Orwell said a lot about language and I’m afraid we are in grave danger of losing the battle because the forces of darkness control public discourse. You only have to look at the influence of people like Al Gore to realize how to get on and make more money. I was recently asked by an American how terrorism could be reduced. I suggested that Americans should give up gas guzzlers and take by force, the patents for any number of technologies that would drive cars, most of which do not involve being reliant on Saudi Arabia oil. If the US cannot break the nexus with Saudi Arabia, the rest of the world will face Wahabbist- trained terrorists, posing as holy men and teachers. I’m glad I’m not young anymore.

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