A Pound for a Princeling

Assbomber update by Abdullah Al-Oreifij

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Bomber had half kilo of explosives inside his body


JEDDAH – Suicide bomber Abdullah Asiri had inserted around half a kilogram of explosives into his own body to carry out his failed assassination attempt of Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, last week.

As more details emerged of the events surrounding the attack that took place at the Prince’s home in Obhur, sources told Okaz newspaper Friday that Asiri’s mobile telephone was equipped with two SIM cards, one of which was used to speak to call members of the terrorist organization in Yemen, and the other to detonate the device located inside Asiri’s rectum via a call from the group.
It was also revealed that the explosive material was placed in small hardened packs of a non-metal substance, resulting in a scenario far less devastating than it might otherwise have been. Investigators are currently trying to identify the type of explosives used in the act.
According to the sources, Asiri told palace officials while waiting for Prince Muhammad to arrive that he would have to “have a lie down” due to fatigue if the Prince was late, something which analysts say could have been due to the presence of the explosives in his body.
Asiri had reportedly not eaten nor consumed any liquid for 40 hours, fearing that they might disturb the effect of the explosives. Asiri reportedly waited less than an hour until the arrival of Prince Muhammad and the Prince sat next to him in an uncustomary position in a corner of the room to hear him better, only an arm-rest separating them.
Investigators are reportedly working on the theory that the telephone call made by Prince Muhammad to Asiri’s fellow terrorists to assure them that Asiri had arrived safely at the Prince’s house was a signal for them to detonate the device hidden in Asiri’s body.

Officer Thamer
It is believed that “Thamer”, a name mentioned in the telephone call between Asiri and Prince Muhammad is the officer assigned to accompany Asiri from Najran to Jeddah after the suicide bomber had illegally crossed the border from Yemen into the Kingdom on his own initiative. – Okaz/SG

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