French Mayor Bans Burqini

Is he right? Of course he is. Anything designed to rub Islam in your face should be banned. Meanwhile, the carbeques by the “restive French youths” continue, but we all know that “Global worming” and “Carbon Trading” are far more important.

Muslim woman banned from wearing a ‘burkini’ in a French swimming pool

Carole, a 35 year old French woman, claims ‘racism’ -naturally!  What we are seeing here is the old trick that Yvonne Ridley and many other converts to Islam are playing: wrap yourself in shrouds and claim special privileges, and if the kuffar doesn’t play along you call him “racist”- how much longer must we put up with this stupidity?

The Daily Mail – Peter Allen and Nabila Ramdani

Of course, Carol and some of her fellow reverts have that burka face that should be veiled at all times. Carole would look better in a burka, but should she be allowed to swim among normal people?

Muslim convert Carole (no surname available) who was banned from using a swimming pool in France for wearing a 'burkini' outfit which covers her body and hair

Angry: Carole, 35, wears her ‘burkini’ outfit outside the pool which banned it

Une femme interdite de piscine pour cause de “burqini”

Une femme de 35 ans originaire d’Emerainville (Seine-et-Marne) a été interdite de baignade dans une piscine car elle souhaitait y nager en “burqini”, un maillot de bain islamique composé d’un voile, d’une tunique et d’un pantalon large. L’information, révélée dans un premier temps par Le Parisien, mercredi 12 août, a été confirmé par des responsables locaux.

Burkini: A Muslim swimmer wears a garment like the one that was banned

Burkini: A Muslim swimmer wears a garment like the one that was banned

2 thoughts on “French Mayor Bans Burqini”

  1. The last time I went swimming in a public pool (sometime ago I agree) I was required to cover my short hair with a swimming cap from a box on the counter.
    I was told that this was because the filter clogged from loose hair, excessive clothing etc. and providing free caps for borrowing was cheaper in the long run.
    Life saving courses are given because swimming in clothes was/is considered dangerous and should be specially taught! And the examinations were ALWAYS held on the day before the filter was scheduled for regular cleaning, under supervision of life safety experts.

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