Colonel Gaddafi wants to 'abolish' Switzerland

A bizarre creature makes bizarre demands on a very corrupt organization:

  • Reagan’s way of dealing with bastards like this one is the ONLY way!


Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi is set to ask the United Nations to ‘abolish’ Switzerland and share the land among its neighbouring countries.

The eccentric dictator has filed a motion with the U.N. saying the Alpine state should be wiped off the map and split among France, Italy and Germany.

Gaddafi is set to present his bizarre plan when Libya takes over the year-long presidency of the U.N. general Assembly on September 15.

He first mentioned his idea at the G8 summit in Italy in July. ‘Switzerland is a world mafia and not a state,’ he said.

‘It is formed of an Italian community that should return to Italy, another German community that should return to Germany, and a third French community that should return to France.’

The Swiss Foreign Ministry described it as a single-minded campaign against Swiss interests.

Swiss MP Christa Markwalder, told the Swiss TV news programme 10 vor 10 this week: ‘We are concerned that Libya will attempt to use its year-long presidency of the U.N. General Assembly to damage Switzerland’s reputation.’

Relations between Switzerland and Libya crumbled after Gaddafi’s son Hannibal, 33, and his pregnant wife were arrested in Geneva a year ago accused of assaulting a hotel chamber maid.


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5 thoughts on “Colonel Gaddafi wants to 'abolish' Switzerland”

  1. It is the responsibility of all Nations, peoples–moreso, the “Personhood” of humanity to eliminate characaters who particularly represent their own nations-and demand we have reasonable, sensible and normal thinking and behaving leaders.
    Switzerland, my friends, will always exist–Helvetia will always survive–and will Fight to the Last Drop of Helvetian Blood.
    There is no room in the world for Maniacs–or outlaw shadow governments*Yes! Including the UN–to call for the abolishment of any nation.
    And, even if “ALL” the “Member States” of the UN called for the Abolishment of Switzerland, frankly, “ does not matter what you say, Ghaddafi says, of the UN says–Helvetia is Helvetia-”
    and, frankly, repair and do something about your own pathetic countries–You all seem to have the money!! Money from productive countries like the Western Countries-
    These Countries in the Middle East don’t grow enough food to feed themselves, and have the nerve to call for the destruction of nations that are productive, such as Israel!
    Insane regimes, run by Insane people, who arrive at “insane” forums to speak to other Insane people, about Insane Subject matters!
    Switzerland, Get Out of the EU;
    Switzerland, Get Out of the UN-
    “Vive L’Elvetia-Sempre”
    to hell witih Ghaddafi and the Rest of the Moronic world…

  2. Well Anthony. I agree with you in spirit – but I cannot help but imagine that this whole thing is a rather late April Fools joke.

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