The truth about the riots in Birmingham

Why is Salma Yaqoob not arrested and charged with incitement to violence and racial hatred?

From the Gates of Vienna


Rabid Islamo agit-prop Salma Yaqoob

Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham, Sparkbrook Ward, Respect Party) incited Muslims (and others) to violence in Birmingham on Saturday. I don’t know if you have seen the videos/film of Yaqoob raising her fists and screaming remarks at the mainly Muslim crowd. Almost immediately after this, the Muslim men began to riot and physically assault various Birmingham shoppers. The ‘BNP’, at that time, was at the other end of the city. She appears towards the end of this BBC video.

This commenter was actually there, and says:

One of the Islamist speakers, on Saturday night, began foaming and frothing about how some people had dared to say that ‘Islam is a wicked religion’. Then hundreds of Muslim men rampaged through the streets attacking innocent passers-by. That was a good way of showing non-Muslims that Islam is not wicked, wasn’t it? There is more of this. You often see this placard: ‘Behead those who say Islam is evil and violent.’ Most of the riots, acts of violence and ‘wickedness’ carried out by Islamists over the years, in Europe, have been ‘responses’ to non-Muslims saying that ‘Islam is wicked and violent’. I don’t think that these Islamists get the irony of their ‘responses’ to these criticisms.

The Bunglawussi blog features Salma Yaqoob who  lies, denies and distorts all and everything about Muselmanic thuggery and buggery.  In typical Mohammedan fashion, Salma blames the victims as “racist haters”-  nothing that can’t be fixed with more “interfaith”activity…. get in line kafirs, we have the right to rule by the grace of Allah…

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  2. I saw salma yakface sitting next to ken livingdeath in a ‘debate’ with someone like Douglas Murray .
    Hatred , stupidity written all over her face .
    She has the air of someone with an enormous chip on her shoulder .

  3. Oh puke. Notice how those putrid wretches at Islamophobia are too cowardly to allow comments. What a bunch of arseholes.

    Keep up the great work. These people are despicable.

  4. Maybe this ugly, stupid woman needs to go to Iran and start flapping her fat lips at the government and people there. I’m sure she would last all of an hour. It’s only because Brits are so civilized and tolerant in the first place that this ugly, stupid woman can make all these farting sounds in public.

  5. what are you all moaning about .The empire has come home if you dont like it then go to Australia .you would feel at home there because they are also a nation of Bastards!

  6. The empire has come home if you dont like it then go to Australia .you would feel at home there because they are also a nation of Bastards!

  7. Actually, the reason she hasn’t been arrested is because she didn’t incite any violence. The West Midlands Police have officially on record said they are not investigatng her and that she wasn’t inciting violence.

    The BBC News video seems to be the only so-called evidence and that was edited showing the EDL and the UAF speakers in-between the violence. The fact is the violent hooligans and thugs who hijacked the event took to violence after speeches and protesting had finished on both sides. The EDL and UAF were not behind the violence or linked to the hooligans.

    Salma waving her fist and saying ‘Our Streets’ was in context a part of her speech about how Birmingham belongs to people of all backgrounds. Her speech took place long before any of the violence.

    Jumping on incorrect information and a reactionary bandwagon makes us no better than the radicals, extremists and thugs so let’s not stir lies when neither the EDL, UAF or Salma actually did anything wrong. Blame the hooligans who always turn up to these events!

  8. Salma Yaqoob is amazing speeker she is for peace and shoukld become Prime Minister of england i reckon

    salma yaqoob will make england great

    and im white non relgius person

  9. Ummm …. Jack – there are certain distinguishing features of an islamic troll and you seem to have inherited them all. Salma is just another muslim thug who should have been arrested for instigating violence in Birmingham. In any case she is now on record and has collected some points for the “go to jail free” card.

    And what particularly does she bring to the stage that is so remarkable that you now swoon at her feet??? Please enlighten us all.

    As a further comment, if you spent less time rabitting the quran and more time learning you might actually be useful somewhere. Do say hello to your fellow mosque rats for me.

  10. firstly i do not go to mosque as am not muslim i dont go to mosque

    urm was Salma Yaqoob causing them to fight no she was not
    you should spend time listening to her speeches and what she says she very intelligent and honest Salma Yaqoob is for peace and for us all to get on in a multi cutlral state

    you should spend time listening to Salma Yaqoob and you might leanr something

  11. Jack –
    have heard her – and there is very little that she can teach anyone. perhaps I was using a different audio filter. At present it is irrelevant if you know some nice muslims- most of us do – however while they are not a problem other muslims are. Or perhaps you live in a different world. Now how many countries have you lived in Jack?? I have lived in five, and in each multiculturalism has failed.
    Now why would that be Jack????? A rhetorical question – I would not expect a useful answer from you.

  12. well for starters salma yaqoob isamazing end of on that one and is repsected by me lots and i can see she trying to make england a great

    now there are extremists muslims who have done very serius bad things but not only muslims have done bad things and you judge muslims on the bad things some extremists have done

    now i have lived just in england but have visited many country my favorite country is india and they have all different religions there
    i also been to many other dont need go in to detail

    Salma Yaqoob will make multicultrlism work in england

    so kaw when others do wrong are you going to stick them like you stick muslims under one bad roof and say they bad blah blah

    kaw you can learn so much from salma yaqoob

  13. I have just come across this article and i have to say, how refreshing!

    Anyone wanting to know the true reason for the English Defence League taking to the streets, we are in Birmingham again on the 5th September. We have consent from Birmingham Police for the Protest, we have mixed race members, and we only demonstrate against Political and Militant Islam. Not “All Muslims” as the left wing press would have you believe.

    Our promo video is on the home page of our site, just google “English Defence League”.

  14. u lisnin blud im blak yh bt hve mny asian m8s hu dnt wnt violence but if cme dwn 2it all u whites r fuked blud haha suk out

  15. Dwayne is either writing a parody on mohammedans, or displaying the ignorance of mohammedans – either way we win. Thanks Dwayne!

  16. No thanks Jack – Salma can stay with the “Respect” party and that “lovely” man Mr. Galloway. I dont think that I will learn much from the lass – certainly not from what I have heard her say. Jack, repeating so you understand – I am against militant islam and islamists – they are dangerous and have no place in our society. However, I have yet to see a serious attempt by moderate muslims to step outside the boundaries of the quran and shut these thugs down. Until that happens they (you) are all in the same boat.

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