Friday Night Fartwa: Thinking about Sex During Ramadan Nullifies Fasting…


Islam Online:

Question: Respected scholars, as-salamu `alaykum: Does thinking about sex break your fast?

Sex is “lewdness and obscenity:”

“Fasting is a shield; therefore while fasting, one should abstain from all kinds of lewdness and obscenities: If, therefore, someone were to revile or rebuke this fasting person, let them not retaliate; rather say, “I am fasting; I am fasting.”

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My question is can a husband suck his wife breast in the month of ramadan during day time but not performed intercourse, thanks


I think it is better if both the husband and the wife do not indulge in any kind of sexual act while on a fast. Because God says in the Quran that Ramadan was ordained so that people may learn self-restraint.

Quran 2:183 O you who believe, fasting is decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you so you may learn self-restraint/righteousness.

And remember that sexual intercourse is allowed at night.

Quran 2:187 It has been made lawful for you during the night of fasting to approach your women sexually.

God bless

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Steaming pile of taqiyya, anybody?

Prominent American Muslim lambasts “stereotyping of Islam”


Abu Dhabi: A prominent American Muslim scholar Mohammad Bashar Arafat lambasted the stereotyping of Islam and Arab culture by fear-mongering media and called for abstaining from judging all Muslims and Arabs on the acts of certain Muslims.

“Islam is a faith that stresses generous and peaceful co-existence, respect, kindness and love, and its teachings instruct living peacefully and generously with others,” according to Mohammad Bashar Arafat, Founder and president of the Maryland-based Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF) at an iftar banquet hosted by the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

  • Now you know! The ‘fear-mongering media’ is to blame for Islamic terrorism. Pack it in, you Islamophobes! Can’t you feel the love already?

18 thoughts on “Friday Night Fartwa: Thinking about Sex During Ramadan Nullifies Fasting…”

  1. How about not murdering by stoning and head hacking and honour killing to show restraint?

    Oh, and just heard on the news that the rescuers in Indonesia are having trouble rescuing people because they are weak from fasting during ramadan. There are exceptions to the rules as there are all over islam, I’m sure.

  2. Quran 2:187 above says “…to approach your women sexually” not “your woman” – hardly an example of restraint.

  3. Are the Indonesian rescuers weak from fasting, or weak from things
    done in bed after the fast? It can cause “hurt feelings” to suggest that
    a muslim is unable to perform his duties due to fasting, and “hurt feelings” usually leads to “dire consequences” …

  4. It is common knowledge that cults worldwide use starving their followers in order to get them into a more submissive state, where the follower has reached a point of least resistence to commands…and will actually crave certain things to perform them because it will give a adrenaline rush to compensate for their weakened condition. What better way to further brainwash the useful idiot than to offer something like sex when they are literally starving to make them feel better. Its all about psyops manipulation with this.

  5. * Its all about psyops manipulation with this.

    Willingly engaged in and fosteredby mohammedan plants in Western educational facilities like the Oklahama City University, on the pretext of “celebrating diversity”. “Diversity” will be the first casualty once the cult has taken over as it has in liberal Sunni Morocco.

    What a cute touch – Islam Day on 10 September, 1 day before
    11 September (“9/11”).
    OCU celebrates diversity with Islam Day, creation of iFast
    The Edmond Sun

    EDMOND — Oklahoma City University will host Islam Day Sept. 10 to encourage cultural diversity with various campus activities, including a charity fundraiser called “iFast.”

    Islam Day at OCU falls in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan, which is celebrated this year from Aug. 22 to Sept. 21. Celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, 1.5 billion Muslims around the world fast from dawn until sunset each day. Political science professor and Middle East expert Mohamed Daadaoui organized a list of activities for students and faculty in order to foster cross-cultural dialogue and to spread awareness about the world’s second largest religion.

    Daadaoui established iFast, an aspect of Islam Day when students, faculty and staff are encouraged to donate money to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

    “Instead of spending money on lunch, donors will be contributing toward meals for the hungry,” he said, noting that Muslim followers are encouraged to donate to charitable causes during Ramadan.

    “There are many misconceptions and stereotypical views about Islam,” Daadaoui said.

    (I ran out of fingers & snipped the rest)

    The meal of pasta & salad I had for brunch was excellent!

  6. We recently had islam awareness week..I am still waiting for ex muslims awareness week. Ex muslims never get a mention in our papers.
    Like most other things in islam , ramadan is a joke..They do not fast ; they totally gorge..all night long and then do nothing in the daytime.

  7. Here is an example of quality from this blog-ower. He quotes a prominant Muslim-American who complains that the media and groups are stereotying Muslims based on the actions of a minority (albeit a very vocal and dangerous one). Now I agree with that statement but to me if you like it or not, the statement is clear.

    So what does the blog-owner write?

    “Now you know! The ‘fear-mongering media’ is to blame for Islamic terrorism. Pack it in, you Islamophobes! Can’t you feel the love already? ”

    Thus he is not just blatantly twisting the words and getting it totally wrong but he has made even more of it for no reason than obvious blatant hate. I think it is perhaps because the real ire from the person is against people like the blog-owner.

  8. theresaj,

    let me start teaching you some reality before you completely fool yourself into total confussion.

    If you live in a Muslim country and you watch people fast you will notice this. The first is that Ramadan is taken serious, and I am not talking about the ultra-conservative countries that do not give you a chance to abuse it.

    Almost all Muslim countries now have television, radio and newspaper items regularly discussing the health aspects of Ramadan and fasting, explaining how to do it properly without damaging your health and not getting fat. There are other items, reminding everyone that the whole reason for Ramadan is remember the suffering of others and thus becoming fatter is a breach of that respect.

    The reality has been and still is though, that for the first two to three days people are strong and they do not eat huge amounts, that the next week is very hard and they tend to eat a lot more in the evenings and then it cuts down to smaller amounts as the mont progresses. At home right now we have gone to the point of not eating the night dinner at all but a few peices of fruit and a nice hot mint-tea around 10pm.

    One issue that has been detrimental to people’s health is the inclussion of sweets into the diet and eating junk-food – and yes I mean western junk food, which is not compatable to a fasting environment. You can break your fast at MacDonalds in almost all major cities in the Western world, so they will give you the dates, a glass of milk and the equivilant of the local sweet and other traditional items and then of course you will end up with a double-chees burger or the like and a thickshake and your in trouble.

    As for Muslims doing nothing during Ramadan, that is also incorrect. They certainly cut back activities (if they can afford to) and those that cannot have to suffer doing the same amount of work without food or water and presently it coincides with the middle of summer so it is also in most places in aheat and from a time of about 4am to 7pm.

    I think a bit of appreciation of what people are going through is deserved and not BS unjust criticism.

  9. All religion is bunk, manmade, fallacy. Created for some men to dominate others. I am not revealing new truths here, just statin’ the bleedin’ obvious.

    It is time we woke up.

  10. Solhkar,
    So I rattled your cage…..great.
    ”Appreciation of what people are going through” What kind of BS is this? Most people choose to be muslims and therefore choose to be involved in ramadan. Christians and others fast regularly but they do not make a big song and dance about it. Why does the whole world have to know about ramadan?
    BS unjust criticism…You can talk…you criticise Sheik all the time.

  11. I agree with Theresaj. If a muslim has decided to fast it is HIS choice. No offence is intended, but to complete the requirements of Ramadan is not particularly challenging. The more challenging issues are ignored by muslims in general.

  12. Solkar troll sez:

    “appreciation of what people are going through is deserved and not BS unjust criticism.”

    Why deserved? For what? We despise your allures, as you despise us, the kuffar.

    We want no part of it, we wish to remain unbothered by Mohammedan nonsense. It serves no purpose. Why not criticize it?


    Most people don’t choose to be Muslims. There is enormous peer pressure to participate in ramadan. For Mohammedans, its never about choice.

  13. yes I agree Sheik and many people are muslims because their ancestors were given the choice of becoming muslim or having their heads chopped off. Also , in many countries , religious police ”enforce” ramadan.

  14. * I think a bit of appreciation of what people are going through is deserved and not BS unjust criticism.

    I appreciate what you put the evangelist through when you had him
    deported, Solkhar, and I expect that God will reward both him and you

  15. This NOT fasting its just DELAYED EATING. Mohammedans get up before dawn and stuff their faces and pray. Then two hours or so before dusk they are all scuttling off home, those who work that is, to cook food ready to eat when they ‘buka puasa’ as they say in Indonesia. Now in Arabic countries and around the Equator where most Mohammedans live its OK because the Day/Night ratio is roughly 50/50. However the Ramadan fasting rules are so stupid they are ONLY governed by Day/Night time and as Ramadan is a moveable ritual ( due to the fact that allah does not know how long a year is and is run on a MOON CYCLE) so any Mohammedan living in Arctic or Ant Arctic would find themselves unable to eat or unable to stop eating. Both of these facts go to prove two things 1) allah is a moongod copycat 2) allah has no idea of the operation of the earth which he was supposed to create.

  16. u dont know islam. I am surprise to see ur approach. U are refering what muslim people does. THere may be bad people in the world that does not mean that islam is wrong. However islam is a real religon and does not require any technical example to stand. It is crisp and clear. It is straight forward. I would suggest you learn islam before putting any of your thought. islam the people living.

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