Italy: Burkini scares children in Verona pool

Islam in your face:

(ANSA) – Verona, August 18 – Italy on Tuesday got its
first close-up look at a burkini – an outfit consisting of
head scarf, tunic and trousers – when a woman showed up at a
Verona swimming pool wearing the outfit.
In France, a woman was recently evicted from a pool
outside Paris for wearing the head-to-toe swimwear because
officials said the outfit was unhygienic.
Christian Panzarini, the manager of the Verona pool,
said he had not asked the woman to leave despite several
complaints from mothers who said she had frightened their
However, Panzarini asked the woman to send him an
e-mail detailing the kind of textile used for the outfit to
see if it was in line with hygienic regulations.

One thought on “Italy: Burkini scares children in Verona pool”

  1. It will be interesting to see what the material in the “burkini” is made of.
    Camel hair would be unhygienic for sure.
    Perhaps goat skin? Nice and soft but too hot!
    Lambs wool? Better but still too hot.
    Rayon, nylon? Best choice and probably allowable.
    But it would still scare the crap out of the kids.
    These people must be suffering from rickets or some neuromuscular disease due to lack of sunshine. Depression is also a huge symptom of sunshine deficiency. Perhaps that explains Islamic behavior?

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