Harry's Befuddlement Syndrome

We’re all Nazis now!

I dare say that everyone who resists Islamization is a patriot and a hero.

article-1205263-05ffed2c000005dc-95_468x334Hateful Mohammedans kick and beat a defenseless British demonstrator, while the police does nothing.

Nobody is a Nazi. Or we are all Nazis, “Islamophobes” or “racist bigots”.

The Muslims don’t make a distinciton. We are all kuffars, no matter how much the humanitarian, moral supremacist lefty progressives on Harry’s Place try to endear themselves to the soldiers of Allah. No amount of brown-nosing will pacify our implacable enemy.

The flakes who throw these insane accusations at us are lunatics who belong in an asylum. How can anyone still believe that trying to ‘play nice’ with the soldiers of Allah will keep the status quo or keep us save from the Islamic juggernaut?

I posted the following on ‘Harry’s Place’, on a post by Neil D: Racist protest in Birmingham. The reaction provoked a  British moonbat eldorado which can only be described as comical:

sheik yer’mami
9 August 2009, 1:36 am

Neil D:  “I disagree with Lionheart’s position on Islam, which mirrors, in a less scholarly fashion, the views of Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom (who incidentally thinks Michael Totten is soft on Islamists”)

Well, don’t just “disagree”- prove Spencer and Bostom wrong! I have yet to see Spencer lose a debate and Bostoms research is impeccable. You ‘disagree’ because you can’t accept reality? Good luck with that approach, pal.

What you are doing is in fact elevating your misguided “Hope” over knowledge and scholarship, and you prefer the uninformed, naive reports of Rotten Totten over people who have done in depth research based on Islamic scriptures, the history of 1400 years of jihad conquest and occupation, genocide and forced conversions.

Due to a letter posted on the MCB website the Muslims were incited to “come prepared (with ‘sharp objects’:”


Its going to be pretty intense so be prepared to defend your religion when the time comes, and let friends and family know. Please forward to all.
Lets kill and maim the *******s who want to destroy us. Make sure your there, and dont come empty handed (preferably a sharp or hard object).’

Its on!!!

Sheik Yer’mami:

Now you lilly livered progressives shudder over your own “right wing” nightmares, but you refuse to take a closer look at what Islam and Muslims are all about. No wonder England is a sewer.

Now I got some angry responses to my “England is a sewer” remark, but  these leftie loons who attack us still refuse to learn anything about Islam. The speed by which England is slipping into dhimmitude is  scary. But you can see, its useless to argue with lefty progressives just like it is useless to argue with Muselmaniacs.

Here’s  Neil D’s closing sermon on his article:

The only way to fight extremism, of any type, is to form broad coalitions with those who oppose the extremists. That includes, in the case of extremist Islam, the Muslim community itself. If you have fallen so-far down the Londonistan rabbit-hole that you are unable to see the distinction between the normal adherent of a religion that just want to live their lives in peace and extremists in favour of the use of violence to obtain their ends, you will find yourself on the same side as far right racists.

No thank you. You  go and meet some “moderate Muslims”. I prefer to go unicorn hunting!

Meanwhile, this is the reality:

Muslim population ‘rising 10 times faster than rest of society’

While skilled, educated native British Executives, farmers and skilled tradesmen are running from high prices, high taxes and Islamic immigration to the tune of 200.000 annually, the enlightened progressives of Nullabor sill keep importing increasing numbers of an unassimilable Mohammedan proletariat, a powder keg which will blow up, inevitably . Australia, NZ, Canada, the US and continental Europe offers a better quality of life than the British isles. The question is now, if  the UK goes down the gurgler, and the last Brit turns out the light, will the Mohammedans follow the migrants?

The moral supremacists on “Harry’s Place” also object to “Koranimals”. Strong tobacco for some, but why bother with niceties, because “kuffar” and mushrikeen are the ‘vilest of creatures’ according to Muselmaniacs. This is not a politically correct blog. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Being nice doesn’t make us safer. In fact, it encourages our enemies to radicalize more.

Of course, the wonderful people on “Harry’s” blog throw insults like ‘racist, bigot, Islamophobe’ around like the Obama administration free  stimulus money.

Another poster gets close, but doesn’t make a dent:

Its interesting that BBC goes “undercover BNP” and the police arrests BNP members http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=26396&sectioncode=1

Channel Four goes “undercover mosques” and the West Midlands blames Ch4 for incitement and arrests none of the hate preachers.

What goes on here? Two cheeks of the same arse (as Galloway would put it) are exposed and only one cheek gets arrested.

Along comes Neil D:

Neil D
9 August 2009, 10:13 am

Further racist comments and anti-muslim bigotry will be deleted in this thread, that includes wittering on about taqiyya or linking to a website that refers to Muslims as Koranimals. Comments above which have exposed individuals’ bigotry will remain in the thread to their shame. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

The fact is, the British people have more common interests with the Muslims in Afghanistan fighting with our soldiers to prevent the Taliban destroying their country, than they have with far right racists in the UK wishing to start a race conflict by exploiting legitimate concerns about far right Islamist violence. In fact, it is clear that the far right in the UK are our equivalent of the Taliban.

Object to Islamization of your country and you are “equivalent to a Taliban?” Get beaten up by Muslim racists and your a Nazi?


Harry Derangement Syndrome.

Islam is not a race. Defense is not bigotry. And denial of taqiyya makes Neil D. from Harry’s Place  exactly what?

Meanwhile, Yusuf rubs it furiously over another Andrew Bolt blog post. Amused? (I think I must be choking on sumpin…)

And over on LFG the totally deranged, discredited libel blogger Charles Johnson who obsessively blogs on about “Nirthers” and creationism is just one step away from becoming a truther:

The ‘Muslim Demographics’ Hoax

WORLD | Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 3:05:26 pm PDT

There’s a reason why I never linked to a popular YouTube video with millions of views titled “Muslim Demographics,” despite having it recommended many times by emailers and commenters: because on first viewing it was clear that the video was an alarmist work of distorted propaganda, sort of an anti-Muslim version of the Loose Change 9/11 conspiracy film. One giveaway: the use of quotes from extreme right wing European websites like Brussels Journal.

The BBC isn’t always wrong, and last Friday they published this crushing rebuttal to the video, showing that many of its statistics and assertions are made up out of whole cloth:BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Debunking a YouTube hit.

(Hat tip: Harry’s Place.)

Yep. Just can’t see the forest for the trees, these indefatigable Nazi hunters, bigot symbol chasers and ‘right wing extremist racist’ crap chooks. Pathetic. Lately the Lizard in chief also signed on to Global Worming.

Weasel links:

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: On 9/11 Muslims Taught America Not to Ignore Them…In essence she’s agreeing with Bin Laden….CNN says U.S. taught lesson by Muslims on 9/11 (Creeping Sharia)

That’s mah Nigga:

Video: MSNBC Anchor Ponders: Is “Socialist” The New N-Word?”…These people are out of their fucking minds…..

You start to wonder whether in fact the word socialist is becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new N-word for some angry upset birthers and others.

UK: Labor Says They’re Going to Ease up on Radical Muslims, Will Now Focus on Racist White People…


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  1. “UK: Labor Says They’re Going to Ease up on Radical Muslims, Will Now Focus on Racist White People…”

    My foreign wife has to put up with racial abuse , taunts , spitting , threats every day – well , not really .
    Actually my foreign wife – foreign and visibly so – has had no trouble that way in the more than two years we’ve been in UK .
    She goes to work , pays her taxes , DOESN’T THREATEN TO DESTROY OUR SOCIETY , you know the kind of thing ………..

  2. UK: Labor Says They’re Going to Ease up on Radical Muslims, Will Now Focus on Racist White People…

    Because they (Labour) know that they are politically dead in the water. Whip up as much hatred they can against an easy target, their fellow countrymen. The gutless Islamist loving bastards are going to come unstuck with this ploy.

  3. The Islamic BBC did head flips after a guy called in after seeing the You tube video.
    I listened to radio 4 the Beebs replies were just laughable, panick buttom was hit out came all the usual false stats.
    One quote was, that in 1982 the muslim population was only 80.000 in the UK.
    In the 60/70s in excess of 70.000 from Africa after being ordered to leave by Yiddi Amin [ excuse spelling] we already had a few 1000s here, prior to that.
    The Arabs themselves admit to there being a million in the UK in 1979.

    Some countries, certainly, have already taken steps to alleviate problems. Belgium and Austria, for example, now officially recognize Islam as a religion. But the bulk of Europe’s Muslims do not live in Belgium and Austria. Of a total of 5.4 million, 1.9 million live in France, 1.5 million in West Germany, 1 million in Britain, 500,000 in Italy, 350,000 in the Benelux countries, 40,000 in Scandinavia, 25,000 in Spain and some 5,000 each in Austria, Portugal and Switzerland.

    This article appeared on pages 3-8 of the January/February 1979 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.


    It’s akin to national population stats, of there being just 61 million people, when in truth it’s 80 million plus.
    Reported in the Independent newpaper 2007 and radio 4s farming today,
    See, food producers and retail stores can’t work with false Government stats.
    It was simple, Stores were questioned on meals supplied their conclusion the Brits were either eating 8 dinners or the stats were wrong.
    An home office worker backed up the claim but off the record, he valued his job.
    Some agriculture expert agreed that 77 million plus was indeed accurate, this was on BBC Radio 4.
    Yet we still hear from the Gov, Beeb and across the entire media, we have 61 million.
    I guess, when food shortages kick in, the truth will out.

  4. I added the following to Hary’s Place……

    The events in Birmingham is probably just a start – it is an example of all the wrong things happening at the same time and you get such a battle. Radical and extreme Right meet with radical extreme Left, they both use the subject of Islam and migration for their own radical behaviours and to add things worse, they chose a city with a large Muslim population and of course we all know they are also radicalised.

    That is what happens with lack of authority and forward thinking by successive governments. Things on all fronts are getting out of hand and it is time for change – but not from the radicals but against all of them.

    In regards to the radical Muslims, I rather like the what the poster Mary said above, the Muslim world has been rather shocked for about how the British government over a period of years has allowed radical and extremists in as refugees, and it now to a point that moderates find it dangerous to combat them. These radicals calling for a Caliphate, pushing etheir version of Shari’a and blatantly condemning what most would call treasonable offenses against the state they supposively want to live in – all of which is not acceptable in the Muslim World at all.

    The extreme-left have chosen certainly to sell their souls to allowing any radicals that the right apposes, simply to combat their enemies, whom eventually will be everyone that disagrees with them – sooner or later.

    The far-right though has done the most damage, having crossed the line often into outright bigotry and racism and will happily distort facts to ensure that there is hatred against both the left and Islam, as ultra-nationalism always caves in to bigotry.

    The far-right’s anti-Islam platform is spot on mimicking the 1930’s anti-Semitic rhetoric but with the added power of the internet. Bloggers like “sheikyermam” above spouting the hatred and agenda-based sell of Robert Spencer and claiming his blatant twisting of facts as “undeniable” and “has never been proved incorrect”.

    sheikyermam’s blog only the other day put one of those examples about there not being any enlightenment and only bad things in the 800 years of Arab rule in southern Iberia (Al Andalus) was complete fabrication and the usual quoting some and not all of other writer’s works. A typical Spencer method of pretening to sound academic when the reality is the academic world detestes the man.

    sheikyermam himself tried to write an article and failed miserably, he may be a lap-dog of Spencer but has not the same skill in Goebbels-like propoganda. His article claiming the horrid act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM or female circumsicion) was a Muslim religous must, quoting the words of a radical Egyptian cleric as proof. Note that he entire item was geared around it being a religious requirement.

    Of course sheikyermam was spouting crap and considering under all that agenda based rhetoric and BS, I think he is educated and so he knows better, it took me 3 minutes on the net to prove his careful avoidance of reality.

    The reality of course is that it is not Qur’anic and only a number of the radical haddith’s support it and its horrid existance is because it is a tribal/cultural habit that exists mostly in the sub-saharan communities (and practiced Muslims, Christians and animists who follow that disgusting custom).

    sheikyermam avoided the fact that the 10 May 2007 quote by the radical cleric (the same one who wants to burn Israel, enforce the burqa and not allow women to leave the house etc) was denounced a month later by the Grand-Mufti of Egypt and the head of the world’s most respected Islamic institution – Al Azhar. Both declared the act as unIslamic and prohibited.

    I pointed that out in sheikyermam’s blog and of course what was the answer – the fact that it is in the Qur’an is not important, that it is being carried out by Muslims is proof enough – something that falls flat considering the entire item was about it being religously inspired, followed and obligitory. When that was pointed out, he then quoted – another Egyptian cleric and of course the radical leader of the Brotherhood, a tele-evangalist equivalent and a driving force of terrorism – as if he is somehow more followed and important than the head of Al Azhar or the Grand-Mufti of Egypt.

    sheikyermam and his master, mentor and best-friend Spencer know very well the truth of facts that they leave out and they know what they are destorting, which is a clear example of what radical right-wing extremists do, lie to fulfill their agenda.

    The reality is that it is radicalism, extremism in all forms that is wrong, they feed of each other constantly and the average person gets stuck in the middle and is always the last to stand-up and fight and governments are doing the same.

    My Muslim world sits on its arse doing nothing whilst radicals destroy the lives and reputations of us all. Radical right-wingers will lie and destort facts so encourage hate, bigotry and racism that in turn give evidence to Muslim radicals that the west is after another Crusade. The radical far-left will simply side with the radical Muslims because it will support their battle against the Right.

    1. No substance, just smears Solkhar? No facts to prove me wrong, just a whole lot of nothing and smears? No wonder you got booted off from the Gates of Vienna!

      ” the hatred and agenda-based sell of Robert Spencer and claiming his blatant twisting of facts as “undeniable” and “has never been proved incorrect”.
      sheikyermam’s blog only the other day put one of those examples about there not being any enlightenment and only bad things in the 800 years of Arab rule in southern Iberia (Al Andalus) was complete fabrication and the usual quoting some and not all of other writer’s works”.

      Shape up or shape out, Solkar. Sounding off garbage like this doesn’t convince anybody about your debating skillz (misspelling intended) or about your integrity.
      It all sounds too much like “the Koran is the word of Allah because it says so in the Koran”.
      Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work with that kind of logic. This sentence is the fundamental fallacy of Mohammedanism, but perhaps you are too thick to understand that.

      The Mohammedan world is illiterate, stoopid and poor because of Mohammedanism, not for any other reason.

  5. Solkhar,
    the major problem is that there is no unifying mechanism in islam – and there cannot be because of the construction of the religion. However, I would argue that the radical right wingers are reacting to the radical muslim and to the far left, and this is being used by the far left, – of course this is no comfort to those stuck in the middle. A significant question is why have western governments allowed themselves to be hijacked by the left.? I would also say that most of what Spencer states is verifiable – he has to make it so because if he was not accurate he would be in court on a 24 hour basis. And you consistent fail to note that your arguments are only vaguely related to the main issues – and this is that your religion is used to justify acts of violence to both muslims and non-muslims. There exits no authority which all muslim recognise and the problems will simply get worse. I would not blame the right – although a few are stupid, most are not, and they are only now starting to react to muslim provocation. That is the way it is, and until you folks clean up your backyard the problems will only worsen. Accusing others of racism etc is a only a time wasting ploy, and in any case hard critical discourse on islam is not racist, and it is not bigotry, and it is not hate.

    1. kaw wonders: “why have western governments allowed themselves to be hijacked by the left?”

      Good question, but it is not that western governments have allowed lefties to hijack the governments of just about all western democracies, it is a fact that the breeding ground for leftism, the universities from Frankfurt to Paris and from Madrid to Stockholm and Athens have produced nothing but Marxists for 50 years now, and this disease has been transmitted to America which is now also infected. All western governments are now Socialist. The Obama administration is a typical example of what happens when a government is ‘hijacked’.

      The case of the Obamessiah it is indeed like a coup d’etat. Never before was a more dodgy creature than this narziss ‘elected’. A Marxist Muslim who was never properly vetted, who came out of nowhere and virtually bought the presidency with close to a billion dollars. A fantastic, mad situation!

  6. This “Grand Mufti of Egypt” wouldn’t be the one who described Jews as “blood-suckers” & believes that Jews prepare passover bread with human blood?

    Well, yes, apparently:
    * The Mufti of Egypt: The True Face of the Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity has Been Exposed

    The “grand mufti” would do well to heed God’s warning that He will curse those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3)

    This wouldn’t be the same “grand mufti” who considers that “apostasy” from islam is a crime that must be punished, would it?

    Well yes, apparently:
    * “What I actually said is that Islam prohibits a Muslim from changing his religion and that apostasy is a crime, which must be punished,” Goma’a said.

    * “more followed and important than the head of Al Azhar or the Grand-Mufti of Egypt.”

    Flee from the likes of the “Grand-Mufti of Egypt”, Solkhar.

    Islam is doomed

  7. only problem with the BBC’s ‘crushing rebuttal’ is that if you read the entire piece…it actually suggests that the Muslim population is being under-counted as pointed out at Creeping Sharia from the BBC article:

    “In the 1930s there were population projections made of the UK that by the end of the century the UK population would be 20 million. Well, it turned out to be 50 million.

    “That’s how far out you can get when you’re moving 40 or 50 years down the line and not taking into account the uncertainty.”

    So, the Muslim population is possibly understated by 2.5x? That’s not exactly debunking.

  8. Thanks for all you do Sheik..much appreciated.
    Here in NZ , we are being subjected to “Islam Awareness Week.” Young reporters write up positive stories about islam and muslims. They give young muslims the opportunity to say how much they miss being able to buy halal McDonalds…etc etc..
    At the last election, we rejected our socialist govt. We now have a centre right govt with a very influential far right group. By far right I mean far right economic policies. We also have a wealthy Jewish Prime Minister but my Nationalist friend would say both major parties in NZ serve their foreign masters. I think serving foreign masters is an issue everywhere. The Americans are talking about the need for a ”planetary regime.”

  9. Another example of the blog-owner saying nothing of substance and being unable to back up his claims of evidence but rather just attack. The fact is your last paragraph actually said nothing and that is how your agenda-based vilification program is going to be judged because in the end, there are no facts presented in your arguments.

    At least in his last post on this thread Kaw attempted to put logic to his argument, so far all you have done is put is……. well it comes back to that word “nothing”.

  10. * hatred and agenda-based sell

    * your agenda-based vilification program

    Do I detect a pattern, Solkhar?

    Google “agenda-based” solkhar

    Yes, there seems to be a pattern, for anyone interested.

  11. The British, and all of Europe, are not going to be able to solve their problems even if they were to vote in far right people. It’s going to take violence. I don’t think they have it in them. The mighty English from the Empire, I think they died a long time ago. I’m happy I saw Europe over 10 years ago. Traditional Europe will all be gone soon.

    The bitch Christine Amanpour should be air-dropped into Libya or some place nice like that. Why does the US always take in these vile fucking foreigners like Amanpour, Soros, and that bitch Andrianna Huffington?

  12. Solkhar you can preach your ‘Tolerant peaceful religion’ handful of fanatics’ BS until the cows come home but unfortunately for you Isma is as Islam does and we all know what Islam does. Another unfortunate thing against you is the repetitive tediousness, Antisemitic , misogynistic, violent, Arab supremacist crap that YOU call thr ‘UNALTERABLE actual word of God the Krap Kran.
    Just a small example of the illogical nonsense that is the Koran it says
    allah creates you and PREDESTINES EVERYTHING you do but you also have FREEEWILL????? LOL. Also some of these PREDESTINED people allah created will NEVER believe in him BECAUSE allah SEALS their minds so they can’t so will suffer in eternal hellfire. So there you have it an ILLOGICAL, VINDICTIVE , CRUEL, God who creates beings with the SOLE (pun intended) intention of punishing them in hellfire.
    So lets see your squirming Taqiyya explain that away.

  13. I think you are right Pub..it will take violence…
    Quite a few years back , I was interested in Catholic apparitions , prophecy etc…in all the apparitions of the Virgin Mary over more than one hundred years , she begged people to pray and fast and said
    ” There will be war everywhere.”
    I am often reminded of this last prediction. So many people have fled islam but what will happen when there is nowhere else to flee to?

  14. Solkhar
    Attempted to put logic ???? The simple facts were outlined clearly in at least 3 posts. You have not answered, either because you cannot, or because you do not understand the problem. Or perhaps you have found a meaning of the word “logic” with which I am unfamiliar?? In order that you might understand – the quran as it stands cannot accept other faiths as equal and there is no central interpretation of the book which is valid in the muslim world. I have simplified this so that you WILL understand the central problem, or at least start to think about it. One symptom is the internal conflict in islam – shiites kill sunnis etc erc. Another symptom is the ease at which islam is used to justify the murder of non-muslims with arguments based on the quran, One further simple example should suffice: the statement that hijab is required as part of islam is rubbish – only one ref. exists in the quran and that specifically refers to the wives of mohammed. That however has not stopped muslims from using the quran as justification for enforcing total covering on women . and the same basic argument applies to FMG – the source of your original discontent. You have an MA – so what – I have a degree and some higher degrees – many people who comment here have more letters after their names then the sum of the academic accomplishments of you and I. And most here are as least as intelligent as you have presumed yourself to be. You are a retired diplomat (sourced from a left wing website where you copied and pasted one of your diatribes that was posted here) . Well here you justify what you write – this is not a protected diplomatic field where there are unwritten protocols which prevent the truth from being expressed and protect a speaker from ridicule. If you cannot answer the questions and you can only insult you should sit in your Souk and count to 10. The concept of religion is a human concept, which arises partially as a human need to understand or feel comfortable with things that we cannot control. It appears muslims have not understood this . Faith does not imply truth – it provides an answer that may or may not be valid and this is usually dependent on the intellectual capabilities of the individual – with this in mind a suitable description of islam is a playing field filled with 5 year old children where the toys are guns loaded with live ammunition and the children are encouraged to make as much noise as possible. If your religion needs anything it need people who are capable of critically evaluating the quran and the hadiths and then using them to build a faith that can coexist with others. Your future (in a rhetorical sense) depends on this and what you do not need are more idiotic martyrs (a code word for fools with a world view of the order of the Planck length scale – for those who are not involved in science the Planck scale is about 1.6162528e-35 meters and, from arguments by Heisenberg, is the smallest length scale about which anything can be known.) . Lets hope your next post contains something worthy of discussion.

  15. Then we have to ask Solkhar if he sees himself as a better Muslim than Osama bin Laden. Basically who is the better Muslim, the one who kills in the name of Allah or the moderate peace loving Muslim who would not hurt a fly.

  16. Image – the true face of the UAF – thugs attacking innocent white people.

    This letter below says it all.

    Finally a decent (ex) member of the UAF who has seen the light, that the aim of the UAF is to increase racial tension so it can profit from racial violence it incites and then use that racial violence as justification for its own pernicious existence.

    No doubt this poor guy will now be targeted by the thugs of the UAF, abused and attacked for his bravery and honesty.


    UAF protester ’sorry’ rally got out of hand in Birmingham

    Aug 11 2009 Birmingham Post
    Comment (1)

    Dear Editor, I would like to start by apologising to the people of Birmingham for the events of Saturday evening which I am highly ashamed to have been a part of. However, as a moderate who took part in the UAF protest I would like to set the record straight.

    I, like the vast majority of people in Birmingham love the fact that our city is so diverse and vibrant. I felt that this was worth defending, especially from a bunch of trouble makers many of whom were from outside the city.

    Unfortunately it turned out the UAF were no more interested in our community than the racists many of us turned out to oppose!

    The young Muslims who rampaged through the city streets were incited to violence by UAF activists. I was near the front of the rally in Rotunda Square and I saw how they worked and I saw how it got out of hand.

    The UAF should have switched rhetoric when they saw that the young Muslims were getting restless and angry. Instead what they did was get increasingly aggressive speakers to talk about ‘smashing the BNP’ (who not directly involved with the protest) whilst sending agitators into the crowd, with megaphones, to whip up anger there.

    Only a few members of the Socialist Workers party, some trade unionists and a few moderate Muslim blokes who had been recruited as marshals on the day, remained to help the Police calm the riot.

    I would like to commend the West Midlands Police Force for their sensitive handling of the protest and us protesters during what was a very difficult situation.

    However, the ten or so members of the Muslim community who stayed with the protest whilst it was settled are the true unsung heroes of the sad event.

    I never got to know their names, however, I am very proud to have worked with them in defusing the tensions that built up between rioters and Police. A true example of why our city is great.

    As to the UAF well, I don’t mind announcing that I will never join one of their protests again. Once again I can only say how sorry I am that it all got so out of hand. If we had known how it would turn out then I’m sure a lot of protesters would have stayed home.

    The UAF has achieved nothing except to create racial tensions were non existed before.

    Yours in penance,

    Josh Allen, Bournville


  17. Kaw,

    The topic on this thread is the riots and the left/right battles in Birmingham and not Qur’anic studies, thus I am not avoiding the topic but respecting the blog-owner (as much as I can).

    I take to task your statement that “the quran as it stands cannot accept other faiths as equal” and ask you to explain were it says so.

    Also your point that “there is no central interpretation of the book which is valid in the muslim world” is both interesting but I think needs a change of perspective. The Qur’an I would argue is there for all to read and understand as they can as much as the Bible and the Torah is.

    The problem is not with it, but with haddiths and you will find that in all the circumstances that justification for actions were made are by which haddith someone supports. This I condemn fully and it is here that central authority and codex fails.

    You certainly did hit the nail on the head when subjects like the hijab and covering up is not Qur’anic etc, and that is my point as well, all this comes down to this haddith issue.

    I do not argue at all with comments such as yours regarding clearning up your own backyard but I would add that it has gone beyond that. The issues of radical, abusive and terrorism supporter in the West are now a problem for that part of the world. That is a matter of immigration, Interior Ministries and other factors to deal with them – remember that they are asking and demanding for things that are not aceptable in the actual Muslim World.

    The topic of racism and bigotry though does exist and is not a time wasting ploy – that implies a delay tactic – what is their to delay?

    Racism is still a global epidemic and it will increase as races continue to interact and merge. Racism also exists in the Muslim World and that by its very nature is heretical, but it is the case in most faiths.

    Bigotry – picking on one sector of a community, group or faith for attack and discrimination has been clear in many right-wing and anti-Islam websites, such as those of Jihad-Watch and this one. Certainly and I do not deny or refute that many in the west should be concerned about what happens, but I will maintain that those from the right with agendas that are clearly anti-Islam are ensuring that the wrong explanations are coming out and thus the real battle against extremism and radicalism is diluted or misdirected agains the entire faith of Islam.

    Kaw, I do admit to jumping to wrong conclusions to your arguments and re-reading your words I do apologize for misunderstanding your own message. You will not find my hiding mistakes that I make and avoid admittion.

    Though we will not agree on many things, be assured one thing. I am not here to promote or sell Islam, defend the acts of Muslims and diminish the horrors that are being done by the greed and selfishness of manking, be they of my faith or not. What you will get from me is that I defend references to the core principles of my faith – the Qur’an as being malign, evil or backwards in any way. I admit freely that my agenda is attacking radicalism in all its formats, be it religious or political.

    A last word, I thought I had explained it clear before. Spencer has the capacity to quote texts and sources and thus he can justify that those quotes are correct. That is in fact easy. It is the over all argument that falls down because he picks and choses quotes or should I say those “facts” and “events” that suits his argument and avoids the contexts that often they are put in. His selectivity is why the academic community shun him. In his “Who Is Really Being Dishonest About Islam? article in AINA.org he refered to why Al Andalus was not such a great place as historians and academics around the world think so. In his attack he refered to individual events in the late 11th century ignoring the full 800 years and those periods that are universally accepted as Golden Eras. He attacked an accepted Oxford Rhode’s Scholar Dr. Eboo Patel and Professor Maria Rosa Menocal a famous Yale professor. I found the rediculous assumptions even more so because the topic of the presence of Arabs in Iberia was also that of my own MA (I mad the comment about the studies to point out that I know the subject, that is all).

    1. Thank you very much for “respecting the blog-owner (as much as I can)” solkhar.

      I suppose “respect” in your corner of the desert means smears, because you seem to be unable to avoid them. You offend and insult the readers of this blog (and myself) by insinuating we are too dumb or thick to know what’s in the Koran. Yes, the Koran is indeed for all to read and read we can, for we are not illiterate like most of the Muslim world. For those who are new to the subject, Robert Spencer is as good a teacher as your prophet Muhammad himself. In fact, he is better: Spencer is sincere, honest, thorough and knows his stuff. That’s what makes him untouchable and that’s why Mohammedans hate him because he shreds them, every time.

      What is your complaint about, Solkhar? Picking the juicy bits or telling the truth? Your “out of context” prevarications are getting mighty old, and although you are trying to cover it up with more words you resort to smears: “His selectivity is why the academic community shun him.”
      Not at all. Spencer speaks on most US university campuses and is highly respected (and feared by his Muslim detractors) everywhere. On the contrary, nobody takes prostitutes like John Esposito serious, and since we are well aware of the horrid, deplorable state of ME studies in Western universities, where Mohammedan indoctrination has become acceptable rather than the free exchange of ideas and scientific enquiry, we are unimpressed by your argument. Eboo Patel is a flake just like Omid Safi or Sami Al-Arian, not to mention CAIR shill Ahmed Rehab, who in typical Mohammedan fashion offered up not debate, but character assassination, smears and slander. But in your world that is quite acceptable and seen as victory, just like deceiving the kafir is some kind of sport.

      The presence of Arabs in Iberia was indeed a “golden age” for Arab Muslims, and we all know that the soldiers of Allah have a hard time being kicked out of lands they once conquered. They never got over it and want it back, don’t they?

      Due to discriminatory conditions like dhimmitude and the jiziya we cannot say this for the native Spaniards. Besides, the Spaniards lived much happier and became rather prosperous after throwing the Arabs out. Perhaps that is what you mean by “golden age?” Where was the ‘golden age’ for the Christians of Constantinople which was conquered by the Ottomans around the same time? Typically, after much slaughter, terror, rape and looting the booty was squandered, and after the usual 3 generations of forced conversions, genocide, the extraction of the jiziya, the humiliating conditions of the dhimma, oppression and devshirme, (the janissaries come to mind) it all turned into the usual deplorable Mohammedan mess. Kemal Ataturk tried (quite successfully) to wean the Turks off Mohammedanism and replace the ideology with Kemalism, but what we are seeing now is the reversal. Within the next decade Turkey will become another Islamic republic, mark my words.

      Solkar, you bore me. You don’t seem to understand your religion. You doggedly insist that your Islam is somehow different from the real thing. Its not. Islam is by its very nature radical and totalitarian, and the 164 jihad verses are in the Koran, not only in the hadith. There are at least another 10 points in your writing that I could use to pluck you like a goose, but I know I am wasting my time. As a Mohammedan, you are religiously obliged to do da’awa, therefore I reject your claim ” I am not here to promote or sell Islam, defend the acts of Muslims”- but that’s exactly what you are doing Solkhar. You even claim in the next sentence that you “defend references to the core principles of my faith – the Qur’an as being malign, evil or backwards in any way”- something we know as “jihad by the pen”. So you do what you say you don’t do. Sounds to me like ‘terrorism is un-Islamic, FGM is un-Islamic, honor killing is un-islamic, suicide bombing is un-islamic-‘ etc etc….

      There is no argument about race. Islam is not a race and Arabs are the worst racists. Far worse than unsuspecting, politically correct indoctrinated westerners. Arabs, (or muslims in general) are also the worst bigots the world has ever known. But don’t take my word for it: live with it!

  18. theresaj wrote: “We also have a wealthy Jewish Prime Minister…”
    (in NZ)

    What point are you making by describing your PM as ‘wealthy Jewish’?

    Is it relevant to your comment?

    Is there a subtle message contained in that phrase?

    What are you hinting at?

  19. #An infedel! asked me the quesiton do I think that I am a better Muslim than OBL.

    I condemn OBL for being a murdering agenda-based radical who sold out his religon, family and culture and a hypocrit of the highest order. If I found him in the street I would try and kill him and I doubt that any court will send me to prison for it and to be honest I would even serve time for the act.

    His being a murderer of the largest caliber is without doubt, he confesses to organising/ordering 9/11 and terrorism activities throughout the world.

    He is agenda based because he follows the Wahhabist Ideals that the rest of Islam considers to be a corruption and he pushes it even through violence.

    As a Wahhabist he is a self-confessed radical and as such, most Muslims, including Grand-Muftis, Universities and Governments all consider that he and his Wahhabists are a sell-out to our religon.

    He has also broken the Qur’anic covenant of respect to one’s family and has condemned them rather than kissing the hands of his parents.

    Though much of his culture is to blame for sexism and ultra-conservatives, that culture is changing – he is not.

    And his hypocrisy is paramount, not just in his stance for what the rest of Islam considers unacceptable and disgusting but it is shown by the simple fact that he can deal with anti-Islamic tribalists like the Taliban which stands for many aspects that Wahhabist philosophy does not accept – thus proving that radicals and exstremists like Wahhabists are all theory and no-practice.

    The only bright side of this last fact with the Taliban is that he must be hating every moment he is amongst them – so he is into self-flagilation of the spiritual kind as well.

    Now, it is a Qur’anic instruction that no Muslim is able to call another one a kafir or that one is better than the other, though many do. So I will not say I am a better Muslim than OBL but I think my words are more than clear to what I think he is. I am not an Imam or a council member to have that right to call him a violent heretic and madman. I have certainly the right to call him all that I have said above and I wish him God’s retribution.

  20. * I have certainly the right to call him all that I have said above and I wish him God’s retribution.

    Solkhar, did it occur to you to “wish” that he will find salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, the Lamb
    that takes away the sins of the world, with His precious shed blood?

    * The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29)

  21. Izzla
    Nothing subtle…just a passing comment.
    We rejected a socialist Govt after nine years just as the US and Australia were voting in the socialists. Their policies are fairly predictable.

  22. Again Blog-owner you have said much and yet have said nothing, and the plucking like a goose is just the rhetoric that you imagine that you accuse me of. You may like using such words as dhimmi and jiziya that is not being used by Muslim states and not even known or used by the vast majority of Muslims but what is in fact very funny, since it is used mostly by agenda-based western right-wingers such as yourself and Spencer.

    I find your very sad lack of knowledge of Iberian history rather disapointing, I was hoping for a logical debate but instead we have your imaginary mussings. There was no Spain before the Arabs invaded southern Iberia but a mix of Visgoth states of which most were varients of Aran Christians which the Catholics of 800 years later would have burnt at the stake. The Arabs that became Al Andalus over most of those 800 years in fact were socially and administratively superior to the states they enountered in Europe whom still lived in the dark-ages. Of most of those 800 years they lived a life that allowed for the study or the arts, music, sciences and religion. But somehow you wish to imagine that they lived a backwards life in comparison to the other tribes of Iberia that were still trying to create an identity let alone unify – and then that was created by war. You also wish to imagine that Jews and Christians living in Al Andalus were suffering and persecuted or were slaves. At various times there were pogroms and killings, it was after all a brutal history but what I find funny is how you failed to imagine that the same was done by Christian Europe against their Jewish populations as well – but you would rather hide that. In fact your article that you presented about Al Andalus gave dates in the late 11th century but did you bother to tell your readers that during that same century Pope Urban II declared his First Crusade and that armies that were created did not leave for the Holy Land but in fact spend the first year killing tens of thousands of Jews? No of course you did not, it would make your claims a bit watered down – justifiably.

    The whole point here is that the selfishness, bigotry and evilness of mankind is universal and has, was and will continue to be done by mankind and if they have the opportunity, they will claim it in God’s name. I am not disputing that it is currently being done mostly by selfish, bigoted and evil Muslims – but I will also say that it has given opportunity to the selfish, bigoted and evil western right-wingers to make the maximum capital for their own agenda – to create more division and hatred.

    A last comment, the word Jihad is in the Qur’an 164 times for a good reason, but I should not have to tell you since you think you have read it and understood it. Because if you had, then you will obviously know that much of the Qur’an is a historical reference to events at the time and not just instructions or a guide. Thus you will know that the first Jihad was during the time of Mohammed, the defence of the Muslims against the attempt by the pagan Meccans in eradicating the faith of Islam. But since you say you know the Qur’an and you understand it, then it raises the question why are you pushing this BS?

    1. Solkhar, is tu coque all you got?

      Dhimmi and jiziya are basic Islam, and to deny it makes you what? Honest?

      Sahih Muslim (19:4294) – “When you meet your enemies who are polytheists [Christians…], invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them … If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them”

      There are many kinds of jiziya, and Western governments have paid trillions to failed Mohammedan nations without gratitude or any return on the investment. It is irrelevant that you claim no Islamic government demands it: we all pay it in various forms, all goes into a black hole and is squandered. We need to seriously disconnect from dar al Islam.

      Your fantasies above are also irrelevant and cannot be considered to be a basis for debate.

      Your statement “you wish to imagine that Jews and Christians living in Al Andalus were suffering and persecuted or were slaves” is laughable because its “not my wish to imagine”, but based on the records we have from the era of Muselmanic oppression. ” the same was done by Christian Europe against their Jewish populations as well – but you would rather hide that.”

      I don’t. What I’m saying is that Christian oppression against Jews is not in the bible and has no basis in Christian teaching. The Koran mandates it, sanctions it and commands it.

      By and large, the Jews were regarded as second-class citizens of the Ottoman Empire. They encountered legal discrimination at every turn, and evidence given by them was not recognized by the courts. Jews were debarred from attaining high government office. They were subject to daily mockery and scorn, were forbidden to ride camels or horses within the city limits, and were obliged to make way for Moslems. Their persons and possessions were unprotected by law and prone to constant abuse (without any possibility of appealing to the courts of justice). M. Reisher, who lived in Jerusalem, writes in 1866:
      “When a Jew walked among them in the market, one would throw a stone at him in order to kill him, another would pull his beard, and a third his ear-lock, yet another spit on his face, and he became a symbol of abuse”.

      Remember that. Historical accuracy versus Islamic revisionism.

      But for Solkhar, it was all golden wonderfulness:

      ” selfish, bigoted and evil western right-wingers to make the maximum capital for their own agenda – to create more division and hatred”-

      Rubbish, absolute rubbish. We don’t “create division”- Islam divides the world in believers and unbelievers, not us. We are the wake-up call. Resisting Islam, raising awareness and demanding a reversal of Mohammedan immigration is self-preservation and a sacred duty for every non-muslim. Islamic hatred is the obvious doctrine of your evil ideology that masquerades as a religion. Exposing it is not hatred, it is the most noble task I can think of.

      Motto of Islam: ‘Thou Shall Not Live in Peace and Harmony’

  23. Solkar,
    you are pathetic! “Superior Arabs?” (Inferior infidels?)

    The jiziya is not essential Islam?

    “800 years they lived a life that allowed for the study or the arts, music, sciences and religion.”

    The Quran is the eternal word of Allah, for all mankind and for all time. The adherents of Muhammad follow the Quran, and you are telling us its just a history book?

    Who is dumb here, you or your lying mouth?

    LOL! What arts, Solkar? What “science?” (camel urine as medicine?”)
    What Musik? (musical instruments are forbidden in islam)

    Religion? Meaning Islam ruled?

  24. Solkhar my friend why do you waffle so. As a language Koranic arabic has no philosophical depth. It is easy to translate with very few nuances, so the excuses of context carry no weight at all. In early childhood the Koran is learnt by rote without any understanding of what it really means. That book has held the believers back for centuries, it has left them with a manic obsessive culture, with no direction. Islamic ideals come from a time when life was brutish and short. Many Muslims don’t seem to understand that the western civilisations do not want to be taken back to those times. We have evolved into free thinking people (something the left side of politics should remember, that they are a product of free thought). The free thinking western philosophy has touched the rest of the world like no other philosophy has or will. Religous philosophy is bankrupt and has nothing to add to the welfare of humanity. Islam has no reasoning, only to strike out when questioned. What we are now seeing is Islams last hurrah, you may not think so, but time will prove me right.

  25. Solkhar, islam & its false prophet make it crystal clear how they view me and many others on this blog, including the “respected” blog owner. Your Ali Gomaa doesn’t have a high opinion of “Harbi” – it
    is permitted to kill him (etc).

    You follow the false prophet at your own peril.

    Dar al Harb

    Dar al Harb (Arabic: دار الحرب “house of war”) refers to areas outside Muslim rule, as opposed to Dar al Islam. The precise designations of such territories can vary widely according to the speakers idea of who is and is not a Muslim, and which governments are or are not Muslim in practice. The inhabitants of the Dar al-Harb are called harbi (Arabic: حربي), as opposed to dhimmi (second class citizens of the book – Christians and Jews) or kufr (non-believers, pagans). According to ancient law, a harbi does not even have the right to live. To enter the territory of Islam (Dar al Islam) he needs a safe-conduct pass called an aman. The term has meaning today for Islamist extremists.

    Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi was quoted in As Sarq al Awast of July 19, 2003 as saying:

    “It has been determined by Islamic law that the blood and property of people of Dar Al-Harb are not protected.”

    Likewise, Sheikh Ali Gomaa said in an interview published in July 2003 by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Haqiqa:

    “…it is permitted to kill him, because he is a Harbi and the Harbi spreads corruption throughout the face of the earth.”

    Dar al-Harb, like Dar al Islam and similar terms, are not found in the Quran or in the Hadith which are the core basis of Islam.

  26. Hummer, I presume you were just joking, I would not want to think that you spend your tme with your hands shovedd down your shorts.

    Like “an infidel!”, to embarass yourself over rediculous assumptions about what is factual history or the capacity of languages only makes any arguments you give less than pathetic.

    Firstly I am not myself an Arab so I have no natinoalistic or culture BS to offer, I made reference to the fact that at the arrival and during most of the 800 years that the Arabs dominated southern Iberia, they were livign the superior life compared to the locals and the remnants of failing Visgoth tribal states. That you want to throw the word “infidels” is yours and thus the assumption of pathetic falls certainly back on yourself.

    Jiziya is not essential Islam, and it is no longer used by Muslim governemnts, though I cannot vouch for for whomever is the radicla/militant/extremist war-lord in Somalia or some valley in Afghanistan/Pakistan and what he is doing.

    Yes, “800 years they lived a life that allowed for the study or the arts, music, sciences and religion.” It was during these times that Medicine (Ibn Sina), Architecture, Physics and Astronomy was revisited, codexed and priniciples were enshrined that allowed for future scientists to make their breakthrough. All whilst the dark-ages and the thought of astronomy was an offence of heracy in Christian Europe and resulted in burning at the stake.

    You asked: “The Quran is the eternal word of Allah, for all mankind and for all time. The adherents of Muhammad follow the Quran, and you are telling us its just a history book?”

    Yes I believe that the Qur’an is divinly inspried by God (Allah) and that it was written in three various types – I did not say it was a history book, that again is your words not mine. It has The Message, a Historical Record of the time and events and Examples in it. Oh, you did not know that ……. so much for these “wannabee experts”.

    “LOL! What arts, Solkar? What “science?” (camel urine as medicine?”)
    What Musik? (musical instruments are forbidden in islam)”

    So much for knowing what is Islam, dude! Even yesterday watching KSA2 the English Language Saudi National Television, it plays music, even television series, even some live concerts….. who is the dumbass now? The formost “grandfather” of modern medicine is Ibn Sina, known also as Avicenna came from Al Andalus. Science, that was already explained, but if you wish to stick your head in the sand, that is your problem.

    Of course I am presuming that this rant by Hummar is a one and only and he/she/it will no longer reply because they know there self-defeatist BS has embarrased them to no end.

    But it was a good laugh, Hummer sounds almost like the Arabic insult Hamaar which means donkey, I could not think of a better start for that poster.

    1. Musical instruments:

      Hadith Qudsi 19:5: “The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.”

      The Hadith Qudsi, or holy Hadith, are those in which Muhammad transmits the words of Allah, although those words are not in the Qur’an.

      Muhammad also said:

      (1) “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.”
      (2) “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.”

      (3) “Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage.”

      (4) “This community will experience the swallowing up of some people by the earth, metamorphosis of some into animals, and being rained upon with stones.” Someone asked, “When will this be, O Messenger of Allah?” and he said, “When songstresses and musical instruments appear and wine is held to be lawful.”

      (5) “There will be peoples of my Community who will hold fornication, silk, wine, and musical instruments to be lawful ….” — ‘Umdat al-Salik r40.0

      Militants kill laughter and music in Pak

      Jihadists bomb music, video stores in northwest Pakistan


      Regarding Islam and Science

  27. Blog-owner,

    I think deep inside your not interested in facts but just to do “your part” in slandering, I cannot accept that you would fail to bother to study or understand facts.

    If to deny and not enforce the concepts of Dhimmi and jiziya (as you see them is somehow blasphemy or heracy then I ask you why neither are in fact laws in Muslim countries and even the hard-core ultra-conservative States such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan? They are not because were methods of controlling non-Muslims in the 7th century. It is only right-wing agenda BS artists from the West that even mention that crap, but yes there are some radical extremist Muslims who want to live in the 7the century (with their mobile phones turned on).

    I should add that what Sahih Muslim said was for that era as well and it is again only the radicals and extremists that read it literally and that non of the five main Islamic Institutions are declaring such statements as valid, oh of course the right-wing antiIslamists in the West state it again more than an Muslim does.

    That you consider western governments paying for their oil consumptions as “jiziya”, that is your right, I doubt that any Muslim does., I should add that your escape clause “It is irrelevant that you claim no Islamic government demands it” because there are non-Muslim nations that are being fed the trillions as well.

    The only “fantasies” are your own, it is clear that you only read right-wing web-sites and propoganda and have not bothered to actually study.

    Slavery in Al Andalus was a decision of war-booty and at those periods – short in the 10 and 11th centuries and again in the 14th century only, it is when there is a large conflict and the generals were told to capture the families and those that surrender and make them slaves. It is a fact of history. But what I was saying was that your assumption was that Al Andalus was a state like Rome thriving on the back of slaves was complete imaginary BS. You obviously fall for the Spencer-like trap of quoting only one section of history and ignoring the rest and claiming you know it all.

    I stated that ” the same was done by Christian Europe against their Jewish populations as well – but you would rather hide that.” and your repsonse was “I don’t. What I’m saying is that Christian oppression against Jews is not in the bible and has no basis in Christian teaching. The Koran mandates it, sanctions it and commands it.”

    That is incorrect. The Qur’an does not mandate it, sanction it nor does in command it, you will have to quote evidence and then you will see when I throw it back at you that you were wrong. Some disputable Haddiths do so, that is another subject. But you will also find that all the terrors against the Jews during that period were sanctioned by the Church and under the name of The Christ and the references to their slaughter was under the banner of “Christ Killers”. Your very close to ignoring the Inquosition and I would be careful with that.

    Now you have turned to the Ottoman Empire, the other part of my MA on the rise and fall of Muslim enlightenment in Andalusi and Ottoman States.

    I have to take you to task and most statements you made about Ottoman jurispudence. So that you understand it now, there were four classifications of laws, the Anatollian Law that only applied in what was considered mainland Turkey, Thracian Law that was applicable to what is now the European side of Turkey, Impirical Law for the cities of Istanbul, Bursa and Al Qods (Jerusalem) and lastly Ottoman Administrative Law for occupied territories/states and that was a bit different depending on which area you were in. They were administered by Pashas. Anatolian Law and Impirical Law did not descriminate against Jews or Christians in the legal process though it did give at various times taxes, which stopped in the early 19th century. Thracian Law was very discriminatory against Jews but not Christians as about a third of the citizens in that part were Christians. Ottoman Administrative Law made no differences between the two other religions and many were part of those administrations as it was up to the Pasha whom also was often from that same territory. What you have to know to understand Ottoman history was that they were the masters of adminstration and beaurocracy and had not the resources to control an empire themselves, they used locals. What is important based on your statements was that – the concept of no-status in courts in the Ottoman system for Jews is a load of BS and Jewxs (and Christians) were banned from High Office in the national sphere within the Empire, but not from the regional level.

    “They were subject to daily mockery and scorn, were forbidden to ride camels or horses within the city limits, and were obliged to make way for Moslems. ” by Reisher was showing what a local decision during a period of oppression that happened in many parts of both the Muslm world and the Christian World as well. It certainly did not represent the actual legal structure. Jews were abused by everyone, that is the fact – in the late 19th century Jews in Amsterdam were forced to not walk the streets on Sunday mornings and bow to Christian clergy all the time.

    Thus I suggest you remember all of it real Historical reality versus your own revisionism.

    “But for Solkhar, it was all golden wonderfulness”

    Again your own words, I said that there were a number of Golden Ages and I am the first to point out that they died off and were not capitilized and I did state clearly on the thread about Al Andalus that the generation after them enjoyed the fruits so much that they let the entire system fall down and was not prepared for the ruthless invasion by the murderous Catholic zealots thus losing it all.

    ” selfish, bigoted and evil western right-wingers to make the maximum capital for their own agenda – to create more division and hatred”

    Thanks for the “we are the wake-up call.” remark which acknowledges your one of the above refered to. Yes you do create division, between the West and the Muslm World and it is simple as that. You do so by attacking the core-faith and principles of an entire religion of 1.6 billion instead of attacking the radicals and extremists whom are terrorizing it and targetting the west. You are giving ammunition to their arguments and thus you both feed of each other.

    That you can use the term “sacred duty for every non-muslim” implies religion and that just strenthens my argument. That you can still say that ” your evil ideology that masquerades as a religion” proves the bias and the evil intent on your part. If there is any “Exposing” it is that of those selfish, bigoted and evil western right-wingers that you now have confessed to be whom deliberately distort and make up fabrications and capitilize on incidents and problems to support their ultimate supremicist and “we are better than you” views.

    Apart from that your history skills suck.

    1. My history skills suck?

      Thank you for your efforts at putting lipstick on a pig, Solkhar.

      My history skills are not based on falsehood, propaganda and obfuscation, like yours. It is quite clear to me and to the readers of this blog that you are a jihadist who does his da’awa with a pen. You have wasted precious time with the good people from the Gates of Vienna, and you have wasted a fair bit of mine with your attempts to whitewash Islam.

      Let me tell you that all your above listed Ottoman laws did not apply (why not?) to the conquered dhimmies who were subsequently wiped out. I asked you before: where are the Greeks and the Armenians of Turkey now? How did Turkey become 99% Islamic? What is happening to the non muslims like the Copts in Egypt, the Hindus, Christians, Zaroastrians, Bahais of Bangladesh and Pakistan and in 30 + theaters of Jihad wars around the world?
      Islam is deadly for unbelievers. Islam has bloody borders. Islam is the only “religion” in the world that mandates genocide.

      You may be more skilled at lies and obfuscation than the more ordinary, primitive types that follow Mohammeds religion, but I have no further time to waste with somebody so dishonest, so slippery and execrable like yourself.
      I told you before that your detractions are not welcome here. Take it up with your co-religionists who misunderstand your peaceful jihad.

      There are other websites where you might be able to pull the Islamic wool over somebodies eyes and ears, but not here. If you further engage in slander, bile and vilification all your posts will be summarily deleted, case closed.

      We are way past your BS, Solkhar. Ah, and yes: our society, our culture and civilization is infinitely better than yours. Always is, always was. You know that, Solkhar. That is your inferiority complex, something that is eating you up. Deep inside you know that your desert cult is worthless, inhuman and perverse. We are not equal, Solkhar. Never will be.

      You are very welcome to smoke that in your hookah.

  28. Harry’s Place does not speak with one voice. And it’s a bit ‘Judean Popular Front versus The Popular Front of Judea’ to go in so heavily against leftists who are sound on defending Israel and attacking Islamists and their fellow travellers..

    “England is a sewer”. Ever been here? Or just a slip of the keyboard?
    Seriously, you’re attacking some of your allies.

    Anyway, dig your site.

  29. Now that my posts are “awaiting moderation” I can only assume you have run out of the blanks that you have been firing and that you will cut my posts. That is usually what happens to those that cannot keep up to scrutiny. Either you let them all in or you let nothing in from anyone.

    Anyhow I posted the item in my ownblog to ensure it is not lost or ignored, http://solkhar.blogspot.com/2009/08/tour-of-anti-islamic-sites-continues-so.html. I am still laughing and coping your item to friends, one is the head of the Music department of the Shiek Zayid University in Abu Dhabi whom is a Saudi national will love your claims.

  30. Laugh all you want, Solkhar!

    After all, this is a satirical website, and we haven’t taken the humor out of it, in spite of all the daily -Islamic- atrocities.

    Lets see who will have the last laugh. Reason will prevail. We shall lock and load I keep our powder dry.

    Scrutiny, Solkhar? You don’t last a minute under scrutiny. Islam is a lie and the truth kills it.

    So a Saudi is the head of a music department in an Islamic university? Wonderful. If he is, is that because of Islam or in spite of it?

    Since you are unable to debate, but insist to be taken seriously, would you mind to answer 10 questions? I simply want straight answers, no longwinded BS, no diversionary crap, no obfuscation, no taqiyya or tu quoque.

    Please let me know and I’ll post them. In turn, feel free to post 10 questions to this site so we can all have a laugh.


    PS: before you knock yourself out, perhaps you should have a read through this:
    Why can’t Muslims debate?

    I trust you can do better than that, Solkhar. Blow us away, Solkhar. (with your intelligent debating skillz, not by being a suicide bomber, Solkhar. No, I’m not joking…)

  31. I had a look at the map of the Zayid University buildings, but could not find the Christian chapel. Can you help me there, Solkhar?

  32. Solkhar,
    The term “dark-ages” as referred to European history is a misnomer. Significant developments were made – in arts, sciences and in other areas. Muslims did NOT lay down the groundwork for the west – this came from the greeks and from the Hindus in mathematics.

  33. “Now, I think the current thread has exhausted its potential”.

    Yeah and the wordy but incoherent Solkhar has crawled back under his rock!

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