Dhimmitude in Paris, Resistance in England

    Eiffel Tower goes Islamic for Turkey

    From Creeping Sharia: H/T Davey
Update from Tundra Tabloids: Turkish genocide of Armenians to be followed with the Turks cultural genocide of France


Story from Le Café-philo de droite who left a comment here, and in English at Europe News.

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Those who wish to smear the British nationalist movement with claims of anti-semitism check out this picture:

article-1211414-064DD132000005DC-417_636x525The EDL showing full support and solidarity with Israel, we both face the same enemy, it’s time to declare an official bond of fellowship!!

Birmingham on the Boil

There were angry clashes in a city centre yesterday as right-wing protesters fought with Islamic headbangers in a busy shopping street.

A planned demonstration by The English Defence League in central Birmingham descended into violence as the group charged along New Street, close to the city’s main train station.

More than 20 men were arrested. (?)


Clashes: The English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday

article-1211414-064D5AD1000005DC-76_634x348Mohammed worshippers in attack mode…

Read the rest from Daily Mail Lots o’pic’s and video!

‘There were about 250 people in total, fighting and throwing bottles at each other,’ one onlooker said.

The disorder spilled onto the adjoining Bennetts Hill, a street lined with a number of pubs, popular with shoppers.

Dozens of riot police worked to contain the disturbance and a police helicopter hovered overhead.

A police spokeswoman said there had been ‘pockets’ of trouble. West Midlands Police said it would deal with anti-social behaviour or criminal activity connected to the protests ‘robustly’ after a demonstration last month turned violent.

Earlier this week the force, along with Birmingham City Council, obtained an order from the Home Secretary banning protesters from the Bullring area of the city, under section 14a of the Public Order Act.

Under the same legislation, Chief Constable Chris Sims passed an order restricting the protests to two locations – Lancaster Circus and Old Square.

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  1. OT, and a day late, but I am off to celebrate International Bacon Day
    in the Vietnamese restaurant next door with a pork combination.

    (via Doctor Bulldog & Ronin)
    Quick bites: Celebrate International Bacon Day

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  2. The story has been updated recently on the Daily Mail website:


    Arrests have now totalled over 90, but there is no indication as to whether those arrested were members of the brave EDL, or ragtag members of the UAF, an assortment of would-be jihadist terrorists, left-wing queers and black thugs who hate anything white. Going on previous experience I should think that it’s “racist right-wingers” that were tracked down and arrested almost immediately, knowing nu-labours political task force (formerly known as the police) and the fact that many establishment party members have given their endorsement and financial support to the UAF.

    “We can’t have the natives protesting against the murder and rape of our countrymen and women, as well as the aggressive thieving of their land now can we? It just wouldn’t be British! Think of all that lovely sowdi money we’d lose if weren’t so treacherous!!!”

    ^ I think that sums up the British establishment nicely, don’t you? Now let’s work on getting it changed!!!

  3. From time to time I visit the Stormfront Britain website. I’m not a member and have never been because of the outright hatred of Jewish people, and their support of islam, seemingly because it is opposed to Judaism. The reason I visit is because of various news stories that may not be covered by the MSM. My most recent visit has encouraged me never to return, for what I found was highly shocking. It seems this EDL demo has caused a rift in the ranks. Basically anyone who supported the EDL flying the Israel flag has been banned, called a zionist etc…. but one post had me reeling:


    “Nice Turkey flag in the back there. They’ll be with their European brothers in a few years time and we’ll have 70,000,000 more people in Europe fighting ZOG.”

    These so-called “nationalists” are in favour of Turkey joining the EU, so that Europe may be overwhelmed by 70million muslims, simply because they oppose Israel.

    All this does is re-affirms my belief that skinhead’s are fucking idiots who are so blinkered by hitler worship that they have no real comprehension of what is really happening.

    No wonder the stormfronters love George Galloway so much, following blindly anyone who espouses anti-semitic beliefs.

    I’ll for one not be dignifying that site with anymore “hits”, they can all rot as far as i’m concerned, they should be ashamed of themselves. Calling themselves nationalists, when they openly support the islamification of Europe. Pathetic.

  4. Actually muslims can not claim religious rights in the western world
    because “islamic” countries are not allowing the free exercise of other
    religions within their borders.
    If there can’t be a hindi temple, a buddhist shrine, a jewish synagogue
    or christian church in Saudi Arabia than muslims must stop trying to
    have mosques in all 240 parts of the world.
    According to the leader of Libya the world must choose: convert to
    islam or face war, because he claims that the qoran is the truth. (Bush
    rewarded Libya by taking it off the list of terrorist countries in 2007).
    Truth is that the qoran is more contaminated than the tenach and the
    new testament put together.
    A revived european Empire, Russia and China won’t mind wars with
    100 million fanatics within islam, though the division sunni-shia will
    be already fatal in the near future.
    And there won’t be time to “lebanize” the world, humanly speaking
    the chinese have the numbers, the determination, the military and the money to beat islam to world domination and even that won’t happen.

  5. SM
    Their stated goal is to have twice as many mosques as churches on the planet. In many places churches are being converted into mosques. This must give them a big thrill.

  6. theresaj
    They won’t have the time to play the numbers game or to out grow everybody or to take over the world violently nor peacefully.

  7. theresaj
    they can only force people into their radicalism, but they can’t convince them, they won’t have enough time for the numbers-game.

  8. theresaj

    Because the anti-christ will go against ALL religion, thus no religion as
    we know now, will prevail, but the Qahal YHWH will.

  9. SM sez:

    “Actually muslims can not claim religious rights in the western world
    because “islamic” countries are not allowing the free exercise of other
    religions within their borders.”

    A very valid point.

    However, our countries permit the spread of Islam and equal rights for all, which in this case means rights for them but not for us. That’s what we’re trying to reverse.

  10. Correct, Lebanon permitted spread of islam and equal rights and was
    changed from a pre-dominant christian country to a muslim country.
    That’s why the palestinians want the right of return to what is now Israel, to undermine the jewish state from within. but around 900 k
    Jews were expelled from arab countries as result of the 4 wars and
    don’t have the right of return either.
    also the arab countries did not accept the belfort accords in 1948 and ordered the palestinians out of israel so they could sweep the jews into the sea, what never happened, but instead of offering solutions for the palestinian, the arabs put them into camps, also the jordanian army killed more palestinians in the seventies than israel in 50 yrs.
    About trying to reverse things: the new world order groups have been working on that for years now (for extreme fanatics declare them as
    enemies that must be defeated) and they won’t mind if 4 billion people
    will die because of hunger, disasters, wars and diseases, and that’s
    exactly what is described in Revelation and foretold by Cayce and
    nostradamus. so it doesn’t look good, does it?

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