Australia: Fox guarding chicken coop at Monash?

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Monash: Sex and Terror 101

Written by Cassandra/Islam Monitor

Monash University houses the Global Terrorism Research Centre. You would think from its title that it would research global terrorism and advise on ways to keep us safe. But maybe you would think wrong, as defending Islam’s reputation seems to be their number one priority.

fox and chicken richardson
The Centre is headed by a Muslim (not that there is any hint of that in Lentini’s lengthy biography)(reference)

But Geoff Strong, in A Convert to Islam, spills the beans: Read it here


Questions, questions:

Australians concerned about the objectivity of our academic staff  should be keeping a close eye on that is happening.

Many questions need to be asked. Here are just a few for readers to ponder:

1. Why did Monash show its preference for Islam above all other religions by giving land for a mosque.? Despite many letters, VC Larkin refused to give a satisfactory reply . (see  Democracy Retreats from Monash University  )

2. When teaching about Islamic terrorism, should staff be Islamic?
Can an unrepentant Nazi teach objectively about the horrors of Nazism?

3. In relation to the sexual assault claims against Wright Neville, given the cosiness between members of staff, are there others involved who knew and looked the other way?

4. Were Wright Neville’s bias against Judeo-Christian values known at the time of his appointment? Should people with such extreme views which are hostile to our democratic values be allowed to indoctrinate our students?

5. Why are the rigorous standards for appointment of lecturers relaxed in the case of Muslims? (see Different standards for Muslims? )

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2 thoughts on “Australia: Fox guarding chicken coop at Monash?”

  1. So I wonder what is Casandra’s motive for this item.

    I guess it is like the blog-owner here, that Monash University has what appears to be a very good, well studied, expert with excellent academic credentials and because he is a Muslim he must be a terrorist supporting stooge.

    That is frankly speaking, pure bigotry and the rest of world would certainly consider such claims both stupid and indefencible.

  2. Solkhar,
    I’ve read your garbage for quite some time now & you come across as either a man unlearned in the real islam or one that is learned in it but refuses to see its inherent evil for fear of realising you’ve been conned & indoctrinated into a cult which follows a false prophet,or,are aware of its evil but see it as a good.
    If the latter is true, that is the making of a dangerous man.

    When it’s all said & done the crux of the matter is that islam today is the same as it was 1400 yrs ago;it is designed to replace all other religions & realpolitik.
    Islam is bigotry personified.
    Casandra’s motive for the item is to bring the increasing infiltration of our civil societies to the attention of people not paying attention.
    In stark contrast to your apparent motive which is to distract, confuse,
    & lie to the infidel & kaffir.

    Do you consider yourself a good person or a good muslim Solkhar?
    Because the two are mutually exclusive.

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