Western Muftis, the "Perversion of Islam", the "Hijacking of Islam" and More Garbage Like That…

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Michael Yon reports from Afghanistan on a disturbing development.

While enraged lynch-mobs in Pakistan slaughter Christians, the Paki gov’t demands more jiziya:

Pakistan Asks International ‘Donors’ to Foot the Bill for Swat

mohammed-rides-againFor Muhammedans, nothing has changed in 1400 years…

It used to crack me up listening to self-appointed Western mufties claptrap about the ‘hijacking of Islam’ by “radicals, militants, fundamentalists”- but no longer. Almost 10 years after 9/11, after almost 14.000 jihad attacks that killed hundreds of thousands, there is really no excuse for these idiots to prattle on or to torture us with immoral equivalence like “the Bible is just as bad” or some such. I’ve had a gut full. Robert Spencer, a man who has a lot more patience than me, has another go:

Spencer: Misunderstanding Islam?

Jihadists claim Islamic authenticity, “moderates” remain silent. My piece in FrontPageMagazine.com this morning:

It is a unquestioned dogma of American policymakers and the mainstream media that Islamic jihadists have twisted and hijacked the authentic, peaceful teachings of Islam, and are motivated not by Islamic imperatives but by poverty exacerbated by ignorance and other factors. Yet from the words of the Islamic jihadists themselves, one gets just the opposite impression: recent statements by a variety of Islamic jihadists reinforce the fact that jihadists gain recruits and justify their actions within the larger Islamic community by claiming for themselves the mantle of Islamic authenticity. And while virtually all Western policymakers and analysts are convinced that they actually have no claim to that authenticity, self-proclaimed moderate Muslim groups have never yet formulated an Islamic response to these claims that is comprehensive and convincing enough to counter the jihadist challenge among Muslims worldwide.Recent examples abound. New tapes have come to light this week, on which accused North Carolina jihad plot ringleader Daniel “Saifullah” Boyd saying, “The blood of Muslims has become cheap in the marketplace. It has become cheap because Muslims have abandoned the jihad….I love jihad. I love to stand there and fight for the sake of Allah.”

Meanwhile, a boy in Pakistan, one of a large group of pre-teens whom the Taliban recruited to become suicide bombers, explained that the appeal to them was purely Islamic: “They just told us that they (army) are against Islam, are against the Quran. They said wage jihad against them; we are waging jihad for the Quran.”

And on Al-Jazeera television on July 21, two representatives of the Lebanese branch of the Islamic supremacist group Hizb Al-Tahrir (which recently held a convention in Chicago) made statements about jihad that differed sharply from the “jihad is a spiritual struggle or at best a war of self-defense” line upon which Islamic apologists in the West insist. Salah Al-Din ‘Adhadhda of Hizb Al-Tahrir’s Lebanese press bureau declared: “We have come here to talk about the pinnacle of Islam – Jihad for the sake of Allah.” He said that jihad, “like other precepts of the Shari’a,” had been “subjected to distortion and perversion, due to the ideological and cultural invasion from which our nation continues to suffer.” But in this he didn’t mean that its true, peaceful or spiritual meaning had been obscured. On the contrary, he declared that Muslims must work toward “the conquest of the capitals of the world by the message of Islam, in order to save and liberate humanity, by pulling the people out of the darkness and tyranny of capitalism into the light and justice of Islam.”…

Read it all.

Bangladesh:  “We want a Christian-free society!”

The police participated in this torture and persecution — after all, the police in Bangladesh are Muslims also, who believe in Islam’s death penalty for apostasy and prohibition of proselytizing by members of other faiths. Islamic Tolerance Alert: “Bangladesh: Police Torture Pastor, Two Others: Local Muslim leaders prompt officers to arrest, abuse evangelistic team,” from Compass Direct, August 4 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

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  1. Police told us, ‘We will teach you in the camp how to forget your Christ,’ while dragging us to the vehicle,” said Rahman.
    Police blindfolded them after reaching the camp and took them to three separate rooms.
    “I heard blood-curdling scream from other rooms,” Rahman said. “I was sitting on the floor blindfolded. I could not understand what was happening around me. Later several police came to me and one of them kicked me on the back of my head, and my head ricocheted off the wall. They also kicked my waist.”

    People in the west – look what you are importing !

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