Next Years Headlines: Lockerby Bombers Miraculous Recovery from Cancer

Lockerbie Bomber Walks Free after Killing 270 Innocents…

Lockerbie bomber to be released

He’s “going home to die” in the company of family, friends, and well-wishers. His victims were not so fortunate.

An update on this story. “Terminally ill Lockerbie bomber released,” from CNN, August 20 via Jihad Watch

Update: Lockerbie Bomber Gets “Hero’s Welcome” in Tripoli

There no justification for this madness. There is a price  to pay  for this treason. The creeps who insitigated this shameful display of “compassion” shoould be tarred and fethered and run out of town.

In other news:

“Afghan War Not Worth Fighting!”

A majority of Americans now see the war in Afghanistan as not worth fighting, and just a quarter say more U.S. troops should be sent to the country, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Indeed. It makes absolutely no sense to replace one Taliban regime with “our” Taliban regime. Democracy under sharia? Only in America, where the lame follow the blind and 90 % of the population still hasn’t  figured that the miraculously elected Marxist  Negro Hussein Obama is in fact a Muslim and as such in the enemy camp.

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  1. Please write to relevant Scottish minister and state plainly your opinion on his actions today.

  2. * Next Years Headlines: Lockerby Bombers Miraculous Recovery from Cancer

    I don’t normally disagree with the Sheik, but the more likely headline
    would be … “Lockerby Bomber Flown to Britain for Cancer Treatment”


    As expected, thousands of Libyans have gathered to offer a heroes welcome to the lowlife piece of shit:

    (UKPA) – 6 minutes ago

    Thousands of Libyan people have greeted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi on his return to Tripoli.

    Some displayed Megrahi’s picture on T-shirts while Libyan and Scottish flags were also being waved by members of the crowd at a military airport.

    Megrahi, who has terminal cancer, was released on compassionate grounds by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.

    He was serving a life sentence for murdering 270 people when a Pan Am plane was brought down over the Scottish town in 1988.

  4. More likely he’ll strap on a vest or belt. for you know what.

    there will be more than egg on that judge’s face then.

  5. I don’t know what to think about this. On one hand, this decision displays that western ‘culture’ does show compassion for the individual, (unlike islam) but on the other hand where is the justice?

    What I do know is that we all face our Creator one day (this man sooner than most perhaps) where justice will surely prevail. Also, the rest of ‘The Peaceful Ones’ who were responsible will one day face the same judgement.

    Don’t know how I would feel if I were a relative of the victims of this man…..

  6. “Lockerby Bomber Flown to Britain for Cancer Treatment”…

    Mullah Lodabullah – I like the way you think. If it wasn’t so sickening it would be very, very funny. He WOULD be allowed in, and not Michael Savage!

    In a perfect world, the plane carrying him would have crashed right into the cheering crowd waiting to greet their very own jihadist who killed a jumbo-jet full of infidels as well as those on the ground in Lockerbie. Very sorry for the victims’ families, as well as the wounded/burn victims. Israeli Mossad, care to take on a “special mission”?

  7. Tis a grubby business, dealing with muslims and their billions. It seems anyone can be bought for an oil dollar or two, but if the release of a mass-murdering terrorist can be bought then what else have our judas politicians agreed to for cold hard cash? The islamification process and it’s price was agreed long ago, and every politician who has had some degree of power in the recent past has had their pockets lined by saudi billionaires or some other islamic wealth.

    Why else would they allow it? There is no other benefit of allowing islam into fully developed economies, with fully civilised people is there?

    A very revealing article in the Daily Mail, about nu-labours sordid deals with Libya:

    Gaddafi’s victims are calling it realpolitik. And it is as dark and offensively pungent as the estimated 44billion barrels of crude oil as yet untapped below the Libyan sands.
    Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill yesterday reiterated his belief in the guilt of cancer-stricken bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. He then signed him off to a hero’s return to Tripoli aboard a private jet.
    The circumstances of this complex and utterly cynical deal began to form some years ago, shaped by a cast including Gordon Brown, Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew and a number of major British energy companies.
    Undoubtedly, though, the architect and prime mover of this love-in with an unreconstructed pariah regime was former Prime Minister Tony Blair, driven by his overweening desire to be recognised as a statesman.
    In contrast to Iraq, the invasion of which Blair enthusiastically supported on the flimsiest of grounds, Libya under Colonel Gaddafi not only had a long history of sponsoring international terrorism but had committed a series of atrocities and political assassination on British soil.
    The Lockerbie bombing came four years after the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot dead from the Libyan embassy in London.

    Gadaffi funded and armed the IRA and put bounties on the heads of British-based Libyan dissidents, some of whom were subsequently murdered.
    But by 2003 Blair and Gaddafi needed each other. Sanctions and the growing bellicosity of the West had worn Libya down.

    The Colonel was prepared to renounce weapons of mass destruction; the coalition was happy to keep a straight face and welcome Gaddafi as a partner in the War on Terror. The fact that he was also in control of Africa’s largest national oil reserves did not make the diplomatic volte face less attractive.
    First that nasty Lockerbie business had to be cleared up. In August 2003 Libya agreed to compensate the Lockerbie victims and ‘accepted responsibility for the actions of its officials’ over the bombing. Five days later, Mr Blair introduced a UN resolution to lift sanctions against Tripoli.
    No regime change needed.
    Indeed, the following March Blair offered Gaddafi the ‘hand of friendship’ when they met for talks in a tent outside the Libyan capital. Big trade deals followed, involving BP, Shell and BG Group.
    Blair cemented his relationship with Gaddafi during his ‘farewell tour’ of Africa in 2007. The pair embraced and put in place the legal structure that would assist in securing the repatriation of Megrahi.
    A memorandum of understanding was signed, dealing with the issues of prisoner transfer, extradition and mutual assistance on criminal law matters.
    This alarmed Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. He protested to Mr Blair because he felt that Megrahi – Scotland’s only Libyan prisoner – should have been excluded from this agreement. No dice, said Blair, who surely knew Megrahi would indeed become an issue.
    Meanwhile BP signed a £ 545million deal to drill for Libyan oil. If the fields realise their expectations, BP could spend more than £10billion over the next decade. So trade blossomed. But Megrahi remained a stumbling block.
    The Prisoner Transfer Agreement negotiated by Blair was ratified by Brown in April this year. According to Mr MacAskill yesterday, the Libyan government applied for Megrahi’s release under the PTA, in May.
    He claims that he sought the UK Government view. ‘I offered them the right to make representations or provide information. They declined to do so. They simply informed me that they saw no legal barrier to transfer and that they gave no assurances to the U.S. government at the time.
    ‘They have declined to offer a full explanation as to what was discussed during this time, or to provide any information to substantiate their view. I find that highly regrettable.’ In other words, he accused Labour of washing its hands of the matter.
    Having received a warning shot from Washington, the Scottish Executive declined the transfer request. But momentum was growing. Elsewhere, senior UK figures were in regular contact with the Gaddafi clan. Among them was Prince Andrew, Britain’s special trade ambassador.
    The prince has visited Libya on a number of occasions and is particularly chummy with the dictator’s second son, Saif Al-Islam, with whom he has holidayed. It hardly seems coincidental that it was Saif who welcomed Megrahi home to Libya last night.
    Art graduate: Saif al-Islam is likely to succeed his father as leader of Libya
    The urbane Saif, an artist and graduate of the London School of Economics, is favourite to succeed his father. He has made the right noises about democracy, progress and ecology, and has been a guest at Windsor Castle. He even has his own Facebook site on which admirers are invited to become his ‘fans’ rather than friends.
    It was Saif who discussed both oil prices and the Megrahi affair with Lord Mandelson on Corfu this month. They were both holiday guests of the Rothschild family.
    Their tete-a-tete followed a private meeting between Gordon Brown and Colonel Gaddafi at the G8 summit in Italy and an application by Megrahi to be released on compassionate grounds.
    The endgame was starting. Earlier this week the High Court in Edinburgh allowed Megrahi to drop his second appeal against his conviction. A deal had obviously been done. And the sighs of relief came from more than one side.
    The UK Government and security services are thought not to have wanted his appeal to continue as it could have well brought into the public domain classified documents that they wished to remain buried.

    These papers might well support the view taken by some that Megrahi was simply a convenient fall guy for all concerned and not the mastermind of the whole Lockerbie affair.

    Ashur Shamis, a London-based opponent of the Gaddafi regime, which once put a £1million bounty on his head, told the Mail last night: ‘Megrahi’s release will be treated as a big triumph for the regime. The West is willing to succumb to his pressures and offers of goodwill. There is business to be done.
    ‘But while the human rights situation in Libya is still very precarious, the West no longer seems interested.’
    Huda Abuzeid’s father Ali was another leading Libyan dissident. He was stabbed to death in his West London shop 14 years ago. It is believed his killer was acting for Gaddafi. Two weeks after the murder a Libyan envoy linked with the crime was expelled.
    She said last night that political expediency and big business dominated the UK’s relations with Tripoli.

    ‘I believe that the murder of a British citizen, my father Ali Abuzeid, was not fully investigated nor were the British police allowed to fully do their job because there were greater interests in Libya and a wider agenda at play.
    ‘I was more than surprised when Tony Blair was so quick to go to Libya when the issue of my father’s murder and a number of other cases involving British citizens were as yet unresolved. It’s astonishing what governments will overlook when it comes to dealing with oil-rich countries.
    ‘But I am considered naive to think that open criminal cases would be more important than business interests.’
    She added: ‘Realpolitik will always trump individual rights.’
    On September 1, Libya will ‘ celebrate’ the 40th anniversary of Gaddafi’s accession to power. He has never looked more secure, now that the West comes cap in hand.

    1. Gaddafi never paid for the Lockerbie victims. Although he was forced to to pay compensation, he then incarcerated 6 Bulgarian doctors and nurses and demanded an identical amount to release them. The nurses, aid-workers as such, were falsely accused of spreading the AIDS virus. In the meantime, his son Saif ul Islam (sword of Islam) openly supported the jihad- insurgency in the South of Thailand and supplied the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines with weapons. Other support by the Gaddafis has gone to Kashmir and to many theatres of Jihad warfare in Africa.

      The only way to deal with these turds is targeted assassination. Reagan had the guts and the decency to do the right thing when he bombed the thugs palace back then. He was the last respectable statesman in America.

      Before I forget: Gaddafi even got compo from the Bush gov’t initiated by the hapless, clueless Condelllleeeezzza Rice (whom he snubbed) but he got American taxpayers anyway.

  8. John says : “What I do know is that we all face our Creator one day”..

    how can you possibly claim “to know” this …? Can you provide any evidence of anyone who is met their creator or is this some garbage your local pastor rammed down your throat ?

    with a bit of luck you will realise one day that your fundamentalist xtian view on life is no different to a brainwashed muslim .
    Remember, John, Jesus loves Osama bin Laden …

  9. Mohammedan out in force to CELEBRATE ther return of their HERO the mass murderer. So come on Obambi and the DISGUSTING DEPRAVED Scottish Parliament how does that respect and tolerance and arse licking of Mohammedans work again?????

  10. Ahhhh hello Atheist,

    Actually, I believe that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a historical fact and that he is the Son of God. I believe that man was created by God, not that we are just evolved pond scum, and that human life is precious.
    Therefore I also believe that every man will face God, (yes even you) and we will all have to answer for our lives. This is my basis for for my views against satanic islamic thuggery and murder. Why do you hate islam so much, when according to atheism, life has no worth as we are all just on big accident, and survival of the fittest means if islam is stronger it wins be default?

    Have a nice day!!

  11. When Megrahl dies in Lybia he will be given a large state funeral……….
    As this happens The Victims of Pan Am flight over Lockerbie’s families
    and friends should have a massive memorial for those killed in the bombing at the exact same time and even wear T-shirts with Megrahl’s
    face and the word “KILLER” under it just as Tripoli wore T-Shirts
    honoring him as a hero!!! (This assumes he really is dying.)

    If you support this maybe this should happen at all the countries with
    dead from the bombing, including Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!

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