Euro Jihad: Italian Politician Punched in the Face @ Anti-Burqa Rally

Italy burka

MILAN: Italian female politician protesting burquas punched by muslim in scuffle…

Atlas Shrugs:

Santanche is currently running a campaign in Italy to expose the burqua and veil as oppressive to women. She took the fight to the front line today, entering a muslim ‘prayer meeting’ and asking to speak to some women to tell them they were being oppressed by a male-dominated regime masquerading as a religion, and was subsequently attacked.

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a58629bb970b-350wiIf this is not a wake up call I don’t know what is…

Daniela Santanchè, leader of the Movement for Italy, was attacked and hit with a fist while expressing, in front of the Steam Factory in Milan, against  women in burqas who came to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The riot police intervened and  is  trying to identify the assailant.

The Burqa – False Problem, False Solutions

Germans receive second Muslim terrorist video


6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5849dd0970b-800wiThe Islamist terror organization, Al Qaeda, amplified its threat against  Germany few days prior to the elections. In the two videos, al-Qaeda terrorist, Bekkay Harrach, called for withdrawal of all Bundeswehr forces from Afghanistan, or Germany is in for a ‘rude awakening” after the elections.

Because it worked so well in Spain…

US Military Increasingly ‘Frustrated’ by Obama…

28 thoughts on “Euro Jihad: Italian Politician Punched in the Face @ Anti-Burqa Rally”

  1. LMAO!

    Another example of bad bloging. To try and give the image that some innocent was punched in the face for trying to point out how bad the burqa and the viel is, the blog used Daniela Santanchè.

    Why not twist and misinterpret a bit more!

    Or be honest and point out that Daniela Santanchè is an ultra-right radical politician famous for “making scenes”, was thrown out of the parliament three times (daybans) for vulgarity and in this case knowing that it would cause a stir tried to raid an ultra-conservative mosque in the middle of prayers knowing full well what would happen. She was not stupid, she knew what is going to happen, thus it was a set- up, like this posting, so that other radicals can say, look the Muslims are not only abusing women but also are violent.

    If this blog was a newspaper, it would be called sham-journalism.

    Yes, the burqa is for my part and in fact for most Muslims a symbol of repression, the viel in most parts is also considered such but some would still argue it, either way it is something that needs to be changed. Obviously not by scandal-seeking radical politicians so they can get their photos in the newspapers. She does not care about women’s rights, the burqa or the veil, she cares about votes.

  2. “She does not care about women’s rights, the burqa or the veil, she cares about votes”-

    Solker, what is it you care about?


    Defamation, smears and discreditation of those who oppose Islamic colonization? Solker, tell us, do you have an agenda?

  3. Look Sheik, a muslim suggests Daniela Santanchè deserved a punch in the face. Typical muslim…

  4. I have a clear agenda and I have stated it from the outset.

    1. Identify and study anti-Islam hate-blogs.

    2. Expose BS and other inacuracies in their postings.

    3. Point out to readers the reality.

    Again, I noticed just today you have posted two items which are complete nonesense for the scandal value and when pointed out you have not defended the information, just confirming more and more how trash-posting is your objective.

    What is funny is that when the tables are turned, your the first to scream out and get all uppity.

    Like on the other post about Alikhan the new Assistant Secretary for DHS whom has a proven track record in fighting crime and terrorism and yet you say “hand him for being a traitor” which we can assume that being a Muslim is being a traitor to the US.

    But, if for instance someone posted that all Jews should be sacked from governmetn service, in particular security based, because they all are supporting the State of Israel and thus have divided and questionalbe allegence, you would shout out that it was racisim or stupid. If that person then said “hang them all for being traitors” you would scream.

    But of course, you are doing the same.

  5. Solker, the Islamo-polit commissar sez:

    1. Identify and study anti-Islam hate-blogs.
    2. Expose BS and other inacuracies in their postings.
    3. Point out to readers the reality.

    Well, you certainly failed in your mission, solker.

    You just confirmed that Daniela Santanchè deserved a punch in the face.

    Do you beat your wife too, solker?

  6. 2. Expose BS and other inacuracies in their postings.

    When it comes to BS, Solkhar (DHH), the meter wraps around the frontstop when it detects yours. Country NSW, RAN, lives in Frankston, former Dutch diplomat with left leaning genitals, informer for the Moroccan Interior Ministry, hater of the things of God – His Son, His crucifixion for your sins, and pretender of being a “liberal sunni muslim”.

    Fantasyland, Solkhar.

  7. The blog-owner does not read as well,

    That Italian extreme-right politician provoked radicals knowing that it will cause a seen and she got punched in the face. That is a reality, I did not say I supported it, that (as usual) is your words.

    As for comparing Muslims with Jews, I did not – you did (again and as usual). I compared ludicrous and stupid statements with other ludicrous and undefensible statements.

    We know who is hopeless.

  8. There are many ways to twist and misinterpret things, like smearing Daniela Santanchè with an insinuation of guilt (“you try and give the image that some innocent was punched in the face”) and pointing out how she is famous for making scenes and was thrown out of parliament 3 times. What politician worth his/her salt hasn’t been dismissed from parliament? She didn’t know what was going to happen, personally I’m surprised they didn’t cut her head off, suppose it was an ‘ultra-conservative’ mosque. No, everyday muslims reinforce with evidence the tendency to be violent and consider women in an unfavorable light…

  9. * Solker, the Islamo-polit commissar

    Yes, I forgot “political officer” at his embassy (Dutch? Australian?
    Who knows with the shape-shifting Solkhar in allahs’ Hall of Mirrors.
    So many lies, so little substance.

  10. “What politician worth his/her salt hasn’t been dismissed from parliament? ” Perhaps, but for profanities by saying “f*ck you, you whore” and giving the finger?

    Trying to defend the indefencible because of your own agenda is really unbecoming.

    1. So for you, Solker,

      a woman giving the finger is more contemptible than being punched in the face by a Mohammedan infil-traitor?

      You really are a good moslem, aren’t you? How often do you beat your wife(s)?

  11. muslim hypocrisy knows no bounds.
    Who gives a fuck if she partakes in profanity every now and then, passionately ‘honest’ people in office is a good thing. Most politicians suffer from an insipid politically correct mindset that serves no real purpose at all. I’d vote for this woman in a heartbeat and I have you sulka to thank, this Daniela Santanchè has gumption with a good dose of an ‘agenda’ that is anti islamofascist…

  12. You tried to smear an elected Italian politician, Solkar.

    For you it is cool to punch a woman in the face, you claim she is worse or she brought it on herself because she showed the finger. For us, that is despicable and barbaric.

    Btw, still waiting for you to name ONE not so radical imam…

  13. I read reports and we know what extremist right-wing politicians are like.

    AGAIN, it is you who is saying it is cool to punch a women in the face, I never did and I do not support violence (which I have now repeated).

    She showed her finger, in parliament, not there, so I also suggest you start learning to read the articles and history behind them before you print them.

    As for the non-radical Imams, I gave you the answer in bulk and with no confusion (but you are confused…..), I said you name the radicals, thus the rest (the majority) are not.

    You just cannot cope with the answers.

  14. Irrelevent what the politician did – YOU DO NOT HIT WOMEN.

    As for AQ threatening Germany – the German election are for German citizens – not some islamist sitting in a hole in Afghanistan or Pakistan. If there is an attack then the response against the muslim community is likely to be very severe. In other words, it is now the job of the moderate majority to give the names of potential terrorists to the security services. It is precisely the aim of the islamists to alienate the moderate muslim communitiy, which is why co-operation with the German security services is in the interests of all – except terrorists. It seems likely that the islamic terrorists will try something – they now loose face if nothing happens – so be alert and be prepared – KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. AND BE ALERT.

  15. Do you hear voices, sulka? You took offense in you first post on this thread that Sheik was creating an image that Daniela Santanchè is innocent and that Daniela was virtually looking for trouble and rightfully found it. It’s so obvious islam is doing you no favors what so ever, in fact it’s driving you crazy…

  16. The facts are there, she had done this sort of thing before, she is a known provocateur. The reality is simple, the blog-owner supports the carefully orchestrated act for the same reason.

    Kaw is, of course, absolutely correct, there is no excuse for hitting a women – but if you know that a group does that, do you go and provoke it? At the same time, you know the group are extremists, do you run into a group of them on a holy day and make that provocation?

    I should also remind you, particularly relevant to the blog-owner, about the scuffles at a parking lot recently in Israel, would it be smart for say a Palestinian woman to rush on the Sabbeth into that event demanding the right to do what you want on any day – and tell me she will not be punched, if not more. Double standards yet again.

    Of course, it would happen in that scenario, I would condemn the woman for tempting fate AND of course I would condemn and also shout out that you should not hit a woman.

    1. Solker, the Moroccan Stasi-spitzel:

      ” there is no excuse for hitting a women – but…”

      Typical Mohammedan BS, that “but”…

      “I am for freedom of speech, but…” Hahahaha!

  17. I think hitting someone is already over the line. You can Talk & argue all you want but when you hurt someone, thats just pure violence.

    If temptation is an issue and the victim to be blamed, then muslims around the world are guilty, the calling of non muslims to become muslims & pray to allah is equally the same problem in a different way.

    Im for free speech & arguing, but not violence.

  18. When i was in london, many times during christmas, or good friday, there are some muslim men & women that would harass many christians.

    they carry bill boards & play cards stating jesus is not a son of god, and christianity is a sin, repent. One even was stepping on a cloth / flag of the cross. It was a disgusting act.

    funny thing is that they would gather in shopping centers and outside churches & intimidate them. I feel sorry for the christians who had to leave to avoid violence, & the kids were terrified.

    i took some photos and they were fast to try to snatch my camera, even calling me names you mom wouldn’t want to hear.

    The police stood there & maintained a position that these muslims were just ok on the freedom of speech.

    Problem is, they way they talk, shout, they spit on people, covering their faces practically scares many worshipers. The beauty was, the Christians were so calm, they were doing all their best to avoid any confrontation.

    I just don’t get it, If muslims pull of this kinda horrendous act, its fine?

  19. tjwork, when I here accounts that you gave about these radicals in the street (because they are radicals) is rather shocks me. The reality is that this does not happen here in the actual Muslim world and it suprises all of us. Just like the caving into demands and the tolerance given to them, especially over subjects like claiming and demanding Shari’a Courts and that all of the west must join some Caliphate. Those demands are never accepted here, though never mentioned on blogs like this, Shari’a courts are not the majority form of legal system and in the Muslim world and many of those that have it are second tier family courts. The concept of caliphate is only mentioned in Mosques by radicals and then usually in a rhetorical form.

    I would never tolerate such people and I know of one Moroccan-French businessman who lives near me here in Marrekch who was beaten up by radicals in Southhampton were he was at a meeting, because when he witnessed such prostheletizers who basically called them haram.

    I would be inerested in your expanding on one point tjwork, if you do not mind. I fully agree that there is no excuse for violence, I cnodemn it completely, but I would say I am a realist that not everyone thinks in this way. I abhore violence because of my upbringing and Islamic faith, but know that either radicalism of upbrinding of others (hard life in third world countries etc) allow for some to use their fist first. Remember the violence in many parts of the world, not necessarily related to Muslims at all, or as I mentioned, the incidents with ultra-orthodox Jews. The point is you have to be blind or stupid to carelessly plan to invade a prayer meeting of ultra-conservative Muslims with the ladies in Burqas and not think your going to be attacked. She did this on purpose and either she is an idiot or she a provocateur.

  20. Intersting how my response is cut, but then your blog has been down so we can perhaps assume it was not the blog-owner.

    I said in response, that yes, the “but” word is not appropriate, it should be “and”.

  21. Sorry, I cant really find a reason why she stormed in & created the fracas. However this was not the case, she was only by the side, never interfering the affairs. Im sure she did preach about those issues.

    I dont know, maybe the thought islam was a religion of peace?

  22. Solkhar the Snitch wrote: “tjwork, when I here accounts that you gave about these radicals in the street (because they are radicals) is rather shocks me. The reality is that this does not happen here in the actual Muslim world…”

    The reality is that alllah and the false prophet have snitches ready to
    dob in preachers and have them deported, to forbid imports of the Word of God, to forbid the building of new churches, to forbid the salvation of muslims … and there are consequences – “dire consequences” as muslims sometimes say – namely, the destruction
    of islam by the very Son of God that allah and his false prophet mock
    and blaspheme against.

    Snitch on, Solkhar – do it for allah – but prepare to reap as you sow.

  23. ok, who else finds the retards that follow the deranged rantings of a mass murdering serial rapist pedophile warlord torturer assassin thief psychopath and psychotic who made up a religion to further his own aims somewhat sickening? and yes solkar ha ha, I get my info from the book of bullshit, the rearded goat fuckers manual a.k.a. the koran. …and b4 you try to be humerous { unlike the fact that you follow a religion that has proven to be made up } and say something cute, I read this shit so I can quote your own sources back to you.
    Now, to quote some more: “A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.”
    From Khomeini’s book, “Tahrirolvasyleh”
    Now subhuman, go back to your goat..or sister {possibly one and the same}.

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