Ass-bomb Update

Vlad Tepes has a youtube video  on the latest jihadi suicide bomber version: the Ass-Bomb!

As the world of people work on discovering cures for new diseases, better forms of art, ways of making peoples lives better and happier, the Muslim world develops new types of explosive suppositories. The less funny side, is if travel becomes more of a ‘pain in the ass’ civilization collapses. This is not an exaggeration. The dark ages began due to loss of security on the Roman roads.

Arsehole Arsenal

assbomberWe can’t push in more, he has to swallow the rest…

3 thoughts on “Ass-bomb Update”

  1. That is just a pile of shit!
    I have heard from reliable sources that jihadis think there are two things that the find a sexual turn-on.
    One is making love to sheep and the other is having large cylindrical objects inserted in their orifices.
    I picture this bomb rolled up in a prophylactic, “a sheik” and lubricated in K-Y Jelly(made by Johnson and Johnson) and joyfully inserted by his fellow Jihadi comrade.
    There is no doubt in my mind that this was a trick that was learned in Guantanmo or Abu Graib prison.
    Wow! Talk about a Weapon of Mass (Anal )Destruction. W-MAD

  2. Cool – not only does this Jihadist get his thrills during the insertion process, he gets to kneel before Allah and pray for the Big Bang that will be his “Second Coming”…..
    Let us hope that he suffers from what Achmed calls a “Premature Detonation” whilst he is partying with all his buddies before his big day!!
    Mind you he will have to be a “plug” at the typically all-male “party” as his “socket” is rammed full of plastique explosive!!

  3. Its good for them that so many Mohammadan boys are introduced in to homosexuality at an early age makes inserting the explosives much easier once the entrance has been prepared.

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