Why would Tim Marshall defend the Gaza pedophiles?

A Follow up on the Hamas Mass Child Bride Story

Update from Mass Pedophile Wedding in Gaza

AUGUST 5, 2009 by  INFIDELESTO/ Infidels are Cool

Tim Marshall is wrong. The children were the brides!

I instantly smelled a rat when assorted Muslim apologists and SKY reporter Tim Marshall came on the scene and claimed the girls in the pictures and in the video were not the brides. Now he admits that he didn’t see the “real” brides either. So knowing what we know, knowing that Islam is the religion of pedophiles because “the prophet married Aiisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine”- who is right?

Hamas denies it, of course: Hamas denies mass kiddie marriage

Thanks to Gramfan

Update: The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t buy it either:

Not good enough, mate!

Sky News’ Tim Marshall:

I offer my claims as proof so
don’t bother asking for any evidence

Why give genocidal maniacs the benefit of the doubt?

The arrogance! The Tundra Tabloids was one of the few blogs that Marshall responded to in his quest to get the story of Hamas terrorists marrying tiny tots removed from the Internet. He (Marshall) even went so far as to thank the TT for removing its post due to the uncertainty surrounding the claims that the Hamas men videoed with young girls (pre-pubescent) in wedding dresses, were in fact marrying them. The TT has now put its original post back online, but with an update telling of the added information.

After giving this seasoned foreign news journalist the benefit of the doubt, there is now more information surfacing, most notably, that Tim Marshall now admits to never having seen the REAL BRIDES supposedly being married to the terrorists marching out on the field with the little girls in white wedding dresses in tow. Also, Marshall’s refusal to divulge more on what took place at that mass marriage in Hamastan, and his digging in of the heels, is breathing more life into a story “he says” (Marshall) is over and done with. Not really Tim.

According to Bare Naked Islam who mentions in the TT’s comment box:

I am one of the many bloggers who received that message from Tim of Sky News. I emailed him twice asking for some verification in the form of photos or videos but never received a reply. So I decided to let the story stand as is. Also, al-Jazeera posted a different video of the wedding but there, too, no sign of age-appropriate brides, only the little girls. The AJ video is here if you haven’t seen it.

The Tundra Tabloids, as well as the rest of the blogs posting about this simply want verification of what Sky News’ Tim Marshall is claiming, is factually true. We all know that Islamic fundamentalist fanatic Hamas is capable of doing just about anything, so it’s not a stretch to believe that the initial understanding of what was being viewed on the video….was in fact a marriage of children to adult males.

A simple verification with pictures and videos of the event showing the males with adult brides shouldn’t be hard for ‘someone there’ to produce. That he now says he never saw the brides in the stands…goes further to cut into his credibility as an on-the-scene eye witness, or are we to take Hamas genocidal murderers at their word, like Tim Marshall appears willing to do? KGS

Hard to believe that Islam is so perverted, but a cult that mandates perpetual warfare against the world, that openly demands the killing of apostates and homosexuals and the stoning of adulterous women, a cult that justifies robbery and rape and genocide on Jews, why would that cult not follow the example of Muhammad, uswa hasana al insan al kamil, the perfect model for all time?

So the article I posted a couple days ago about the Hamas sponsoring a mass child bride wedding seemed to get quite a bit of attention from readers and bloggers around the net.  Pretty much every anti-jihad site I know of picked it up.

There’s a lot of dispute on what actually happened at this event. Sky News reporter Tim Marshall, who claims he was at the event, has been going around the net commenting that this wasn’t in fact a mass child bride wedding, but the girls in the pictures are actually the nieces/sisters of the grooms. Tim Marshall blogged about this yesterday saying that Hamas is yea um, evil or something…but most are just “ordinary people” who “need a break”…

Sure Hamas have cold blooded killers among them, sure they support the murder of children in Israel,sure they are cracking down on women’s rights, but many of their supporters are just ordinary people. And they need a break.

The men and women are sitting, Most ignore the speeches, some even ignore the prayers. Then the fireworks explode, the cheering begins, and in march the Hamas scouts, bashing drums, looking every inch the future Hamas fighters many will be. Then the grooms, aged about 18 to about 28. They are holding hands with their young nieces and cousins, little girls aged from about 3 to 8, made up to the nines, wearing white wedding dresses.


First of all, I don’t  ”give a break” to any group of people who vote TERRORISTS into power…What’s interesting is that Tim and his “on the scene coverage”, which essentially has no pictures or video evidence of there actually being a bunch of brides there who were of age, later ADMITS that he NEVER SAW THE REAL BRIDES.

Also, what did the AP expect when they wrote an article about a mass wedding and then show the grooms walking with a bunch of young girls in white dresses? Sane people can see the writing on the wall, cmon now.

He goes on to rant about the “ultra-right Islamophobic blogosphere” and their obvious bias against Islam.

It showed how much some people want to believe nonsense like this, as it re-inforces their prejudices, always a comfortably fun thing to do.

So we shouldn’t have a prejudice towards terrorist groups? Or are we just idiots when we read an article from the AP about a mass wedding that shows grooms walking around with young girls in white dresses.  Does he think we’re all a bunch of Islamophobes (in which he sympathizes with Islamic pedophelia) or just a big group of idiots who can’t see the writing on the wall? Even, the Daily Mail earlier this year reported on Saudi Arabia’s Senior most cleric giving the OK to Pedophelia. It’s not ALL Muslims, obviously, and that’s really noth the point anyway.  The point is to call it like we see it.

Then Marshal goes on and scoffs at the notion that just because we’re outside of Gaza, that means we know nothing about Islam and we’re just a bunch of arm-chair Muslim haters…

Most of the stuff I read was outright, unthinking, gleeful, Islamophobia from people who clearly knew nothing about Arab popular culture.

Sorry, Tim.  We know PLENTY about popular arab culture, and especially when it comes to children, it ain’t pretty

And to top it all off, he drops this little nugget at the end of his post basically ADMITTING HE DIDN’T SEE ANY OF THE ACTUAL BRIDES IN THE AUDIENCE…

Perhaps I was making up the fact that the brides were elsewhere. It’s possible. But who would you believe, the reporter who went to the event, or a desperately poor version of citizen journalist, sitting at home, making things up, not checking anything, and either unknowingly or deliberately, writing hysterical anti Islamic nonsense.

I believe the writing on the wall, Tim, until proven otherwise.  I don’t trust your pro-Muslim bias any more than I do the other rabid anti-Israel, radical Muslim sympathizing journalists in the mainstream leftist media…

The conclusion is this…Until we see EVIDENCE that there were adult female brides at this event, why in the world should we believe a biased reported like Tim Marshall? For me, the evidence speaks for itself…

Yemen sets minimum marriage age, but with exceptions “if a judge rules the marriage is ‘in the best interest of the child'”

Missing the Point Alert: “If a judge rules the marriage is ‘in the best interest of the child‘.”

Predictably, the new law is encountering resistance based on sharia law, which invokesMuhammad’s own example (as a model of exemplary conduct, per Qur’an 33:21) in marrying Aisha at age six and consummating the marriage when she was nine. “Yemen: New law moves to reduce child marriages,” from Adnkronos International,

11 thoughts on “Why would Tim Marshall defend the Gaza pedophiles?”

  1. Something smells here – I originally thought that this was symbolic as well, however why not use adult women in lieu of children. The statement by the hamass liar that none were under the age of 16 is also not true, unless the palis have been starving female children and feeding up their male broods.

  2. Here’s what I think:
    Why, in all the years we have been paying attention, have we not seen this before?
    On first sight I thought the picture was dodgey.
    We know about pedophilia but,,,,

    There’s enough jihadi stuff around. No need to lose credibility over something that could,in fact, be quite innocent. It’s possible.

    Sheik, I am glad you posted Klein’s piece.
    Why can we not accept they are “bridesmaids/flower girls”?

    I say this not in support of Hamas, but in support of what is right and what is correct.

    If you do a search on this you will see that some sites are calling this “zionist propaganda”.

    I know it isn’t but I feel our/your cred is worth more than a cheap shot.

  3. Not really topical, but the current Google ads on Sheikyermami
    include one on …

    * Keysar Trad Debate
    Islamic Values Good For Australia
    Syd Opera House Oct 4 – Book Now!

    What sort of “values” would KT be pushing, I wonder?

    * Polygamy and other Islamic Values are Good For Australia

    [Islam teaches that if a man starts to feel a strong attraction to a woman other than his wife, rather than starting an illicit relationship, they will have the option of an openly acknowledged marriage that, unlike an affair, does not carry any stigma or shame.

    Yet Australia provides severe penalties for such unions.]

    Not as severe as (for example) setting up a church in Saudi Arabia,
    or possessing a Holy Bible in “moderate” muslim lands. You are free
    to leave, KT.

  4. Gramfan sez:

    “I say this not in support of Hamas, but in support of what is right and what is correct, your cred is worth more than a cheap shot.”

    Agreed. But before I accept Aaron Klein’s opinion or Tim Marshall’s unproven claims I prefer to provoke the Hamas into a reaction: send us pictures of the “real brides” if the children are mere brides maides/flower-girls. You’ll see they won’t, and when you watch the video it becomes quite obvious that the children are in fact the brides.

    About Aaron Klein’s credibility: Debbie Schlussel accused him on many occasions of stealing her material without ever crediting her.

  5. you all talking pol….. tim marshall is right and you are rong.
    in islam there is alow didnt allow marring children.
    dont be blind and let the darkniss inside you to fake stories about children i you heat hamas try anormal story .
    i think you are sick peole lookin just for bad dark sick things to make
    your friends to say ye wow yes we got the bad people sorry gys u r noet
    the good people u still living in 18 c in darkness wake up

  6. Look at it this way: one purpose of this mass wedding, according to the (I think) NYT report, was to remarry the widows of Hamas fighters who were killed in the recent friction with the IDF.
    We know that the Gazan arabs are deliberately breeding as many little future terrorists as fast as they can.
    Therefore, does it make sense to marry these young men off to girls who are still years away from child-bearing age?
    Just to indulge their taste for young girls, and at the risk of general condemnation from the donor nations that support them?
    It doesn’t fit. The girls must be bridesmaids.
    I should let it go, and I wouldn’t wait for hamas to get back to me if I were you.
    Your attitude is not doing them any harm.
    Though I must say, I too was fooled when I first saw the footage of the girls with the grooms.
    By the way, I love your music.

    1. Thanks, Steve.

      The purpose of this website is to educate, to warn my fellow infidels, and in this case also to provoke: because there is no proof that the heavily made up brides maids were in fact brides maids. I would have preferred if somebody did in fact prove me wrong, because the reality is just to ugly to contemplate.

      Perhaps it helps if I tell you that I lived many years in Mohammedan countries and have never encountered a wedding ceremony that included brides maids.

      Its not one of their customs. Marrying underage girls is.

  7. Sheikh,
    I still can’t shake the feeling that we have got it wrong here. One of us anyhow, and would like to explore it further.
    Ok, I know that under-age marriage goes on, because of the example of Mohamed.
    And I accept your experience of living in the region as a point in your favour, to which I can only offer that the only Islamic country I ever went to was for two weeks in Morocco, so forget that.
    But on the other hand how about those points that you didn’t address, like the childbearing angle and the adverse publicity that would hurt their revenue flow if it became known in the West that they were marrying tiny tots wholesale? I’m not saying they are too decent to do it; just too savvy.
    Also the translations of the girls words in the video indicate they were not the brides, but a part of the ceremonial, according to WND. The girls are apparently rehearsing for their future roles as brides. Probably the battered kind.
    On a slightly different subject, I wonder how many of the new bridegrooms were involved in the suppression of the new Islamic emirate? Abdel Latif Moussa managed to be Emir for only a day or two before being sent to hell. So sad.
    Note how much more ruthless are Hamas and their ROE than the Israelis.

    1. Stephen sez:

      “the childbearing angle and the adverse publicity that would hurt their revenue flow if it became known in the West that they were marrying tiny tots wholesale?”

      Not at all. The West has showered the Pals with more millions and billions no matter how many terrorist attacks or atrocities they comitted. The West ignores the grooming of thousands of suicide bombers and pays for Pali hate TV that produces ever greater numbers of brainwashed killer zombies.

      What’s worse in terms of child abuse? Sexual abuse or brainwashing children to blow themselves up? For Arab Muslims, a girl old enough to menstruate is old enough to conceive. Ever wondered why Muslim females with 17 already have 3 to 4 children? (I am not saying that all the little girls were raped in their “wedding night”- there might be some kind of a delay, until they menstruate.)
      That corresponds directly with the example of Muhammad and Aisha: after Aisha had her first period, the profit consummated the marriage. Before that, he had “the pleasure of the thighs”. The profit also encouraged his compagnions to marry little girls so “they can play with them” rather than marrying a matron. Abu Mussa Al Zarkawi, (I wrote a song about him) the chief AQ terrorist in Iraq, after he was bombed in his compound he was found with an eleven year old child who had a one year old daughter. You do the math!

      I have not seen a translation of the video and I have not seen credible evidence of available matrons who were the brides. All I have seen, is Islam in action.

  8. Stephen, are you blind to the fact that in Islam you are allowed more than one wife? Whilst these terrorists are happily breeding away with their ‘grown up’ wives, these little ones are merely being groomed to join the happy bedroom romps after their first menstruation.
    Before this, if they are lucky (depending on your point of view), they will only have to get ‘thighed’ or perform other ‘non full’ sex acts, rather than have full blown sexual intercourse.

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