Flash in the pan…

Pali  Peace Partner Terror Boss Yasser Araf*kc:

““Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.”


“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . . We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

Remember: Araf*kc represented the “moderate Fatah” faction.

The politically correct multicultural liberal progressives at Harry’s Place discover much to their dismay that Hamas tells lies:

A reader tries to pin down Anas al-Tikriti on his claim that several leading Hamas figures view the Hamas charter as “incorrect, inappropriate, inaccurate and certainly unfit for use”; and that “a complete revision of the Charter is underway, while the current Charter is in no way being cited as any kind of central document, reference or manual for the movement, nor has it been for over a decade.”

It is not a pleasant experience being pinned down  on a blog thread, so I thought I’d give Anas a hand and try to find some examples for him.  How about Mahmoud Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and previously the Hamas Foreign Minister in Gaza?

Will you revise your charter?

No. This charter is not the Qu’ran, but it should not be changed because it is implementing the views of every Muslim everywhere.

pals jabalya

Hamas Charter:

The principles of the Hamas are stated in their Covenant or Charter, given in full below. Following are highlights.

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

“The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. “

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

“After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.”

The charter is a rather classical Islamist document, applied to the local issues. It declares that Jihad (in the sense of armed battle) is the only solution. It cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a ludicrous anti-Semitic forgery.

The “Zionists” and the freemasons and others are blamed for what Hamas and radical Islamists see as the major calamities of the world, especially the French Revolution.

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  1. Didn’t Yasser Arafat win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994?
    I expect that was because Hitler, Stalin and Atilla the Hun weren’t still around.

  2. I can just imaging Yasser now his AIDS cured and enjoying his PEARLY BOYS in the ‘Islamic Knocking Shop’ in the sky.

  3. “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” – a boasting muslim.

    “And you will come up against my people Israel, like a cloud covering the land; and it will come about, in the last days, that I will make you come against my land, so that the nations may have knowledge of me when I make myself holy in you, O Gog, before their eyes.” – God.

  4. Oh look! A religious zealot playing the ‘them against us’ mentality to the detriment of us all. Lodabullah, how does it feel being a contributor to the mess the world is in today?

  5. I think the “Lesser Jihad” has been stepped up a notch.

    Hamas will not change their charter.
    Iran has just successfully test-fired their newest generation of missiles, and the Jihadists are getting bolder by the minute, knowing that they are very close to having the power of the atom in their hands.

    The Mayan Calendar ends in the year 2012.
    I wonder if it is prophetic?

    1. Solker the wisecracking blog troll:

      “Arab/Palestinian and Israeli nationalism is a cruel thing.”

      Arab/Palestinian jihad against and Israel nationalism is a cruel thing.

      Sorry, I had to fix that…

  6. So how can there be peace between parties, if one will continue
    to try to destroy the other? one state solution=Palestina?
    two state solution hamas-hezbollah? or palestinian state-
    Israel? Israel could have had the one-state solution a long time
    ago; there wouldn’t be palestinians living in gaza and in the west bank
    if the israelites were really that bad (nor arab/palestinians within the
    israeli borders), still the palestinian know-betters want to have a
    jew-free palestinian state. you can’t have it all, the palestinians were
    offered 3 times peace but prefer the state of war in order to get it all.
    no recognition of israel means; no palestinian state!

  7. How can you have Palestinian NATIONALISM Solkher there is not and never has been a Country or State called Palestine so you cant be a citizen of it , it cant be occupied and you cant be a refugee from it.

  8. Sucky you make Threats to the Sheiks, you are a real shit you, I always thought indeed ……We have a Proverb around where i live and he Says “gives food to a pig, it just craps on your Perron” you are that guy Sucky…..
    And i don’t give a Damn Shit of the name and adress of the Sheik,What’s the Problem with you (you are Psychiatric)?
    At least he have a Name,but you like all the muzz you don’t even got one…..

  9. And too you says you don’t come back…Wowww THANKS a Lot !
    BON DÉBARRAS ! de l’AIR du VENT ! and above all Never COME BACK.

  10. Solkhar,
    With respect you took the wrong course of action. Best to count to 100 and then reply with a cool head. The journalist is question is a person of rather poor repute who has slandered many people so I personally have no compunction in belittling him at every opportunity. Just as extreme right is dangerous, so is extreme left and that is where you will find the rather obnoxious journalist in question. Forget an earlier email asking for full data on your email – I think, that despite the provocations (and there were many
    undeserved comments given by some readers against you), you made the wrong choice but it is your call and I respect that. I am quite certain that many people appreciated the points of view of a person from the “other side of the fence”. Lets hope that one day every person can comfortably say – I made a mistake – lets get on with life. Well. I wont hold my breath just yet. To those who think this is a “victory” of sorts – it isn’t. At the present moment it is absolutely essential to open dialogues, because without understanding and respect comes violence and that we cannot afford. It doesn’t matter if you disagree – you listen, understand, and talk. I sometimes am rather nasty, but only when it is clear that the respondent is simply a pest and is wasting time. If someone has something genuine to say then listen – both sides might learn something if they are both honest and can listen. History is a wheel – now perhaps you will begin to realize why.

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