Malaysia: Ashari has 38 children, eight of them with Hatija. Twenty-three of the children are in polygamous marriages…

From our “we will outbreed you with the bellies of our women” series:

  • We will outbreed you…Ikhwan Polygamy Club urges all Muslim women to keep an open mind about polygamous marriages.


  • Remember the case of the Black Muslim Bakery? To supplement his income at Your Black Muslim Bakery, founder Yusuf Bey hid his paternity of some of his 42 children so their mothers could collect welfare benefits, said three of his women during sworn depositions they gave in a civil lawsuit in 2005. At various times the benefits included medical care, federal housing vouchers, food stamps and cash assistance that the women had to immediately turn over to him, they said.

Alarm bells in Malaysia over spread of polygamy

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Kuala Lumpur, Sep 23 (IANS) Emergence of a club that advocates polygamy has set alarm bells ringing in Malaysia where the top clergy sees it as a ‘front’ for an armed outfit that preached ‘deviant’ Islam till it was banned in 1994.

Ikhwan Polygamy Club urges all Muslim women to keep an open mind about polygamous marriages.

“Polygamy is the most practical approach, an effective cure to a woman’s desire,” says Hatija Aam, second wife of Ashari Mohammed, who was also one of the leaders of the former Al-Arqam that was banned for being a cult preaching ‘deviation’ in Islamic practices.

She proposes polygamy “as an alternative to those who practise free sex” and also invites prostitutes to join the movement since it wants to “free everyone”.

Polygamy is permitted for Muslims who are the majority population in Malaysia, but it remains a subject of animated debate.

Opened last month, the club is managed by Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, a corporate body.

Its emergence, however, is viewed by the government as an attempt to revive the banned outfit.

Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director general Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said it was founder Ashari Mohammed’s “modus operandi to use a front in an attempt to breathe new life into the proscribed deviant sect”.

“We view the existence of the club as proof of Ashari’s Al-Arqam.

“Believers of the ajaran sesat (deviant teachings) feel they need continuity so they are trying everything to get new members,” he told the New Straits Times Wednesday.

“The name and the packaging may be different, but the people leading it are the same ones behind the banned Al-Arqam movement,” Zabidi Mohammed, a former legal advisor of the banned Al-Arqam told The Star newspaper .

He said the home ministry and the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) should embark on a pro-active stance to curb the club’s activities before things get out of control.

Ashari, who is referred to as Abuya (father in Arabic), founded Al-Arqam in 1969.

At its height in the 1990s, the Al-Arqam, with 10,000 members globally, was likened to the communist threats that Malaysia eliminated in the 1960s.

The government banned it in October 1994 with the National Fatwa Council issuing a fatwa against Al-Arqam for its deviant teachings.

Extolling on the virtues of polygamy, Hatija Aam told New Straits Times that this was “because a woman had nine nafsu (internal desires) and one intellect whereas men had nine intellect and only one nafsu.

“When women are upset, they make a lot of noise, but men don’t. The emotional nature of women makes them broadcast their problems. They rant and rave.

“Because this is their character, God allowed polygamy to challenge women to control their desires,” said Hatija.

“A woman when left to her desires becomes very dangerous like a tiger. In fact, even fiercer than that. If the world is left to women, we will be open to continuous war.”

Polygamy, said Hatija, would ensure that women were not controlled by their nafsu.

“When I feel sad that my husband is with another wife, he (my husband) will remind me that the pain God bestows upon us is a way to eradicate our sins.

“The husband is the leader who saves women from being consumed by their desires. There is a verse in the Quran which says that if the nafsu are not controlled, then ‘nafsu itu akan menjadi Tuhan’ (the desires will become God),” she warned.

Ashari has 38 children, eight of them with Hatija. Twenty-three of the children are in polygamous marriages.

8 thoughts on “Malaysia: Ashari has 38 children, eight of them with Hatija. Twenty-three of the children are in polygamous marriages…”

  1. 38 kids, rather like Idi Amin only he killed and ate a portion of one of his ex-wifes (so the story goes).

    The article is correct that the subject of polygamy is an animated debate and is one of the most confused, mixed with tribal customs and over exposed subjects in the media when it comes to Islam.

    Facts, most Muslims do not participate in polygamy. Polygamy is not only followed in Islam and is a subject of debate in many communities.

    There are, in clerical terms, strict rules and reasons to go into polygamous marriages, and not for the reason of having a fresh new young girl for the pleasure of the husband – though I am sure that is the net result in many cases, man disgustingly has always abused women.

    If you go to the religious instruction, it says that if your first wife is barren, dying and you get her permission, you may seek another wife of child bearing capacity.

    It then says that you must be able to house, care and feed another wife separately from the first.

    It also says that if your wife or wives permit and you can afford it, that as an act of charity, you may marry for charitable reasos, a widow or a woman destitute. Again, the rules of housing, care and feeding applies.

    The limit is four.

    This is my rough translation of the rules. The entire point is that it was written, mostly in haddiths, at a time of tribal hardship, were women were considered a value item like cattle and you could have had a hundred wives and Islam put back value on women (they had no rights or inheritance at all before) but at the same time understood the reality of life. Men died quickly from battle, accident etc, and when that occured the wife and daughters were into immediate poerty and risk of death as well. Finding a home for a women was paramount as was having children.

    A hard life. Now the value of all of these rules of course changes as the quality of life and standards change and thus the debate. In Morocco polygamy is discourage, not common but when done it is almost always out of a complete act of charity and the paperworkd to prove you can do it is difficult.

    The reality in most of the Muslim world is that a man gets married later in life as he has to prove that he can afford to do so, thus many in fact never do if they are poor and not with a strong family support. Basically a guy is desperate to be able to prove that he can marry at all, let alone look for a second or more. Mind you, if he is a typical Arab chauvenist or a Taliban, when he gets his wife he will beat the sh*t out of her on a daily basis.

  2. muslims in general do not follow polygamy because its unheard of.

    the majority muslims are in asia & india where polygamy before islam was a strict no no. Hence after islam came, it was a practice they inherited.

    many men dont many more than 1 women, probably they are affraid that their woman would cut their balls off & perhaps they just cant afford it.

    but seriously, ashari is a nut job. al arqam was banned in malaysia (twice actually) because they defied the rulers islamic chief, not because of what they did. the story is longer.

    as long as the pre islamic culture continues, muslim men would not have more than 1 wife.

  3. Interesting tjwork, I think also globalism and simple modern lifestyle also will have a factor in not many taking a second wife.

    Combining what you said and the history I put, the community need for protection of women (the reason for polygomy in Islam) is also no longer there.

    I wanted also to add that there is a guy I know in Rabat who said his neighbour got married to a second women. He was 68, his wife suggested it to him, his two daughers (both married with kids) agreed and he married the widow of someone who herself was in her late 40s and childless. Be sure there is nothing sexual in this, it is in fact in this fashion charitable. Of course there are others that abuse, but this example is in fact the logical reason why it was put in place. It is almost not necessary anymore so you will see it less and less.

  4. Polygamy UK: This special Mail investigation reveals how thousands of men are milking the benefits system to support several wives

    Read more:

    Australian imam backs calls to legalize polygamy

    “There are many single mothers in the community, and their’s would be a legitimate case to be a second wife, ” Sheik Isse Musse, the imam of Werribee Mosque told the paper.

    “The Australian law is unfortunate because in a democratic country people are to be free,” he added.

  5. I think there are a large number of Christian groups that also would argue the same. My own view is that they are wrong, because society does not require that any more.

    1. Solker slick:

      “I think there are a large number of Christian groups that also would argue the same.”

      And would you care to name some of those “large numbers of Christian groups that would argue the same?”

  6. it bogs down to simple humanity terms, which wife would like her husband to have another lady?

    its well known that its not in any sexual terms, it would probably be accepted, hence you example cited well.

    but in most cases, muslim men take advantage of this & marry another without the 1st one knowing. there are many stories on how the husband tricked the 1st wife & how some husbands marry the second in a foreign country.

    in the case of malaysia, they do it in thailand. it seems legal in thailand, but illegal in malaysia, but the islamic authorities would normally close an eye over this.

    im in contact with the sisters in islam & did some charity for single women while in east malaysia. they are stuck & are oppressed by all sides. they cant denounce what they believe cause that will make them a murtad and they cant challenge the sharia laws, that they will always loose.

    this was the pretext that i grew a personal strive over sharia, if you are here helping the poor ladies, abused, cheated & what not, you will understand where im coming from.

    the worst thing was their voice was ignored many times. malay men would generally coin them as a quarters worth & wont take them seriously. they cant even give speeches in public & never allowed to attend islamic conferences before.

    but its sick to know that they invited muslim women from europe & egypt to deliver speeches & note that they dont even wear a scarf while everyone in the sisters in islam are dressed decently.

  7. I am also aware of the lack of rights and being heard that Malay and Indonesian women suffer. A friend’s wife told me about her sister who agreed via threat of violence to allow her husband to have a second wife, since then she has been abandoned and asked for a divorce and was refused of having no grounds because her “husband” goes and “visits” her at least once a month. My friend paid for a lawyer that resulted in the court ordering him to give her more money (she has from him two young boys) and in the end she was bashed for the insult. As a result of that she got her divorce and a strong payment rights and I understand has moved in with my friend. It takes unfortunately money and a good lawyer plus some serious bad times.

    I like Malaysia very much, almost chose to live in Jahore instead of here, but do not understand the need for Shari’a law the way it is put. It is not here and much better for it, with the same level of piety to boot.

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