“REVEALED: The uncle of Yacqub Khayre blames the Australian system for turning a refugee from war-torn Somalia into an accused terrorist"


Conflicting stories about terror suspect

fattal-420x0Wissam Fattal (left) in a kickboxing match in 2004.

In court on Wednesday, Wissam Mahmoud Fattal appeared to take the lead of co-accused Nayef El Sayed, who had also refused to stand in court, saying that he would stand for no man, only God.

Fattal has been charged with conspiring to do acts in preparation for a terrorism act on the Holsworthy army base.  Also facing terrorism charges are El Sayed, Abdirahman Mohamud Ahmed, Saney Edow Aweys and Yacqub Khayre. More from The Age

Liam Houlihan/Herald Sun

Thursday Night Bleeding Hearts Story:

THE man who raised one of the alleged terrorist plotters claims he warned authorities the troubled youth could turn to terrorism because social workers kept him from his family.

Ibrahim Khayre, who brought his nephew Yacqub from Somalia as a toddler, wept  as he looked at photos of the boy growing up.

Mr Khayre said the boy he raised as his son fell in with a bad crowd, dropped out of Gladstone Park Secondary College at 17 and left home.

“Then came year 11, year 12. That’s the time he met these bad people.”

“He was just a normal kid but as he matured he became a rebel.

“He was good at school. He was excellent,” he said.

The distraught uncle said Yacqub was faultless as a younger child.

Mr Khayre said Yacqub would not have had a Somali passport and should not have been permitted by Australian authorities to return to the country of his birth.

“He told me: ‘Uncle, you brought me up. I consider you as a father’.”

Mr Khayre said he sponsored Yacqub’s parents to Australia about five years ago, but Yacqub still regarded him as his main parent.

* Jihadist by Social Workers?  Well, in this case F*kc the Social Workers!

But he said authorities, including police and court social workers, stymied his attempts to reach out to Yacqub.

Muslims Go Apeshit Over Possible Backlash!

A SOMALI spokesman says his community must not be subjected to a backlash after the police terrorism swoop. What could be more important? Read it all…


Australia: Somali jihadists operated out of mosque

Here is yet another story that follows the now-familiar pattern: a Westernized, secular Muslim becomes more religious, joins a prayer group, and ends up being caught up in terrorist activity. Yet despite the recurrence of this pattern, we are simultaneously commanded, on pain of being branded a “bigot” and a “racist,” to adopt unquestioningly the dogma that those who commit violence in the name of Islam are twisting and hijacking the religion. The implications of the fact that the “hijackers” seem always to claim that they represent true and authentic Islam, and to be operating out of mosques, seem to escape all the learned analysts.

Decent Fellows Update: “Somali terror suspects ‘new to mosque,'” by Drew Warne-Smith and Lauren Wilson in The Australian, August 6 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

SOMALI terror suspects Saney Edow Aweys, Yacqub Khayre and Abdirahman Ahmed began attending the controversial 8 Blacks prayer centre in North Melbourne this year, only a few months before they were charged with plotting a terrorist attack.Police and intelligence agencies have long regarded the old snooker hall turned makeshift mosque, nestled behind a 7-Eleven store on Boundary Road, as a key hub in the militant islamist net-work.

Agencies had placed the hall under surveillance.

All three accused had previously prayed at another Melbourne mosque — the name of which is suppressed — before moving to 8 Blacks, where they took religious instruction in the same small “reading group” throughout this year. Read the whole thing>>>

Mr Khayre said when police called him looking for Yacqub, he said for all he knew he could have fallen in with violent extremists.

“I told them: ‘I don’t know where he is. You don’t know where he is. You have probably handed him over to terrorists’,” he said.

Mr Khayre, who shared photos of his nephew with the Herald Sun, said he made the comment because he heard the family of one of the London terrorist bombers battled with social workers to see their son.

“I said: ‘You tied our hands behind our back. You took control from us.’ He was stolen from us by the government basically.

“They treated us like undesirables. Like this kid has to be out of the house.”

A court was told this week Yacqub Khayre left Australia for Somalia this year to attend a front-line camp where weapons and military training might have occurred.

He has been charged with conspiring to prepare an armed attack on Holsworthy army base in Sydney.

Ibrahim Khayre blamed social workers for driving his nephew away from his home.

“The Government don’t let us parents look after our kids. They told us leave him alone. He is free. They’ve given him a Housing Commission place or something like that,” Mr Khayre said.

“I blame the Government itself. He left home when he was year 12, as any normal kid will do. He became a big rebel.

“And then there was the social workers who would say to the parent, you couldn’t see (him). Even at the police station they told me, ‘He doesn’t want to see you. Just leave him alone’.

“But as a parent your duty of care is to keep him out of the wrong hands. You don’t want your kid to be influenced by twisted minds.

“I said to the police: ‘This is my kid. If you’re going to take the duty of care out of our hands, who will be responsible for this guy? You’re going to leave him in the cold.’

“That’s what they did, basically. We had no chance to discipline our kid.”

Ibrahim Khayre brought his father, mother and seven nieces and nephews – including Yacqub – to Australia from Somalia via Kenya as refugees.

In Somalia, Yacqub had been raised largely by his grandparents as his parents worked in various countries, including Saudi Arabia.

“Yacqub was disturbed when grandpa died,” Mr Khayre said.

“Before then he was a very nice man, because the elder man was at home.”

Mr Khayre said the family now feared attacks by rednecks and being linked to a terrorist network. “We are good citizens. This country – we know no place better than here. We are not the enemy of the state,” he said.

8 thoughts on ““REVEALED: The uncle of Yacqub Khayre blames the Australian system for turning a refugee from war-torn Somalia into an accused terrorist"”

  1. The Dog Day Afternoon continues, but instead of protesters screaming “Attica! Attica! Attica!” at the police, it is the police screaming “stay calm, islam is peace, they aren’t terrorists” at the gullible public …

    More glittery turds at “The Age”:

    * Don’t react, or some more muslims might become “radicals”:

    Melbourne terror charges: Overland calls for calm
    Sherrill Nixon
    August 6, 2009 – 9:56AM

    Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has appealed for calm following the foiling of an alleged terrorist plot amid reports that the state’s Somali and Islamic communities have become the target of a public backlash.

    Mr Overland said the public should keep the situation in perspective or risk alienating more young men who may turn to extreme religious beliefs.


    * They (jihadis) just do some dumb things:

    “It’s not unknown for young men to go through a stage where they’re quite wild and they do some dumb things and they make some very poor decisions. What we’re seeing here in a way is an extreme form of that.

    * We have to work hard to alloy iron with clay (it doesn’t work):

    “They are peaceful people and we need to work hard to continue to include them in our Australian community.”

    * The police will monitor the public reaction, instead of monitoring the cause of the trouble – muslims:

    Mr Overland said the police would continue to meet with Somali and Islamic leaders to monitor public reaction to the terrorism charges, following a meeting yesterday in which senior religious and community figures expressed fears of a backlash.

    * How about meeting with members of the Australian community, instead of marginalising it with this fawning crap.

  2. The dog turds at The Age get bigger:

    A battered faith
    Barney Zwartz and Dewi Cooke
    August 6, 2009 – 2:29PM

    “I know the families of these boys. I still don’t believe they can be a part of that. It seems guilt by association — maybe they are friends with people who are friends of people . . . It’s a very big setback, a huge setback. People were feeling a lot more at home and part of this country and community, and getting on with life. There’s a real tension now, all over again, a reminder that maybe we don’t belong here.”

    * You think?

    * Somalis were the victims, & the police went from house to house “without cultural sensitivity”. I’m sure they will fawn & change that!

    Islamic Council of Victoria president Ramzi Elsayed says Somalis are angry and traumatised, and some misunderstood the purpose of the meeting, that it was about information and how to move forward.


    (Police) were going house to house without cultural sensitivity. It could have been handled better.”

    * Booties for the dogs, burkas for women PCs? Anything else?

  3. “he warned authorities the troubled youth……….. ”

    He was a ‘troubled young man’ before the social services got hold of him
    but his behaviour later was the fault of …………………the social services
    They are NEVER to blame , are they ?

  4. The Somalis are NOT victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking muslims – always someone else’s fault!!!!!

  5. Mullah..anythingelse? There is ALWAYS somethingelse..it never ends..and it is NEVER there fault.
    The uncle does not blame himself for bringing his nephew to Australia ; he does not blame somali culture where grandparents raise the children and then die at the child’s crucial age of 7 , 8 or 15. I have seen similar difficulties in other cultures where grandparents predominantly raise the children.eg. Maori The children never quite fit in with their parents once the old people die. He does not blame the local somali culture in aussie. Why was his nephew so easily led?
    And when are we going to hear from the Army families ..the worried mothers , the upset wives..The reporting is so one sided.
    I am going to do my bit for ”backlash” and write a letter for to the local mosque.

  6. It would be interesting to see what would happen to white Australians and other non – muslims if they got out on the streets or outside mosques and started protesting.
    One of our founding fathers used to say. ”Direct action is worth a thousand letters.”

  7. Actually, very good idea Theresaj – write directly to the mosques telling them to behave or ship out – no threats – and send a copy to the newspapers and politicians.

  8. Kaw…I got a bit offside with the editor of the main paper in my city because I started a boycott of the paper on the basis of a regular feature he published. It was written by a local , western, convert to islam…you know, all the endless positive things about islam…bla , bla ,bla…His articles are no longer published. It is quite easy to argue that any paper which publishes these sorts of articles is promoting terrorism. This should be especially easy to argue in Aussie right now.
    Most newspaper editors are fairly sensitive these days because the sale of their papers is ever decreasing.
    Fortunately, a local community paper almost always publishes my letters . The editor does not seem to mind that most of my letters are anti islam. I feel that in the not to distant future few papers will publish anti-islam letters..so write while you can.
    I always write to the local mosque whenever there is some attack or threat..anywhere in the world.
    I am currently being deafened by the silence of all those moderate muslims in NZ…not a whisper about the threats in Aussie..

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