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Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f631d3970c-800wiIs EUrabia the future of Europe?

Filip Dewinter “causes” Muslim riots in Antwerp:


Say Islam is a religion of peace or we smash the place:

The Vlaams Belang leader had the audacity to refer to the imam Nordin Taouil as a “pimp of Allah”, and this flagrant disrespect for Islam has already caused “youths” in Antwerp to begin rioting. Read further…

Flemish Muslims go apeshit over headscarf ban

A decision in one school in Antwerp rapidly led to a general ban on headscarves in public schools in the Flemish region of Belgium this month. Some in the Moroccan community now want to found their own schools.

ENG-headscarf_251176eMuslim women protest against the headscarf ban outside the Royal Atheneum in Antwerp / More from Handelsblad

The Glory of Gouda

“Persons of Dutch background” in Gouda have had finally had enough.

The pervasive violence and lawlessness in the culturally enriched areas of their city induced them to walk the mean streets in protest last week, despite the personal risk involved.

Some sixty people walked the streets to show that they are not afraid. Perhaps fewer than expected, and despite the support of many people.

The Gouda Mayor Wim M. Cornelis (PvdA, Socialist, more later) had in advance forbidden the citizens group to walk through the Gouda district Oosterwei (60% immigrants). According to the Mayor, he and the police “could not guarantee the safety of the Dutch in that district past eight in the evening.” Organizer Peter Visser of the citizens group Gouda’s Glorie responded that this only emphasizes the necessity for the walk. “This walk is a protest and also a call for attention to the growing insecurity in the streets and street terror by youngsters. We do not want our girlfriends, wives and daughters to be called whores.”

Read further…


The FPÖ Wins Big in Vorarlberg

Earlier this week regional elections were held in western Austria, and the results confirmed that the anti-immigrant right is continuing to increase in popularity, despite the thick cloud of media smog trying to transform the FPÖ into Nazis.Read further…

Counter Jihad News:

Innocent British Muslim terrorist linked to al-Qaeda

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f65f2e970c-800wiSundayMercury — Ben Goldby

MI6 officers have uncovered a new terror training camp which may have been run by “dead” Brummie Al Qaida terror suspect Rashid Rauf.

New evidence recently emerged that the alleged mastermind behind a British-based plot to blow up transatlantic airliners was alive, despite US claims that he was killed in a predator drone bombing last year.


Tariq Ramabam: Criticizing Islam is not freedom of expression

I won’t give this duplicious asshole a soapbox here. If you want to read it, go to Today’sZaman

In this latest overture the pseudo-intellectual grandson of Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, compares Muslims with handicapped people and wants to muzzle you from speaking against the Islamization of Europe…

Scotland’s police pro-islamist

Scotland’s largest police force has promised to “oppose” a demonstration by anti-Muslim extremists if the event is intent on stirring up racial hatred. HeraldScotland — Paul Hutcheon / well, I guess they just don’t want to get beaten up by ‘Allahu akbar’ screaming lunatics…

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  1. The UN, no surprise, is trumpeting its collaboration with the OIC:

    Note the “good governance” and “Alliance of Civilizations”, anf
    fighting “Islamophobia” – Big Trouble brewing!
    Ban highlights collaboration between UN and Islamic bloc

    25 September 2009 – The United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) share the common goals of peace, security and global harmony, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, highlighting joint efforts in a range of hotspots around the world.

    At the OIC’s annual coordination meeting in New York, Mr. Ban congratulated the group – the collective voice of the Muslim world, representing one fifth of humanity – on its 40th anniversary.

    “I deeply appreciate your collaboration with the United Nations and look forward to working more closely together in addressing the threats and challenges of our times,” he said in a message delivered by Shaaban Shaaban, Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management.

    He noted that the partnership between the UN and the OIC includes collaboration on preventive diplomacy and peace-building in Asia and Africa, whether it is cooperating on Iraqi elections or promoting efforts to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    Mr. Ban said he looked forward to further collaboration in Somalia, and urged the OIC to contribute the much-needed financial support to enable the Transitional Federal Government to expand its territorial control, maintain law and order, build institutions and deliver peace dividends.

    “Human security is not restricted to resolving political disputes such as these,” he noted. “We must promote human rights and good governance.

    “We must fight discrimination of any sort, including Islamophobia. We must fight faith-based violence, and foster tolerance, dialogue and mutual respect, as the UN Alliance of Civilizations initiative is doing,” he added.


    Spin it, Solkhar!

  2. Why do they always refer to Islam as a race?

    It isn’t a race. It is a “cult fiction ideology” created by a psychopath.
    That pisses me off everytime I read or hear it.
    Let’s tell it like it is shall we!

  3. It is a chameleon, al-Kidya – it can be a “race”, a “religion”, a “culture”,
    or any or all of these on demand, or “nothing to do with islam”, also on demand.

  4. Islam is not a race; Arabs are caucasians and most muslims are
    from the mongloide and negroide races.
    It is a religion mixed with politics.
    It has different cultures (of course they will all dissapear once
    Islam rules the world).
    It seeks world domination by manipulation, pressure or force.
    Religion will never save anyone or anything.
    One needs a personal relation with YHWH through the Ruach
    in YHM.

  5. The Sweaty Socks are just continuing the COWARDICE and stupidity they didpleyed in releasing the Lockerbie Terrorist.

    Q. What does a Scotsman wear under the kilt

    A. A white flag.

  6. al-Kidya September 27, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    “Why do they always refer to Islam as a race? It isn’t a race. ”

    Correct, it is not a race. It is one of the three religions of the Abrahamic Tradition. It has no race or culture because the people that make up the Muslim World are from different races and cultures.

    It is that many Jews claim that there is a Semitic Race, Religion and Culture.

    1. solker wisely:

      ” It is one of the three religions of the Abrahamic Tradition.”

      Could you just give us one example of what exactly makes the exploits of a hallucinating Arab bandit “Abrahamic?”

  7. The only thing a muzzy understands is the mailed fist, give it to them in spades, then you have a so called peaceful muzzy!

  8. The problem is that there are no perfect books (Quran; this is a
    perfect book) because humans are imperfect. many scriptures
    contain the word of YHWH but not all and not entirely.
    Abraham was through Ishmael the father of the arab people,
    as well as the father of the israelites through Isaac. both people were closer related than slavic and anglo-saxons peoples in Europe.

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