Yusuf celebrates diversity

Shem’s latest cartoon:

Yusuf, Islamic agent provocateur from Planet Irf, is quite single minded:

Islam good! Everything not Islam: baaad!

But in order to promote the Islamic agenda, Yusuf   not only twists and rubs the truth, but he also cuddles up with strange bedfellows: In his latest exploits on Planet Irf he praises a Saudi homo who is the first Muslim delegate to be elected to the Legislature in the State of Maryland.

Well, I guess we all have our own ideas  about progress and Yusuf is entitled to his,  but Yusuf’s co-religionists  in Iraq  are not quite so accommodating…

“Diversity is very good, but not for infidel columnists who voice critique of Islam” warns Islamo shyster Yusuf in an article printed by the Cranberry Times:

Freedom of speech is good but must be used wisely …

Islamist wackos want Muslim kids to believe is that they will always be marginalised in Australia and will never be accepted as part of the mainstream. And again, it is pundits like Andrew Bolt who confirm this message by furthering a process of marginalisation.

Bolt has used his columns and blogs to engage in vilification of a host of groups:
Somalis, Lebanese, Pacific Islanders, Sudanese, Africans, Muslims and so on. Of course, we still must be concerned about the possible Talibanisation of local Muslims. But those concerns aren’t furthered when we have columnists and shock jocks using Talibanesque language.

Groups like al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab want their potential recruits to feel marginalised. Andrew Bolt and others are serving their purpose. Osama bin Laden need not lift a finger when he has at least one Herald Sun columnist doing the job for him.

Got it, Yusuf! Andrew Bolt causes Islamic terrorism!

Damn, what took me so long to figure that out! I’m so glad you made up my mind for me! When are we going to sing those Christmas kumbaya songs with your Jewish friends, Yusuf?

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  1. * Got it, Yusuf! Andrew Bolt causes Islamic terrorism!

    Everything causes islamic terrorism … except islam. A look in the Hall
    of Mirrors will quickly prove that.

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