Saudi Arab Lawyer Issues Ultimatum For Danmark

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An apology must be issued from those newspapers that reprinted cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s famous drawing of the prophet Mohammed

The Mighty MoOn behalf of an unknown number of the prophet’s descendants, the lawyer, Faisal A.Z. Yamani in Jeddah has sent his letter to the editors-in-chief of the newspapers that published the cartoon. He demands that they apologize and publish a disclaimer by the end of September.

“It must be a clear, public and unconditional correction and apology for the offence and damage that Your newspaper caused, when it reprinted Mr. Westergaard’s cartoon last year,” says Faisal A.Z. Yamani.

Saudi’s demand Apology in four languages, or else..!


Saudi lawyer wants apology for Motoons

Sure, as soon as you apologize for jihad

“It should be a clear, public and unconditional apology for the offence and harm caused by their newspaper,” Yamani said.

I think that he and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and other Muslim groups and spokesmen should issue a clear, public, and unconditional apology for the Muslims who murdered and rioted because of…a cartoon.

“Saudi lawyer seeks apology over Danish Mohammed row,” from AFP, August 30 (thanks to JW):

COPENHAGEN – A Saudi lawyer has demanded a public apology from a number of Danish dailies that reprinted a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in February 2008, Danish media reported on Sunday.

The lawyer, identified as Faisal A.Z. Yamani from Jeddah, sent an email to the newspapers that republished the drawing first printed in 2005 and demanded that they print an apology by the end of September, Danish news agency Ritzau reported.

“It should be a clear, public and unconditional apology for the offence and harm caused by their newspaper,” Yamani wrote, demanding that the statement appear in the first three pages of the newspaper and in four languages, Danish, French, English and Arabic.

The caricature features Prophet Mohammed’s head with a turban designed to look like a bomb with a lit fuse.

It was one of 12 cartoons first published in a Danish newspaper in 2005 and which sparked violent protests across the Muslim world in early 2006.

It was reprinted in mid-February 2008 by some 17 newspapers after Danish police foiled an alleged plot to kill the cartoonist, again triggering angry reactions in numerous Muslim countries.

They were angry, mind you, over the reprinting of the Motoon, not over the plot to kill the cartoonist.

And of course, the thuggery is ever present:

Yamani suggested in the email that Danish interests in the Middle East could suffer if an apology was not forthcoming.

7 thoughts on “Saudi Arab Lawyer Issues Ultimatum For Danmark”

  1. Israeli PM demands action against Swedish newspapers report on IDF body harvesting Palestinians coverup. Sack the journo and make formal apology – two Swedish Diplomats given marching order.

  2. Yamani suggested in the email that Danish interests in the Middle East could suffer if an apology was not forthcoming.…

    If the leaders of our Western nations had any backbone, this thinly veiled threat would be returned by severely damaging all muslim interests in our countries. I’m not advocating violence, I am simply saying that unless this threat is retracted, all muslims in positions of power should be removed from from their posts to prevent any more islamic subversion, and all assets should be siezed. All islamic immigration should be halted, and seen as an attempt at hostile takeover.

    But then again, if our leaders had any backbone at all we would not even be in this situation.

  3. Let the Saudis bleat – close their bank accounts – whatever. These people have been causing enough trouble. Now back to the rubbish about Israel harvesting organs – every assertion by the palestinians on Israeli human rights violations has been discounted on close examination. Significantly the arab media has remained silent on the numerous violations made by Hamas and Fatah, and indeed Hizbollah. One should also point out that the Israelis didn’t riot and cause the deaths of over 300 people as muslims did in their “cartoon protest”.
    If muslims wish to accuse Israel, then they also need to be honest about what is happening in their own backyard and what their own people are doing.

  4. I put the item up to show the reactions of States and Groups to bad media and how one group if complaining or making a thing about it, like the Saudi in question – he is a jerk, but if the same happens to another, say the IDF, “oh the topic is BS”.

    Frankly speaking, I see a lot of similarities. But the reality is it happens all the time. At one point the UN voted against and criticised and American action, the result was basically “FU” and funding was withdrawn, because they had a big stick.

    As a former diplomat, I smell brinkmanship, excuses to make deals and so. I am not normally a skeptic but how about this for an idea. Though not proven, the UK and Libya got into a couple of taffs and the end result was a busines deal….perhaps. Now you will see Saudi and Denmark in teh same thing, and perhaps in a month’s time, Denmark and Saudi will sign a business deal of some sort. In a month to four you will see Swedish arms manufacturers selling a submarine from Kokkens to the IDF. Who knows.

    As for IDF and Palestinians with attrocities and bad behavour. The reality of war and battles is that there are from both sides, I have no opinion about the harvesting, it might be BS or not, but I know that horrors are committed by both sides and both try and politicise the other and hide their own. Like it or lump it the Palestinians are an occupied people and that is demeaning, like it lump it there have been crimes by the IDF such as the recent Gaza War, like it or lump it there are Isrealis whom want to have a greater Isreal and they will steal the land from the residents, like it or lump it the Palestinians have been their own worst enemy and do not deserve much sympathy, and like it or lumpt it every time there is a missile fired into Israel – they are going to kick arse and it should be expected.

  5. * Like it or lump it the Palestinians are an occupied people and that is demeaning

    Really, Solkhar? Occupied by whom? Those to whom the land was covenanted, perhaps? They better have a word with the One who
    cut the covenant.

  6. Kaw,

    Gaza is, I think, the middle-ground and playing field simply because of the conveniance of its location. Next to Egypt, a fractured shard not linked to the West Bank, controlled by Hamas, not Fatah or the PA beaucracy all make for many different play-making.

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