Thursday Night is Boyz Night, Update

OTTAWA– The Star

Canadian soldiers have been explicitly ordered to stop or report incidents of Afghan soldiers or interpreters raping boys, Defence Minister Peter MacKay says.

*   if that doesn’t cause  jihad I don’t know what does…

MacKay maintains there is no evidence to support allegations that senior officers have turned a blind eye to the troubling abuse, which is the subject of an ongoing military investigation. Even so, he felt compelled to lay out the law to clear any possible confusion.


“We require that any wrongdoing that a Canadian soldier would see in Afghanistan or anywhere would be no less than the expectation that we would have in Canada – to do the right thing, to prevent, to pre-empt, to intervene,” MacKay said Monday.

The Canadian Forces launched two probes into allegations of child sexual abuse at military bases in Kandahar. The first probe wrapped up in May and cleared Canadian soldiers and commanders of any wrongdoing for either not reporting the incidents or not acting on witness accounts of abuse.

The second, a board of inquiry, is ongoing.

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Are You a Sponsor of Female Genital Mutilation?

Are you sending money to any of the 5 big aid organizations?

Chances are your help does more damage than good:

400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation. We have started a new campaign, at, to protect the girls from female genital mutilation. We invite our readers to come join us.


Will Naomi Wolf fight female genital mutilation?

2nd Update:

Female Genital Mutilation, Islam and Leftist Complicity /(FrontPage Magazine)
“Within the context of Islamic FGM, the barbarity is kept alive and legitimized by Islamic theology.”

As our readers will be familiar, Wolf went on a political pilgrimage to Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt and found a “thriving sexuality behind the veil.”

Obviously Wolf was not at all concerned about what state women’s vaginas were in within the sexual paradises that she visited and praised, seeing that the barbaric crime of female genital mutilation is perpetrated with high frequency in the areas she visited.  Read more from JW


How much female genital mutilation is okay?

“Lets do it for them here so they don’t have to go back to the home country” doesn’t cut the mustard. We can’t allow this, period. Not a nick and not a cut. But here’s an article which tries to “balance pro’s and con’s.” What could be more important? Spero News

Will You Help Save a Girl From Mutilation? – by Jamie Glazov

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France: "Who'll be responsible for enforcing this law?"

French mayors doubt enforceability of burqa ban: “prefer to do nothing..”

hijab-protestFirst the hijab…

779px-Niqab..then the burka…

Shortage of willing enforcers stops burka ban dead in the tracks… (just don’t mention the carbecues…)

Several mayors of French towns faced with growing demands from Muslim residents say they fear a proposed ban on head-to-toe burqa and niqab veils could not be enforced and might even prompt more women to cover up. Continue reading France: "Who'll be responsible for enforcing this law?"

Religion of Predators

Beating Attack on Law Student

First they kicked him to the ground, and then they just kept on kicking him in the head over and over again.

In the middle of Hamburg, the severely handicapped American exchange student Joshua S. (28) was almost beaten to death. Motive: They assumed he was gay. (“They”-is an euphemistic description for  “southerners”, what we call “MOMEA’s”- men of Middle Eastern appearance”)

Sunday morning at around 1.40 AM: Joshua S was out on the town with a friend, Neville (22), an exchange student from South Africa. They had been out partying and wanted to go home. They share an apartment in the Osterstrasse. Joshua S. was born in Texas, studied law in New York, and is now finishing his degree at the elite university Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. More from the Gates of Vienna


Congressional candidate: No more Muslims to U.S.

*As usual, Mohammed worshippers go apeshit, instant fanatical frenzy ensues…

Concessions kill Jews:

Israel removes roadblocks for Arabs, Pals shoot Israeli

“This attack is a direct result of the removal of roadblocks.” The Israelis removed 100 roadblocks a couple of weeks ago to make life easier for Palestinians” and, apparently, to please George Mitchell and Barack Obama. “Israeli shot in West Bank,” by Efrat Weiss for Ynet, September 29 (thanks to Pamela):

Two peace-loving Gaza rockets hit Israel


But remember: they come from the religion of peace, they are just firecrackers... what could be wrong with that…         2 Gaza rockets hit Negev; no injuries,” by Shmulik Hadad for Ynet, September 29 (thanks to JW)

US “Hearts & Minds” campaign backfires:

Two US Soldiers Killed By Bomb In Philippines – New York Times

Solkhar is everywhere:

Jihad Watch:  “Spencer you will pay the price”

Khadijah sez we're "ignorant" and defends the freedom sack…


Khadijah complains about a story we ran earlier this year:

Update from this story: Sydney: Buses & Burkas, in Your Face

Today, she sent us a letter which is as good as any interfaith dialogue:

look, if you cant see that what is going on here is an ignorant cultured bunch of people who are limited in their views and their education and they need help to get more education about waht is going on in this country but also look at the rest of the world and open thier minds beyond their own backyards, then i feel that we maybe able to achieve peace in here and also im an australian born maltese not maltese born australian, im from here and have lived here all of my life and i intend to stay here regardless of what you all may say or have opinions about, your only right here is to agree for the sake of humanity and if you cant do that its shows you are uneducated and need to go back to school or tafe for a while and study islam and geography and cultural studies, coz at least i can then know and ensure that you may learn something but its your intentions and your acceptance that we need for islam not your approval, you will see on judgement day waht will be brought to yo9u and then you will ask allah for forgiveness as the bus driver did because he was worried about losing his 2 weeks pay, i could have been an absolute activist and made him lose his job, but i chose not to because then it will start a war between islam and christians here in australia and its bad enough that people are raised by television and not by their parents these days so i would not want them anyhow to blame muslims anymore than they already do! and for nothing, i was not the one who instigated this incedent, so i guess you should look at your anglo bus driver who clearly had nothing constrcutive to say except he just said that he has muslims as friends but this doesnt meen that he has knowledge about islam and if he has friends whom are of islamic cultures then he should of had consideration for me in the least! so let this be a lesson that if anyone here wantst o continue to go on about muslims, they are going to as they would for any other religion or culture, be faced and next time i will not hesitate to go further if you all want to comment and i really should have taken this to the anti discrimination board but didnt and anything else i can promise that you all will end up there soon, so put up and shut up or just shut up! and keep your comments to yourself! and f.y.i alot of australians agree with me and are not against me! so forget it and move on now as i have!

Those of our readers  who like to take it up with her can get  “princess” (sic) kadijah’s e-mail on request…

Other burka news from Counter Jihad:

Earlier this month we received an even stranger letter on another post:

Muslim butcher cuts baby daughter in half. Removes her vagina. Buries her. Dogs dig her up. BLAMES WHITEY.

I am Raymond Ali’s wife. I suggest strongly that you research this case thoroughly.
There is an abundance of evidence that was with held by the crown.
I will continue fighting to prove my husbands innocence.
A journalist who is interested in reporting the truth needs to contact me.

Winds of Jihad readers who wish to assist in proving her husbands innocence may obtain her e-mail on request…. We’re here to help!

Malaysia: Polygamy is "Beautiful"

Ever wondered why polygamy has such a bad image? Well, its the bad image that’s the problem. Who would object to the practice? After all, its in the Koran,  and since the prophet of Islam did it, its beautiful. A new club has the noble aim to make it more beautiful.  And as long as the Chinese business community and the Indian dhimmies are paying the jiziya with willing submission, what could go wrong?


The Associated Pres

Here come the brides: Polygamy club woos Malaysia

RAWANG, Malaysia – When she was practicing law, Kartini Maarof once went beyond the call of duty for her divorce client.

She arranged for Rohaya Mohamad, a mother of seven, to be married again , to Kartini’s own husband.

The spouse they have shared for a decade is 43-year-old Ikramullah Ashaari, who has four wives and 17 children. His 72-year-old father has 38 offspring from five marriages, without ever having flouted Islam’s prescribed limit of four wives at a time.

Malaysia Promoting PolygamyIn this Sept 2, 2009 photo, polygamist Mohamamd Ikramullah Ashaari is seen in his home with wives Kartini, left, and Junaidah, second from left in white, and family in Sepang, south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia, though not widespread. The Ashaari clan believes it should be. Last month, the sprawling family launched a Polygamy Club that seeks to promote plural marriages for what it says are noble aims, such as helping single mothers, prostitutes and older women find husbands.

Polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia, though not widespread. The Ashaari clan believes it should be. Last month it launched a “Polygamy Club” that claims the noble aim of helping single mothers, reformed prostitutes and women who feel they are past the marrying age.

“We want to change the way people perceive polygamy, so that it will be seen as something beautiful instead of something disgusting,” said Hatijah Aam, the founder of the club. She is the fourth wife of Ikramullah’s father, Ashaari Muhammad.

* Interesting that even Allah, I mean Mohammed, eh Allah… violated his own laws…

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Prison Jihad: Radical Islam’s Recruiting Station

Examiner/John Duffey

The idea that violent criminals, incarcerated in prisons throughout the country, could become ardent converts to radical Islam has only recently come to the attention of the American public. It has been in the sights of National and state law enforcement and corrections agencies for only a bit longer than that. What brought the reality of such activities to the forefront was the arrest of four men, who converted to Islam while in prison, in Los Angeles, California.



These individuals were planning to attack military and Jewish facilities and members during Jewish holiday times. They converted to a very radical and rigid form of Wahabi Islam while in prison. The Islamic chaplain at the prison was well known for giving sermons of hatred towards the United States, Jews, and other non-Muslims. They were conditioned over time to believe that the world’s problems rested on the actions and greed of Jews throughout the world.

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To my God and my Guns I will cling, I will not Bow to a Saudi King!

Tea Party? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

7028_150210368884_111006048884_3617544_2574591_nThe People vs the Obama bastard

TeaParty_Flags_TitleThe Peoples Cube has great cover/click the link!

Atlas News Links:

Tundra Tabloids:


The Vatican sould advise non-Muslim women everywhere not to marry Muslim men regardless of whether they are religious or not. No one can ever be sure when a Muslim’s *Inner Mohamed* will spring to life, by then it’s too late….



September 30 is International Free Press Day

Jordan: "Bad Reputation" Kills

Three Jordanians kill sister over ‘bad reputation’


Three Jordanian men were charged on Tuesday with premeditated murder after allegedly stabbing to death their divorced sister as well as burning her body and house over her “bad reputation,” police said.

As usual, this has nothing to do with Islam, can’t blame the religion of 1.5 gazillion peaceful, law-abiding Moslems for the actions of a few,  America has far more murders, In India they kill too, in Africa they bury new-born babies and if the world was Islamic  we would all be so much better off…

Other News:

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Terrorist calls for attacks on Australia


Its all our fault, folks. Its all because we make them do it. Because of John Howard’s policies, because of our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because our women don’t cover up,  because we cause global warming and we don’t  believe in allah…


A terrorist who helped plan July’s attacks on two Jakarta hotels calls for the destruction of Australia in a video that shows the suicide bombers enjoying a picnic outside one of their targets.

The video, recorded less than three weeks before the attacks that killed seven, including three Australians, was recovered from a laptop seized in the police raid that killed terrorist mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top earlier this month.

The video, believed to be shot by Noordin henchman Saifuddin Jaelani, shows suicide bombers Nana Ikhwan Maulana and Dani Dwi Permana picnicking in a park across the road from the Ritz-Carlton.

“This is our target,” Nana tells the camera.

“Destroy America, destroy Australia, destroy Indonesia,” Jaelani says.

* Not that these subhuman lunatics have ever built anything. /ed

Dani, just 18 years old, says: “This is not suicide. This is what our enemies fear.

“It is an obligation for all. Those who do not execute this obligation are sinners.”

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