Anjem Choudary Calls for Sharia in Britain

He also denounces the socialists and invites the anti-fascists to convert to Islam:

thanks to Gates of Vienna

UK Asylum: No compassion for apostates from Islam. Only serious Islamic terrorists  need apply…

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Yemen: 12-year-old girl, pregnant by 24-year-old husband, dies in childbirth

That makes Muhammad’s wife Aisha one of those “brides of death” herself. And he set the disastrous precedent — as a “beautiful pattern of conduct,” per Qur’an 33:21 — that leads to cases like this. That is the ultimate reason that child marriage has persisted so stubbornly across the Islamic world.  Not that this has anything to do with Islam. Or does it….?

Miranda rights for Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan:

Terrorists in Afghanistan Allowed to Challenge Detention: First time in history the enemy can call witnesses, submit their “evidence”

Atlas Shrugs

Stupid and dangerous — I must be talking about more Obama foreign policy.

I don’t know what this is, but I know what this isn’t — a winning strategy. Losers groveling to the enemy.
This is a set-up — we have to get our boys and girls outta there. What soldier in his right mind would take anyone prisoner under these insane conditions? This is after they have read the savages their rights on the battlefield.

Where the commander-in-chief sides with the enemy, bring our kids home!

22 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary Calls for Sharia in Britain”

  1. No one can comply with YHWH’s law by human implementing of the
    Torah, christian doctrines or sharia; it is all imperfect.
    Only YHWH himself in human form; Yeshua Ha Mashiach has fullfilled
    the law and sacrificed Him for our imperfectness, no one could do this,
    can do this or would do this, and raised Him up in order that in, by and through Him one can be saved. You can accept it or reject it.
    If you accept; you will live, if you reject it; you will be subject to the
    Lucifer and his anti-christ and total destruction.

  2. That’s why Mohammad says you need four wives – 12 year old girls today can’t hack being mums. They are soft & tend to kark it.

  3. Ridiculous story of the day from dhimmified Britain:

    Violent rapist thug converts to islam, judge says: “You have turned to Islam and this promises well for your future, particularly as you are now an adherent of a religion which respects women and self-discipline.

    Now, i must terribly naive. I thought that to be in the law profession you had to be uber-intelligent. This judge most definitely is not, for the most obvious of reasons!!

  4. * “You have turned to Islam…

    A death sentence, for eternity. Far harsher punishment awaits the
    perp than any court could hand down, unless he changes his mind.

  5. DC,
    The level of intelligence in the legal profession is highly over-rated, as demonstrated by the article of discussion. Similar stories are not uncommon.
    Perhaps these esteemed gentlemen require a little too much liquid fortification before the start of a testing session on the bench. On the other hand – we are the ones paying the salaries of these self-important stuffed turkeys – perhaps we need a few more thanksgivings.

  6. When perverts like this convert to Islam, its not for forgiveness, healing, strength to repent & forsake their sickness …it provides easy justification for it and sanctions their hatred & domination of women. What a amazingly disgusting belief system that provides official doctrine allowing the abuse of women like this.

  7. A little girl dies trying to give birth after 72 hours in labour! The most horrendous form of child abuse imaginable!

    What has “poverty” got to do with? Why is it that the MSM, bog roll did not name any other impoverished, third world country where legal and divine sanction is given to pimps to sell off their young daughters for the benefit of pedophiles and rapists.

    This scourge on humanity is set to continue until Sharia law is eradicated from the face of this earth. Where is UNESCO?

  8. Ash,

    You will find that mankind does the most horrible things imaginable in the name of rights, ethnicity, culture and God but it comes down to pure greed, selfishness and power.

    Do not go jumping to radical conclussions that it is Shari’a Law but it is a global problem. Rape in war (globally), race attrocities (Rawanda and others), In-built Chauvensim (Nepal), misguided religious radicalism (many Muslim countries, India, Nepal and others).

    At present the number one nation for child-marriages, child-birth deaths due to young-age is India. Lastest statistics and as shown recently in two documentaries on BBC2 and Al Jazeera English has it that one in three Nepalese women are abused physically and sexually.

    The statistics for Africa, particularly south and central-west regarding child abuse is incredibly horrible, noting that it is only with minimum polling and research and thus not covering the entire ground.

    Yes were is the internatinal uproar from the average and moderate world, it is rather pathetic that the only one’s standing up are in fact radical agenda driven groups with their own malicous agenda.

  9. I note that this Solkar is still doing the rounds of the net. He was banned from the Gates of Vienna blog, not so long ago. Caught out as being, among other things, an imposter! Sorry I have not got the link! He has his own blog where no commentary is allowed, so he parasites from other blogs, fishing for islamaphobes and racists. It would seem that his major problem is with basic freedoms, such as that of speech. I have read some of his contributions and he really has very little to offer any discussion, intellectually, morally or otherwise.

    In any event , the gist of what was written in my first commentary was:- “name one other country outside that the Islamic world where DIVINE and LEGAL sanction is given to child abuse, particularly that of little girls.” Everyone is aware of the horrors of war. There is, without doubt, poverty in India, but no where and in no other situation is there “legal and divine sanction” given to such horrendous forms of child abuse as in countries where sharia law has dominance. To quote Dr Ali Sina “Muslims are the its victims”!

  10. Ash, the only thing you got write is fishing for islamophobes and racists and I find them.

    As for your comment – which I suppose is a question directed to me: “name one other country outside that the Islamic world where DIVINE and LEGAL sanction is given to child abuse, particularly that of little girls.” ”

    There are none.

    There are no Muslim countries that claim divine and legal sanctions to child abuse. Somalia has no government and thus cannot be considered a nation, they are just radical groups. The Sudan has laws that say 16yrs for marriage though we know it is abused. The same goes for India yet 12 year olds get married.

    So I suggest Ash that you first get your facts correct before posting them. My contributions in GoV like in this one was simple, 1) identify and expose rubbish and propoganda, 2) correct misconceptions and point out the realities and 3) learn what are the causes and methods of agenda-based bigotry. This blog has been sussed out completely with clear objectives though its methods and style are rather unsophistocated and blatant, which is rather amuzing.

    1. Female Genital Mutilation is done because of the SUNNAH of the prophet.

      That’s all there there is, and not “Somalia is this and Sudan is that and India does it too”- besides, there are nearly 200 million Mohammedans in India and they would be the worst offenders when it comes to child-marriage. Besides, with Somalia not having a government and Sudan being the mess it is, it just confirms that Mohammedanism causes nothing but misery, abject poverty, institutionalized illiteracy and disaster. (it can’t be jihad because you, Solker from the Atlas mountains sez so…)

      Thanks for confirming that you are in fact a paid agent of Morocco who is doing the job of a commie polit commissar, something we used to call agit prop, a propagandist for Mohammedan causes.

      In your world, you might be considered slick and sophisticated.

      In our world, we see you as rather “unsophistocated and blatant, which is rather amuzing” indeed.

  11. Weak arguments that do not stick there blog-owner.

    So because Muslims are in India the child-abuse is more from them. Sorry, but no. Female infantcide, bride marriages are encouraged by caste and dowery rules and is very much more in the Hindu side then ever will be on the Muslim side. The abuse of females in the Hindu world infacts over-shodows that in the Muslim world.

    But you see, I am not ingnorant or agenda based to even begin to say it is Hindu texts or such but just state facts and then assume that it is just more horrors from mankind and not their faith.

    As for Morocco, I am a paid advisor to the Interior Ministry for advising on the tracking of terrorism-financing either on committees and sometimes a teach newly promoted police commissioners and gendermerie.

    So unless you have proof otherwise, you have lied and thus you are a liar. Which then we can assume since you are, the rest of your blog is also thus tainted.

    1. ” I am a paid advisor to the Interior Ministry of Morocco “-

      Yes Solker, I have no doubt that you are a Mohammedan agit prop, apart from being a noxious blog troll.

      As for lies, lying and more lies, I guess we let our readers judge your (non existent) credibility.

  12. * “As for Morocco, I am a paid advisor to the Interior Ministry for advising on the tracking of terrorism-financing either on committees and sometimes a teach newly promoted police commissioners and gendermerie.”

    You are also ex-Navy, in Frankston, an NSW country boy with left-leaning genitals, a former Dutch diplomat, Geelong follower
    and who knows what else. When it comes to telling porkies, Solkhar, you’ve got form.

    Spin it, Solkahr!

  13. Blog-owner accused, so what you want me to say?

    I have made my own blog and identified myself as much as I dare (to not have my privacy abused), I have even shown you my street in Rotterdam, photos and my car and if you go to that site you may even see photos of my relatives if you look hard enough (and speak Dutch).

    On that blog I have easily admitted that before deciding to the blog that way that I have explored antiIslam, racist and bigot sites and blogs, it worked. If I as continuing I would not admit so on my blog, that is illogical. As for Geelong, I do have a brother who migrated years ago to Melbourne, if you know Australia, Geelong is in Melbourne’s region and I did go to a couple of “Aussies Rules” football matches. My brother works with some ex navy so when I do my regular visit every 18 months or so, I learn about countries and personalities enough.

    It is you who has way to much to hide, you obviously have a very sad lack of faith in your own religion that you have to try and sell yours on one hand and discredit others at the same time. You also have used vulgar and rather insulting language, which also confirms that your not only lacking your faith, but your not following it very well.

    In the end, you, others and the blog-owner know very well that I have stuck to my principles and declared objective which is to 1) identify BS, 2) point out the difference between errors and bad acts my Muslims and that they are not Islam and 3) point out bigotry and deliberate hate-mongering.

    I have never told anyone that they are not allowed to believe what they do, I have never condemned another person’s religion (like you do), I have never verbally attacked anyone except those whom are publically attacking my faith (the hypocrits Spencer, Fitzgerald, Gellar, Wilders etc) and most of all, I have never recommended, demanded or in any form prosthelitized for my faith (again like you do in the same breath as attacking my own).

    I repeat, the world is full of very bad people, many, many Muslims amongst them and using/abusing the name of Islam. I condemn them, I have in my own working field supported the battle against them and I condemn those attacking my religion for their agenda rather than concentrating on the actual subject of terrorism, violence and radicalism.

  14. * and I condemn those attacking my religion

    Your false prophet attacked my religion, my Lord and Saviour, his
    deity and crucifixion – condemn me all you like, Solkhar, but islam
    is doomed, along with its followers, unless they change their mind(s)
    about Jesus Christ.

    Spin it & tumble dry it if you must, Solkhar, but there is nothing you
    can do about it. The title of this site is Winds of Jihad – you deny
    that there is a jihad under way because the five schools of islam
    have not sanctioned it, but islam is at war against the saints of
    Jesus Christ, and against Israel, and will not prevail.

  15. “Your false prophet attacked my religion, my Lord and Saviour, his
    deity and crucifixion ”

    Technically and morally incorrect, I suggest next time you get facts straight.

    The Prophet Mohammed has never attacked Christianity, believes in the Prophet Jesus, believes and shares the same Lord God and has clarified the abomination of a concept that tried very hard to raise the status of a Prophet from being a man to that of sharing the Seat of Majesty with God. Oh, he clarified that the crucifixion did not happen either and such a story has only resulted in idol worship and praying to a cross instead of giving God His due respect.

  16. Your false prophet claims that Jesus Christ is not the begotten Son
    of God, and that He was not crucified. That is antichrist, another
    gospel, and anathema. That is what this war (jihad if you like) is
    all about. I do not pray to a cross; the cross is empty, as is the tomb;
    Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and was resurrected. Far from “idol
    worship”, it is worship of God the Father, through the Son.

    This is the Gospel that you, and the anti-Christian Moroccan state
    seek to outlaw and punish; which is “forbidden” to be preached to
    Moroccans, with snitches like you informing the Interior Ministry.

    War, Solkhar, war, which islam is doomed to lose. From Jihad Watch,
    which you hold in such high esteem, along with Winds of Jihad:
    Christians inciting Muslims in Morocco!

    Horror of horrors! Inciting them to what? To violence? To hatred? To (gasp) creationism?

    Naaah. They were inciting them to convert to Christianity. And in a land that respects Muhammad’s dictum “If anyone changes his religion, kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57), the free exercise of one’s conscience is a crime.

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