Germany Enraged Over Mohammedan Demands to Change Soccer Hymn..

schalkeallahWhen it comes down to Allah or Soccer in Germany Allah will lose, Big Time!

(But don’t take my word for it… political correctness in Germany is more trouble than AIDS. Just keep in mind that this hymn is sung since  1924, which means the song has 85, 86 years of tradition. One would hope the Germans don’t let it go without a fight…)

With thanks to Fred Alan Medford (Allah’ s willing Executioners) or Jihad Watch Deutschland

German Soccer League Confronted by Muslim Protests Over Hymn

German football club Schalke and their management are busy doing damage control and public relations work after a curious threat of protests and massive outrage over the team’s club song. The Bundesliga club is getting waves of protest emails, boycott threats and petitions after the German Muslim community began venting their anger over a passage of the club’s song they feel is blasphemous.
Here is the song, translated into English as it appears on the club’s website.
Blue and White

Blue and white, how I love you
Blue and white, forever true
Blue and white is just like heaven born
Blue and white are the colours we have always worn

If we had a kingdom for us to make
It would resemble Schalke and no mistake
All the girls, oh so young and fair
Would sport a blue and white ribbon tied up in her hair

Mohammed was a prophet who
Knew nothing of football, that much is true
But of all the colours shining bright
The ones he thought up were our royal blue and white

A thousand fires in the night
Have brought us lots of pleasure and delight
A thousand friends all standing side by side
Will make sure FC Schalke will never die

In bold is the passage in question.

The boycotts have been threatened if club officials do not change the part of the song deemed insulting to the feelings of Muslim. An unnamed Schalke spokesman vowed to take the accusations seriously, saying the club plans to hire an Islam expert to investigate the blasphemous charge.


9 thoughts on “Germany Enraged Over Mohammedan Demands to Change Soccer Hymn..”

  1. “Tensions among Muslims are high at the moment in Germany after a recent Islamophobic …………………”

    At the moment ?
    muslim tensions are always high

    And they will remain high till we sort them out

  2. How outrageous they said’Mohammad’
    Mohammedans can get outraged simply by daybreaking. STOP IMMIGRATION AND START DEPORTING THEM ALL NOW

  3. Europe is so dhimmified at the moment that the words of the song will be changed. This will so outrage normal Germans that they will sing the original from the stadium regardless.

    So what will the authorities do then? Use riot squads against singers? Gag German supporters as they enter the stadium? It will certainly make for a silent match.

    Oh the things we are paying in allowing in millions of Muslims into the country. It is not just the billions in money, but the damage to security, safety of travel, freedom of speech, and now, but not finally, football songs.

  4. As noted elsewhere, Mo was a false prophet – the football song got it wrong.

  5. Oh God who isn’t sick to death of these people and their endless demands.

    And may I add, the lying, thieving no good scum politicians who support, no let me re-phrase that, actively encourage the third world immigrant blame culture.

    It has to stop, tensions are boiling over and something has to give! I have a feeling that the Brits and other normal people (not politicians) from Western countries will have a lot to say in the coming months, and there will be turmoil on an unprecedented scale.

    As is expected the EU has a back-up plan, if their social experiment goes tits up, they will simply call in the EU riot squads, and thats it, no more elections, no more referendums….. NOTHING but DICTATORSHIP…..

    It has been hinted at for years, there is a clause in the EU/Lisbon treaty that allows governments to call absolute power if they feel that the EU union is under threat at any time, for example by an honest political party (we know who they are). There is no chance for democracy in Europe right now, we’ve already seen ballot box spoiling in the London and EU elections to keep out our allies, the only other option is…….

    I wish it were that simple, but we as a European people are so cowed, so into our easy lifestyle, that we don’t see the threat until they are shooting us in the face for having a pint or for having sex with Kelly from the club.

    It’s time to wake people up. If every one of us forwarded a link from this website or other anti-jihaddi websites to 10-15 of our friends every day, then a good percentage would forward that on too. I’ve been doing it for months, i’ve lost nothing, just a couple of mates that I barely see from one month to the next, all the mates I have that are true friends have welcomed it with open arms and are happy to have recieved the knowledge that may one day be very useful.

    It’s time to forget living cautiously, not wanting to upset the few hangers on who you may or may not agree with, just get the word out, those who are not with us are against us. If we weed out the weak now, there will be no weak-links in the future that may betray us when it really counts!!!!

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