Glenn Beck Interviews David Horowitz on Obama’s Communist Czars Pt.1 & 2

Part 1

“5-days away from fundamentally changing America..” and they cheered knowing not what it meant. Mindless.

Part 2

with thanks to the Snow Report

Obama: Jewish Settlements are Bad, Blah…blah…blah…

Holy city twist: Thousands of Arabs moving into Jewish areas (who let them?)

Saudis: Israeli planes would “contaminate holy cities” if flew over country (because they could bomb the Kaaba on they way back, heh..)

He loves Hugo Chavez, he hates Honduras for kicking out a leftist tyrant, he bows to the king of Saudi Arabia and gives “outreach” speeches to the Muslim world every other day. He sends multiple suck-up letters to Iran and embraces Syria’s Assad. He signed-off on releasing the Pan Am 103 bomber and sat for twenty years in Reverend Wright’s hate-church. He appointed a communist nut-job as his “green jobs Czar”, and is desperately trying to nationalize large chunks of the US economy. He is a radical loony toon wrapped in “moderate” drag.

So is it any wonder that he hates Israel? Unfortunately for him, Israelis know it and aren’t buying any of his “we are committed to Israel’s security” rhetoric. Netanyahu should continue to play this jerk-off like a fiddle. We will see who suffers greater political damage at the end of the day.

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