"Allah Jeans" Make Mad Mullahs Go Apeshit

  • What will these devious Chinese come up with next?

Police arrest importers and seize jeans seen as disrespectful by devout Muslims


From the Guardian (of Muslims) Robert Tait:

A Chinese clothing manufacturer probably thought it was on to a winner by exporting jeans bearing the Islamic expression “In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful” to Iran. But an otherwise sound marketing ploy was undone by one embarrassing flaw: the phrase (Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim in Arabic), which graces each of the Qur’an’s 114 chapters, was prominently displayed on the pockets of the jeans’ backsides, something likely to be seen as disrespectful by devout Muslims.

Incredible Blasphemy Laws stifle free speech in EUrabia:

Germany has taken it to a new low. A German man was arrested and convicted to 1 year in jail (suspended) and 300 hours of community service prison for breaking a law that bans insulting religion. Specifically, he printed the word KORAN on toilet paper and began selling it, on-line, to mosques and other interested parties. According to our information, the quality  was excellent…



The perceived slight, first reported in the Iranian media, prompted a firm response from the police who announced they had seized the garments and arrested three businessmen said to have imported them.

Asriran website said the jeans, tailored for women, had sold for around £6-£7 in Tehran’s southern and eastern districts and bore labels reading Made in the PRC (People’s Republic of China).

The country of origin is embarrassing for Iranian authorities, given the close political and economic relationship between Iran and China. Beijing is Tehran’s biggest trading partner and has used its veto on the UN security council to protect Iran from further sanctions over its nuclear programme.

That sensitivity was reflected by Colonel Abbas Mirzai, of Tehran police, who told Iranian journalists that he had “no accurate information” about where the jeans were made.

However, Asriran accused China of “attacking Iranian Muslim sacred symbols in the most offensive manner”.

It added: “In Islam, Allah is a respected word that you need to have ablutions before saying. Now it is embroidered on the sitting place of these jeans. Worse, they are sold in Tehran, which many would like to call the heart of the Islamic world.”

It is not the first import scandal to hit Iran. Earlier this year, an investigation was launched after Jaffa oranges said to have originated in Israel were discovered on sale. Officials claimed the oranges had been grown in China but were falsely labelled.

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  1. When you have 40 million people in China producing the bulk of the world’s counterfeit products and hundreds of thousands of factories by people whom have absolutely no understanding of the rest of the world you get these things.

    If you go out and find chinese products, that is why you get blatant spelling mistakes and laughable phrases and what the rest of the world thinks is basically stupid.

    1. When you have a billion Mohammed worshippers who dance around a black stone in Mecca and stone the devil you’ll find that the rest of the world thinks its basically stoopid.

  2. I’m already a great user of koran Toilet Paper…but i don’t know this New Brand,look very soft,i’m interested …I bought a container full and resell it to friends and relatives around here,even Export some Specimen at the mecca,we never know ?
    After all isslam create good opportunity of making business and Money,Thanks isslam…and PBUH (solky).

  3. Well, Solkhar, how is that any worse than drinking the urine and other bodily fluids of a demented, syphilitic, psychopathic pedophile – Ol’Mo himself?

  4. ‘Like three quaters (sic) of the world wondering how people can drink the blood of a Prophet, then eat his flesh.’ says SULKEY who obviously has no idea at all of symbolism yet constantly tries to tell us that really stupid koranic verses are allegorical. So come on SULKER tell us where we can find the list of which verses a literal and which allegorical or is this yet ANOTHER escape route for Mohammedans when the Koran makes them and its inventor Mohammad look pathetically stupid. Because if there is not a fully defined list then that is exactly what it is.

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