Polygamy: how can Muslim men have two wives when there are not so many Muslim women in the country?

* Simple: by kidnapping and raping Christians, Hindus and other ‘unbelievers’ and by forcibly converting captured women and children to Islam. Just like Muhammad  and his marauding companions did…

Indian Muslims bitterly divided over bigamy

Muslim women
TheNewKerala – Khalid Akhter/from Counter Jihad

Do bigamy and Islam go together? The Law Commission of India doesn’t think so. Indian clerics of all hues disagree. But they don’t seem to have the backing of ordinary Muslims.
(Of course they do. Because its in the Koran. And the infallible ‘perfect man’, the Islamic prophet Muhammad sanctioned it, for all time… 4:3, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice./ed)
The issue of a Muslim man having more than one wife has always divided the country’s second largest religious minority. The row has escalated since the Law Commission asserted Thursday that bigamy conflicts with the ‘true Islamic law in letter and spirit’.
‘Bigamy is not against the spirit of Islam,’ asserted Maulana Abdul Khaleeq Sambhali, pro-vice chancellor of Darul Uloom in Deoband town, some 150 km from here, and one of the biggest seminaries in India.

‘Islam permits a man to have more than one wife provided he does justice to both his wives on economic and other issues,’ the Maulana told IANS on telephone from Deoband.

* Don’t take my word for it. Ask Keysar Trad: “Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia”

Sambhali was reacting to the 227th Law Commission report submitted to the central government. While falling short of suggesting a change in Muslim law that permits bigamy, the commission report said: ‘We fully agree that traditional understanding of Muslim law on bigamy is gravely faulty and conflicts with true Islamic law in letter and spirit.’

This is one of the most radical observations on the subject in any recent government publication.

Renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan concurred with Sambhali but with a moderate touch for which he is known.

‘Islam permits a man to have a second wife but under certain conditions,’ the ageing Khan told IANS here.

Khan added quickly that while bigamy was widespread during medieval periods when wars turned the gender ratio in favour of women, Muslims now did not practise bigamy.

Asked if he would support a ban on bigamy in India a la Turkey and Tunisia, Khan said: ‘Ban is not a solution. Instead people must be taught and made aware in what conditions a man can marry more than one wife.’

Even in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Pakistan and Bangladesh, polygamy is subject to judicial review.

The Indian clerics’ views supporting bigamy is met with disgust by most middle class Muslims.

‘The system of bigamy is inherently unfair to women and such practices should be stopped,’ thundered Arshan Alam, assistant professor at the Centre For Jawaharlal Nehru Studies in Jamia Millia Islamia here.

He said that to stop such practices, the Indian state, as it has acted in the case of Hindus, ‘must take the initiative because it has the authority to regulate and legislate on such issues’.

Alam is opposed to the veto power the largely conservative Ulema appears to hold over Muslim issues that affect millions. The government needs to rope in liberal and intellectual Muslims, he said.

Shazia Naz, 27, a housewife in Delhi, agreed with Alam.

‘If my husband marries another woman, it would be one of the most humiliating things in my life,’ she said. ‘In such cases I would prefer to get a divorce.’

Naz also said the Indian Muslim community needed to take the initiative to battle social customs out of tune with today’s world.

Although many Indians are under the impression that Muslim men tend to take more than one wife, government-backed statistics prove that this is a myth.

According to a 1974 government survey, one of the last on the subject, tribals account for around 14 percent of all bigamous marriages in India. Surprisingly, Muslims are at the bottom with 5.6 percent of bigamous marriages while upper caste Hindus come a notch above them — 5.8 percent.

‘In any case, how can Muslim men have two wives when there are not so many Muslim women in the country?’ asked Alam.

Bangladesh: Muslims extorting money, abducting women from Hindu minority

And the sense of entitlement to tribute money is, of course, found in the Qur’an: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29).

“Muslim gang extorting money from minority Hindus in Bangladesh,” by William Gomes forAsia News, August 10 from JW:

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – Some 20 Hindu families from the villages of Kalibari, Kajir Hat and Keramotia, in the sub-district of Sonagaji, southern Bangladesh, have become the victims of extortions and blackmail by members of the local Muslim majority, this according to representatives of the local Hindu minority. They complain that young Hindu women are being abducted to extort money from their families.

Initially Jafar, Yunus, Saiful, Ripon, and other Muslims set up a criminal gang. Their first deed was to demand 45,000 taka (US$ 650) from the family of Nitia Das, in Kalibari.

When other Hindus resisted attempts to extort money, the gang began persecuting Hindu families in the area’s villages.

They abducted one young woman, demanding a ransom of 50,000 taka (US$ 725) for her release.

In a second case a family had to pay 25,000 taka (just over US$ 360) to get the release of the young woman involved.

A local Hindu, Boloram Das, who is related to the second kidnap victim, said that more threats have been made against local Hindus.

One of the gang members, Yunus, is now threatening to marry a young Hindu woman against her will and that of her family.

“Neither villagers nor police are willing to help us,” he lamented. In addition, “at least 20 Hindu families from the area are unable to go home.”

Human rights activist Dipal Barua said that attacks against minorities are very much on the rise in Bangladesh.

Strongly condemning violence, he called on the government to “take proper actions against the extortionists as soon as possible.”

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  1. i have been married for 13 yrs. and my husband went to his country almost 1 yr. ago and married his first cousin!!!she is 15 or 16 and she knew about me and agreed to marry him anyway for money he paid for her !! i can not get a divorce without his sign. due to the american laws,and he married me for a u.s.a. citizenship!! hope him and his whore cousin are happy!! and maybe someday i can get a divorce from this PIG!!!! HIS NAME IS HANI KHALIL ALQAYED from gaza .

  2. Jody,
    Take this up with the appropriate legal aid people. It should be possible to remove this creep’s citizenship and have the marriage annulled.

  3. “Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia”

    The garden gnome has been very quiet of late. Maybe he is having to look for a real job so he can pay his debt. As they say in the classics put your money where your mouth is pal, but you will have to smear it with petroleum jelly first.

  4. From Daniel Pipes web page for original source.
    Pardon my language but when some one tries to abuse our senior citizens I get

    Just more abuse from a muslim pig, this time directed against the elderly in a care home. Note the excuse given by the muslim shit at the end of the article – there was no misunderstanding and he is the pig directly responsible. I suggest people make an official complaint against this muslim turd – and get the bastard removed. Now is the time to start acting – NO MORE.


  5. It is important to realize that polygamy is not possible without pedophilia. It’s about simple math because there are not enough grownup women. If every other man has two wives then who are the rest of the men to marry? It is often written that the abortion if female fetuses is a disaster. No one realizes that polygamy has exactly the same effect. The men that can’t get married are the ones that go to war or immigrate to the Vest.

  6. What will happen when the muslims start kidnapping local girls in UK to ‘convert’ and ‘marry ‘ ?
    Will our government act ? Fifty years ago that question would not have made sense .
    Now I’m not sure of the answer .

  7. Good points Univeral..I am reminded of what happens to young men in polygamous groups in the US and other countries..The young men get chucked out because the old codgers want all the young girls for themselves.

  8. Exactly. There’s a video taped hearing on C-Span Archives about one of those American polygamous groups. Incredible.

    Islamic families are totally dysfunctional. The most important and basic organization in a society is the family. When dysfunctional organizations is the rule and not the exception there’s no hope. You can’t build a healthy nation on that foundation.

    Islamic countries will continue to be failed states. Democracy or not.

  9. In Quran it say you are allowed to marry more than one wife but it has to be a very good reasons.
    If a Muslim man has two wives he must love them the same, spend money the same, sleep with them the same way but seperate ofcouse lol and more so if a man cant do them then have one wife.

  10. The worse thing in my life, is my childhood sweetheart, the love of my life, marryed for 6 years, i found out in aug 2008 he is marryed to another women. She is divorced and has 3 kids and she is 43 years old, he is in his 20s. It almost killed me, i was sick for a long time. He broke my heart, i will never be the same again. I bring him to the uk, helped him learn english, get a job, money for his family, helped him get british citizenship. I was an amasing wife. We had problems in the begining, fights, thats when he meet her. He got her pregnant and she forced him to marry her, or she will tell me. he was scared and marryed her, and she lost the baby after. He got good at lieing, he become a good husband, feeling guilty i am sure. I thought we got through the worse, i was so happy, until I learned my life was a bloody lie. i feel sick and angery and trust is gone forever. now after 6 years i find out and endless tears and when he promised to divorce her and we were trying for another baby, he kicks me down. she gave birth to a boy and i am left with my mouth open. when i found out she was pregnant again, i didnt know i was pregnant, i had a big fight with him and i had a miscarriage. now he is happy as the sun. I have a son. I have been sick and depressed and confused and dont know if i should divorce, I am muslim and they said i cant because he is taking care of you, he refused my divorce. strange thing is i still love him. And what hurts now he said no more babies for him. Now this is hell, I cant move. I cant breath and i hate men, Its so easy to distroy someones life. He says he loves me and doesnt love her only care about her, I cant see the truth anymore.

  11. Oh Freya, you poor thing. How mixed up Mohammad makes Muslims.
    Once you are strong enough in a couple of years seek assistance from womens groups to find a new start in life. After a while your emotions will settle down and you will see him and Islam as the cause of your pain. We only have one life. Live yours to the full.
    Good Luck!

  12. You people are totally crazy, trying to take Muslims away from Islam; ‘ After a while your emotions will settle down and you will see him and Islam as the cause of your pain.” Well, those fools who will listen and fall into your trap will get there punishment, just as same as you will get yours. Also, for your information, Muhammad (p.b.u.h) did not confuse anyone, you are the ones who are confused by not understanding his message. Allahu Akbar, you will never stop Islam from spreading, as it is the best way of life and the only true religion. Also note that, those who convert to Islam, convert because of the beauty they see in this religion, it’s nothing to do with rape or paedophilia.

  13. Freya, I really do feel for you but the thing is that you do not know your religion well enough nor does your husband and neither do I to a greater extent. I know enough to comment on this topic, since your husband hasn’t treated you equally and fairly, its safe to assume that he hasn’t given you the proper rights, a wife in Islam deserves. Hence, he is not actually taking care of you, he is just using you. To be honest, your husband wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the laws of UK. He has committed adultery and there is a punishment for that in Islam.

    I suggest you involve your family and religious people who actually understand the religion and don’t give extreme opinions. Its best to discuss the situation with these people along with your husband involved. If he has any self decency, loves you and respects God and his prophet pbuh, then he will treat you as a wife and see to your needs first. If he doesn’t then I suggest you do whats best for yourself and your child. Surely you wouldn’t want your child to have such retarded and ungrateful father as his role model.

    Its such a shame that there are Muslim scholars and leaders out there who are working with certain organization to spoil the image of Islam, just for financial gain. These scholars and leaders are misleading people by presenting people with wrong hadith (hadith -books written on the life of prophet pbuh after his death) and are misinterpreting the Qur’an. I have come across numerous scholars who are up to such activities for financial gain. Just to prove this, because of some idiotic scholars Islam itself has been divided into many groups e.g. Sunni, Shias…. These all groups have different opinions about everything in Islam and this was done just for financial gains, power and to stop Islam from spreading. We Muslim have been warned by God to be aware of those who claim to be Muslims and yet there actions are far worse then of the non-believers.

    I have nothing against Atheists and people from different faiths. I pray that God leads us all to the right path including myself. I only stand against those who claim themselves to be Muslims and in actual fact they worship money and power, just so they can spoil our religion.

    God can forgive you everything except associating partners with him. This is where the complexity arises and many of you might not understand me. I mean we are all after money and power and what don’t we do for money and power these days (kill, steal and so on). I suggest all of you people here, wikipedia Umar and read a bit about him, you shall see the similarities of how things in Arab were run during his reign and how things are being run in UK. Please always focus on the good in things and there always is conspiracy when it comes to history.

    I always have found good in Islam and I pray for the well being of all beings on this planet. I also suggest don’t judge Islam by looking at the modern Muslims and hypocrite leaders of Islam these days, instead try finding yourself a humble servant of God who knows what he is taking about and discuss the situation with them. Seriously, you can always tell the difference between who actually is a true servant of God and who is a genuine asshole.

  14. “I also suggest don’t judge Islam by looking at the modern Muslims and hypocrite leaders of Islam these days, instead try finding yourself a humble servant of God who knows what he is taking about and discuss the situation with them.”

    Wow, that’s an insight! Just for your information, there are no hypocrite leaders of Islam and neither are there humble servents of god in Islam. All there is are people who were born into a religion who were brainwashed and are unable to think beyond the confinement of the threats placed on them should they question Islam.

    Would you give your nine-year-old daughter in marriage to your neighbour? If he asks to marry her, what would you think of him? You know deep down inside that something is not right with Islam, but have convinced yourself that that is all there is to life.

  15. There are hypocrite leaders in Islam because I have come across many in my life time and I have seen lectures given by them which shouldn’t be. I condemn such lectures given by those idiots and there are few wrong Hadith out there. I am educated enough to know whats right and whats wrong, hence fully able to make my own mind up about things. There are also good servants of God, which understand the way of life. Luckily I was raised among those.

    I will be lying if i said, i didn’t question my religion but I have. This is once again down to extremists and divides in our religion, thanks to hypocrite leaders and other powers at work, which wants to wipe out the whole religion.

    Well the answer to your question is NO!!!. However, you don’t take into consideration the time this marriage took place. The life expectancy wasn’t the same then, people matured at much younger age, people married at very young age in those days and so on. There are still marriages going on in developing countries but they are mainly because of the culture and peoples lack of education rather then the religion. I can assure you that most of the Muslims in this world including me to an extent don’t even know 1/4 of the religion properly and if they did then Islam wouldn’t be in such a state as it is now. What they are told by the leaders, they believe it.

    I agree with you that religion does play its part when it comes youngsters being brainwashed and unfortunately because of some idiots, these youngsters are doing suicide bombings. However, what amuses me is that no one has ever been bothered enough to look into why is that happening.

    Lets pick up a country for e.g. say Pakistan. Everyday there are kids kidnapped in those countries by army agenices. These agencies work with few powerful countries to destabilize the government if its not willing to co-operate with them. The kids are picked up and brainwashed from young age into hating a specific group for e.g. young Hindu kids are raised to hate Muslims, Muslims are raised to hate Americans and everyone who is in their way. So what happens is something you can figure it out yourself, they bomb each other given the circumstances. Also to mention, during suicide bombing there are kids whose whole family’s are wiped out and they are the most vulnerable ones who are picked up by these agenices to do their dirty work.

    I seriously think there is nothing wrong with Islam but if there is, its with human mentality. My brother when he does something wrong, he says to me I know in Islam its forbidden but i can’t help myself. Seriously, there are so many other religions out in this world which one might say that they are absolutely trash but instead I tend to integrate people rather then segregate because that brings the best out of the people. Muslims are being segregated in this world and are hated all round by the world by many and this is being used by the idiot leaders to brainwash youngsters.

    I’ll just mention one little prophet story which I was told in young age. The prophet went to this city called Tiaf (Arab city, cant spell the name right) to preach Islam. The people there sent youngsters after him, who threw stones at him so much that his shoes were full of blood. When asked by the angel of God, Gabriel to crush this valley between the two mountains, the prophet said No and instead he made Dua (prayer) for their guidance. There are numerous stories where a family member of prophet was killed and he forgave the person but instead the leaders these days are conveying the wrong message of God to these young Muslims and mark my words, they will burn in hell for it.

  16. Freya ,
    What a mess..whatever the rules of islam , this man does not respect you. He has used you to get citizenship in the UK. Citizenship laws are too lax in many western countries. When I lived in a muslim country , my husband and I had to show up at a court once a year and pay money to prove that we were still married and of course I would never have got citizenship.
    Marrying to gain residency or citizenship is a world wide scam. Indeed, it is immigration fraud. In Asia, the millions of women keen to do this are known as ” passport seekers ” and men are warned about them.
    You have been scammed. How can you be a good mother when you are so unhappy? Try to find your way out of this mess, kick that looser to the curb and don’t look back. You deserve to be treated with respect.

  17. Isam-rules
    islam is a dung heap!! And mohammed (faeces upon his name) was a child molesting murderer. Why is it that muslims need to murder to justify their faith?!!! NOW PISS OFF

  18. I have had a year of pain, and trying to understand why? what happened? what do i do? I am depressed and very sick. It killed me, I don’t sleep anymore, I cry non-stop and sometimes my head wants to explowed. Why do some men do that, get stuck in quick sand and do nothing and drag the other person down with them. He knows he is losing me and relised that she doesnt love him and what a life he had with me. We almost divorced so many times.I wanted to know endless questions about her. It made me more angery, more jelous, I got very sick. This is my life, that was suppose to be my child, a brother to my daughter, we were suppose to be happy. It ended the day he told me, i wish i didnt know, take the red pill in matraix. I wish I did, and would do anything to wipe it out of my head. They stole my life. Shame on both of them, she knew he was married and wanted him to marry her, she got her wish. I know where she lives and people say go and give her a peace of your mind, but I feel sick, I know it would make things worse and I will go crazy. I hate men and dont trust anyone anymore. My daughter knows he has a child, and she is confused, she thinks its pretend, i cant tell her, or explain, enough I am exploweding and hurting like hell. He knew me and knew I cant live with someone who has another wife, but he did it anyway. saying he wanted to divorce her, but didnt know how, hoping she would ask for it. He treats her worse than me. he says he loves me, and its not his sons fault, only a baby and he has to take care of his son. And he spend 6-7 days with me a week. He doesnt want her, or like spending time with her, he loves his home and he says i pay the bills, but all we want and need, take you out, never forget your birthday, anvirsary or valantines day, or romantic dinners, saying I have never hit you or shouted at you, I gave you all you want, I changed and vowed to give you a great life after I did what I did, I want you to be happy and heal your heart. saying he made a mistake and he doesnt know why he cheated, why he listened to the devil. It has been 4 weeks now, I am quite in my head, I dont ask about her, and dont want to know, I dont know what will happen between us, but I seperated my self from his other life, I ask him to leave that life at the door before he comes in. If that life is hard for him or he is angery or he has a problem it is his fault, and he wont drag me down too. I help him with everything, make him dinner, buy him clothes, iron all his clothes nothing out of place, i deal with all the money, bills, problems, he lives like a king, she does nothing for him. I dont talk about the baby situation any more, not well enough, I am weak and I need to get better. Cant bring a baby in this world, not yet. I am trying to live, take care of my daughter. 4 weeks now Iam laughing, he made me laugh, he was mine, I didnt feel empty. feeling good, safe again. he is starting to understand, i will never accept the marriage, or his son. And i need to heal, and be happy again. I cant, I will remind me of what he done, and cause more pain. he has caused me so much pain, why doI still love him?, I dont know how to let go, everyone says I should, but my heart wont let go, I have to see it through. It could get worse or better, only allah knows.

  19. im a christian and i have a frind whos is also a christian my question is shes talking online to a muslim gu who wants to marry her but shes afraid to marry him because shes been told muslims are violent to there wives is this tru?

  20. Me converted from Hindu to Muslim and got married to a Muslim guy who loved me a lot. It happened 8 years back. The marriage was not held in any mask and without any witness it happened. The reason for this was, he was married already and had one child. He said he will wait for some time to get things settle up properly interms of finace. And now evertything is fine he is earning a lot and he is not giving me the social status for me as his wife rather he is ready to serve for me and my girl child. What am i to do now ? Crazy about men’s behaviou…

  21. Sara ..look at your own behaviour..Polygamy is for men..I cannot believe that any women are happy in it..Some would say , you made your bed and now you have to lie in it. I don’t believe this..
    Something you and Freya have to aim for is economic independence..a job , work , savings.. a small business…these men are not worth your time and energy..and as the old saying goes , love is blind..I was in one of these ridiculous relationships once. I only woke up when he started to hit me. Even then I think I was still hanging on as you women are but a very good friend intervened and said if I took him back , she would go to the police. Sometimes we women are our own worst enemies.
    Start thinking of yourselves..start putting yourselves first even in small ways..I don’t know where you live or what help is available to you but I hope it helps that someone out here is thinking of you.

  22. Please concern from Mr. Doctor Zakir Naik, He is only the person who can give us right answer otherwise i dont believe on anothers.. because during this period every one is making money they explore their words and irresponsible logics and taking credit from the illiterate persons..
    I am sorry if someone have any objection but i know this is my right to show the mirror if someone going on wrong way..
    Please concern Mr. Zakir Naik…..

  23. OR

    Read Holy Qur’an understand it self you all will know what Allah says. If possible kindly get this option, try to understand Qur’an….

    If we understand it we cant fight ever.. We love and care each one Insha Allah

  24. Freya
    Take this from a women, if you don’t get yourself out of this situation no one else will, personally I don’t think that asking a religious scholar would help you a lot as most of their answers are known probably he will tell you to be patient and that your husband is better than other men, nothing that will really help you but make you feel like you’re the bad person. I know a lot of stories like yours , most women are stupid they stay in the relationship because they have children and stay miserable for the rest of their lives not knowing or maybe denying that this also effects their children . In short if you really feel miserable and hate how your life has turned out then you probably should get a divorceلا يكلف الله” نفسا الا وسعها ” god does not put on some one more than they can handle. You have done your part you have helped him financially and emotionally what does he want more than that you mad it clear that you did not want to share but he went broke your word and he risked it but now that he sees that, he wants to save himself and not be alone with an old widow and 10 children.

  25. Bashing Islam can go on and on, But, the Power of Islam will Peacefully Go on Forever! INSHALALLAH!

  26. Maya did you even pay attention Ù¡ you’re just as ignorant as any one else Ù¢ your not comprehensible and if you do not use your spellcheck you are too careless to spell anything right go to your hell hole of your choice and leave mine all alone you can’t spell even inshallah correctly.

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